How much money to bring to Paris.
You are going to go to France in Paris and are already starting to plan your vacation. Of course, you want to know how much money to take to Paris to feel confident.
Thinking about how much money to take to Paris, first of all, decide on this:
How long you will be in Paris – for 3 days, for a week or 10 days, the budget should be made differently; with whom you plan to go – it is important not only the number of people, but sometimes you need to take into account the age, because in France there is a system of discounts for children, students and pensioners; the purpose of the trip – which is the most interesting for you: excursions or shopping, museums or entertainment.
Let’s say you decided for yourself that your holiday in France will last no more than five days, the main thing for you is the sights that you plan to visit together with a loved one. How much money to bring to Paris in this case?
Cash you will start to spend more at home on paperwork, air tickets, housing, various fees. On how much money you spend in the preparatory phase, it will depend on how much money to take to Paris.
Main costs.
To leave at altitude, it is important to take good care of its main components – flight, accommodation and meals. Let’s talk about this in detail.
Transport and accommodation.
Travel to Paris begins with the opening of the Schengen visa. Its cost is 35 euros. Also, if you or your companion have reached 25 years, you will have to pay a consular fee, the amount of which you will find out in the visa center.
To obtain a visa you need to have documents, among which must be confirmation of the hotel reservation, air tickets and insurance.
The average cost of the flight depending on the flight and the airline will cost 220-300 euros per person, the reservation of a single room in the suburbs or distant quarters of Paris will cost 30 euros, in the central neighborhoods from 300 euros per day. This price includes breakfast only. Insurance – 2 euros per day. So, consider how much it costs to fly and cheap accommodation for five days for two:
(300 + 30 * 5 + 2 * 5 + 35) * 2 = 990 euros.
It does not matter what you prefer, buy a tour or get to Paris yourself. You need to think in advance how you will eat there. Remember, the price of the hotel includes only breakfast, and very modest. We’ll have to have dinner and supper in the city.
Calculate how much money to take to Paris for food is not easy, because everyone eats differently. Someone sits on a diet for the sake of economy, and someone specially plans to enjoy French cuisine. Therefore, in this section I will give only some facts so that you have a general idea:
If you are not a gourmet, eat in Chinese, Turkish or any other, but not French, cafes and bistros. So you will meet at 10-15, well, a maximum of 20 euros per person. You should always have cash and small bills with you to pay with cash when buying hamburgers, rolls, pancakes and ice cream during walks. If you decide to have lunch or dinner in a French cafe (a la Paris), order a menu of the day. You can save and eat tightly, because in addition to the main course, it usually includes snack and dessert. This pleasure will cost 20-25 euros. On an average for food, plan at least 30 euros a day. For 5 days for two you will spend about 300 euros.
Expenses for leisure.
We are in Paris, we have a roof over our heads, we do not go hungry, now it’s time to think about the cultural program. How much money to bring to Paris for leisure?
Excursions and attractions.
The most economical way of leisure in Paris is walking around the main architectural monuments. You can also go for a walk along the waterfront, visit the Tuileries garden, climb the free viewing platforms on the Trocadero hill and at the Printemps department store.
On the Eiffel Tower, you should not save money. Put in the budget for her visit up to 20 euros per person. If you plan to visit museums and paid viewing platforms, it is best to buy a museum map for this. Its cost for 2 days is 42, for 4-56, for 6 days – 69 euros. Two days are usually enough to visit the most popular places. This card saves not only money, but also time, killed in queues for admission tickets.
Shopping and metro.
Even if shopping was not part of your plans initially, being in Paris, you can not avoid the temptations to buy something at a flea market or in a fashion boutique, especially when you compare prices. Therefore, keep on the bank card a small stock of funds for souvenirs, perfumes, cosmetics, clothes and French wine.
Do not forget that you will most likely live somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Getting to the center is cheaper by metro and high-speed commuter trains. This will cost you 20 euros when you issue a navigo card or buy tickets in the underground for ten pieces.
Now we summarize all our expenses and get an answer to the question: how much money to take to Paris?
The answer: the cheapest holiday for two for five days will cost at the prices of 2015 at 1800-2000 euros. To calculate the cost for 2016, you can safely add to this amount of 15%.