How much money you need to live in Bulgaria. And to live well?
In our previous articles we discussed with you the most basic aspects of emigration to Bulgaria. We paid special attention to the disadvantages of moving to Bulgaria, since this is an important component that interests emigrants.
Today we will discuss in detail an equally important issue. how much money do you need per person per month to live comfortably in Bulgaria?
Of course, all calculations are approximate and much depends on individual needs, but we took into account the main stable costs per month: insurance, average costs for products / utilities, transportation.
The first and mandatory, which will need to be allocated money, is the annual state fee for a residence permit (which includes, in fact, the cost of the permit itself, examination of documents, notary services, plastic card and the cost of insurance).
It is worth it all 400 euros per year per person (ie 35 euros / month). The emigrant pays this rate 5 years before receiving a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in Bulgaria.
Also, to determine how much money you need for living in Bulgaria, the question is important, whether you will buy a property in Bulgaria or simply rent there housing. Of course, in order to choose the most comfortable conditions for living (atmosphere, atmosphere, climate) and for further purchase, it is important to live in this place for a while, to look around.
That is why many initially choose to rent a house in Bulgaria or go to a survey tour to Bulgaria to be able to see life there from the inside and evaluate everything with your own eyes, and only then. # 8212; buy property where you liked most.
The cost of renting a property in Bulgaria depends on the city (for example, the most expensive in Sofia, in Varna will be slightly cheaper, in Burgas & # 8212; even lower prices), the location of housing (how far from the sea, the center and other) and, of course, its state.
The average price for renting a two-room apartment with furniture and appliances varies between 170-300 euros per month. It is also worth considering where and how you will find housing, because if through the agency & # 8212; You should expect additional expenses, since you will have to give 50% of the value of the rent.
In the same way, as a rule, owners are asked to immediately pay for two months (the first and last). This is called a deposit, which ensures that you do not leave ahead of time without paying, covers utility expenses in unexpected situations, etc. However, we do not think that this will surprise anyone “# 8212; in Ukraine, the same conditions in this area.
Prices for utilities in Bulgaria & # 8212; Is the beast as terrible as it is painted?
About utility costs can be read in a separate article. Recall that much depends on the time of the year (in winter, payments are almost always twice as much as in the summer), as well as the “support fee” (in Bulgaria, so-called payment for the maintenance of the territory of your residential complex).
Each LCD has its own prices, on average they are from 15 to 50 euros, but, of course, it happens even higher. In the summer of the communal area, you will cost about 50-60 euros (with a minimum payment for the support fee), but in winter you need to expect that the utilities in Bulgaria will cost you 100 euros / month and above.
About the prices of products in Bulgaria can be read here, but on average a person needs somewhere between 200-300 euros a month for food and plus somewhere around 100 euros for transport / clothing.
So, let’s sum up how much, on average, you need money for living in Bulgaria.
Insurance & # 8212; 35 euros, food & # 8212; 250 euros (we take on average), utilities & # 8212; 85 euros (including Internet / phone charges), transport / clothing 100 euros.
Total is about 420 euros per person. If you rent an apartment in Bulgaria, this amount is also added to the rental price. Similarly, if you have your own vehicles, it is important to consider the costs of the car & # 8212; prices for gasoline, maintenance.
About the price of gasoline in Bulgaria can be read here. Of course, everything is individual and depends only on your preferences and possibilities. Most of our customers living in Bulgaria say that today, taking into account all the costs on average, to live well and feel comfortable, two are spending 800-1000 euros per month.
By the way, for a family with a child the amount is approximately the same. But of course, everyone lives differently and spends too. To evaluate everything with your own eyes, we recommend a trip to the overview tour, as well as get acquainted with other our articles about life and immigration to Bulgaria. There is also a lot of useful information you can find in our community on Facebook.
Stay with us, we collected only the most valuable and useful information. Write to us, share thoughts, comment & # 8212; we are always open to you. In life, everything changes, with Home-Hotel & # 8212; for the better.
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