How long to wait for a decision on a national visa.
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The waiting time for a response from the embassy varies from case to case. Depending on the purpose of obtaining a national visa, it can take from a couple of days to several months. The situation can be complicated by special conditions in some cases, for example, when you need to deliver or send any additional documents.
The embassy’s website says that it is not possible to get a certificate when reviewing your application, which means that you just have to wait for the call and monitor the list of processed applications on the site.
For me personally, this expectation is very tiresome, difficult, so I decided to look for feedback on similar experiences of people in this state, or have already overcome this stage, found several useful answers in related topics, but the current information, for example for the last month, find failed.
So, I urge you to share this experience in this topic, or just to tell how long your application is being considered. I think this information will be interesting first of all to those who are waiting for a decision on a visa, it will help you to sort out how quickly the documents are being processed at the moment.
I will describe my experience.
I applied for a national visa, in order to obtain a BC. I submitted the documents on March 16, however the consul said that my employer needed to send a description of my post to el. mail of the visa department of the embassy, only then will begin consideration. In the evening on Friday, March 20, the employer sent a description, respectively, consideration of my documents began on 23rd of March.
Now comes to an end the 5th week of consideration, the numbers of my application in the list of processed yet.
It is important in the description to add a consular district, because in different consulates some applications are treated differently and at different times. Well, the profession, of course.
I have a # 8212; Moscow. The doctor (the spouse submits).
They applied for a job search on March 20.
There are many nuances. First, there is a place for a hospital (free of charge) and a corresponding letter. The consular officer immediately stated that the hospital is a labor activity, and it would be necessary to apply not to a job search, but to a non-independent labor activity. However, the documents were accepted, commenting on the need to obtain permission for a hospital in ABH.
In addition, the family is immediately taken to the reunion & # 8212; spouse (I, that is) and two small children of two years. It seems like how little children to separate from their mother completely anti-humane))), well, the husband for the company.
Of the pluses & # 8212; The availability of a rented apartment and a convincing amount on the accounts in euros. That is, we provide ourselves easily. Of the minuses & # 8212; reunification is possible by law only after one of the spouses has found work and signed a contract and has been registered for some time in Germany. However, this law is not forbidden, it seems, accordingly remains at the discretion of the consul and ABC. That is, the notorious human factor.
Immediately said that the visa for job search is issued quickly, and the family will have to wait 5-6 weeks. However, there is still nothing. Neither a visa nor a visa for a family. I think, since all the bar-codes have been sealed together, then the visas will be released at once (or not released).
At the end of 5 week. We paid a rather large price and a mite for the house. And now we are already vibrating.
In our case (I, the wife, the child) we received in two weeks. But during this time I managed to make a diploma assessment, and the visa was approved on the same day when I sent a copy of the letter from ZAB to the embassy. If not for the confirmation & # 8212; I think it would have been earlier.
Colleagues from work received a day later for themselves and two weeks later for the family.
But I think everything is individual, so determining the time of average visa expectation & # 8212; this is from the discharge of the average temperature in the hospital.
Now comes to an end the 5th week of consideration, the numbers of my application in the list of processed yet.
Nikolay, most likely, in the Embassy, you checked your diploma for the job. May be?
Nikolay, most likely, in the Embassy, you checked your diploma for the job. May be?
Yes, it looks quite logical explanation.
This answer was changed 2 years, 8 months ago by Nikolay. This answer was changed 2 years, 8 months ago by Nikolay.
It would be interesting to know how they do this and why they did not force to check the applicant himself.
how they do it and why they did not force to check the applicant himself.
The assumption is based on information from the German Embassy in Ukraine. In the memo there is an item & # 171; -Write a document about the professorship of schodo analogues.
�������� �� ���� ����������� competent about the property.
ͳ������, ��� ��������� ��������� ��������� �����. & # 8212; The correspondence of documents on vocational education to German must be confirmed by the competent authority in Germany, which recognizes professional education. This clause does not apply to the Anabin database, with the printing out of which information it is necessary to submit documents for the national visa, as it is separately considered in other paragraphs. And, in addition, during a telephone conversation with an employee of the Embassy, the phrase was sounded that if you independently acknowledge a diploma through ZAB beforehand, then the time for issuing a visa will be saved, which is spent to send the request by the Embassy itself to the competent authority. Apparently, all the same it is practiced by the Embassy (Kiev)
My specialty was not on the Anabin list, and I had to make a confession. I applied for documents, having already received a diploma recognition from ZAB.
Here is the specialty in the contract, and the specialty in the diploma is really different, apparently such a long processing time is associated with the establishment of conformity.
That’s interesting, how. For me, too, this question is not idle, although, of course, there is nothing left to wait.
I did not wait for my number on the list on the embassy’s website. Six weeks later, I started to call there and insist that they check. It turned out that the visa was made the day after the documents were filed, but somehow my number was not included in the list. I was assured that this happened for the first time. But I advise all the same to call the embassy. And if it is not far, then go and ask in person.
Thanks for the advice, Marina!
I’ll try to contact them by phone.
I join thanks.
Where is this vaunted ordnung mus zain.
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And meanwhile the sixth week has already gone, yes, Nikolay? Me too.
Good afternoon! I filed April 2 in Yekaterinburg, took my passport and said that they would solve the issue for me within 4 days, on Thursday there will be 4 weeks, I wrote them there, I wait for an answer. Tomorrow I’ll call again, what a tiring happening (what it reminds the Post of Russia.
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