How I moved to the US: the most asked question for immigrants.
For those who want to learn my secret of moving & # 8212; this article is not for you. I speak at once. ?
How did I move to the US?
This question is being asked more and more often in social networks, even despite the signature, that I do not answer this question.
Well, firstly, just because of the harmfulness, because they ask me every day for 5 years (imagine how it is?). Secondly, my blog is about America, and not about my life in America, so I see no reason to expose the facts about myself in the social masses.
And even if you start answering, then even more questions are thrown up, including a personal plan, which I do not even want to answer (which I have not been asked, from how much my husband gets to questions that are not asked by strangers to each other (money, parents, house, etc.) So understand me yourself.
Let’s talk about why many immigrants do not want to answer questions about their visas in the US and about living abroad as a whole?
Telling me about my visa, I just do not see the point, because the way one person moved does not mean that everyone will move. Someone moved because he is a programmer with excellent experience, someone moved because he has a big business, someone moved because he found a soul mate, someone moved to his children, who already have grandchildren, to nurse them and in a led garden. All people are different, all have their own options. If you are not a grandmother, a programmer who owns a huge business that came to America to a handsome American, you will agree that these options do not suit you. ?
It often seems to me that those people who ask such a question to a person from the US are just waiting for some kind of secret. Type right now she confesses who she slept with, to whom she paid and where she forged the documents. And I find out, I will do so and will live in America!
Uh-hah! (laughter villain-genius)
But, alas, not so simple.?
Understand that there are no secrets. Absolutely. All go for those visas that you easily find on the Internet (description, formalities, difficulties in obtaining). Similarly, you can open our article about visas and read it. Choose the option that will be most effective for you. That’s all.
Someone does not want to answer, because it, like me, just tortured with such questions. You know, I’ll be honest, it’s just sick of this & # 8230; It happens, you meet new Russian acquaintances to take a walk (go to a cafe there or to a park), but he stupidly starts to interrogate you. And how did you come? And what kind of visa do you have? A husband is your Russian? And where is your family? And how do they come? And what’s your job? How much does an apartment cost? Do you have any rights? What kind of car do you have? And so on, and so on, and so on & # 8230; And here you are trailing along this park, and you feel like at the interrogation. Even when trying to translate the topic into a peaceful and not personal channel (talk about travel, hamburgers, shops) does not always come out. More precisely, if & # 8212; it is very rare. I even wonder why people need to know so much, how will it help them?
So imagine yourself in the place of an immigrant, would you be happy about such an interrogation? And 5 times? And at 25? I think not. Sometimes there is even a persistent desire to slander an overly curious person. Yes, and a second time to meet with such detectives & # 187; desire does not usually arise.
And by the way, I studied with immigrants from other countries for 2 years (that is, they are all of other nationalities), no one asked me how I ended up in the US, just as I did not ask a single person about it.
It happens that a person moved to a family or found his love. Understand, explain to a stranger with something you liked a rich American is not really something you want.
If you think something about me there & # 8230; then no, my husband & # 8212; Russian and we came together. ?
And if this is real love, then many will be hurt to hear something like where you glued it, I also want it. Or, I’m a fool some lucky, but I do not, and I’m prettier! & # 187 ;. I know a lot of people who are Russian social workers. networks hide their place of residence and their new family so that there are no such issues. Oh, and if the husband / wife is of a completely different nationality, for example, the husband is an African-American, then imagine that this can entail? Therefore, people are silent.
Fifth, lucky infectious!
You know, there are options for visas for refugees or, for example, religious visas. Someone changed his faith and in his country he was insulted for this, somebody with non-traditional orientation, and you understand that in our countries it is very difficult for such people to live. Such cases of immigration of Russians, of course, are very rare, but still quite a place to be. These are just examples, I think there are many more variants, I’m keen to the fact that an immigrant may not want to tell you why and how he left, because he left just that, so as not to tell anyone anything and not to prove anything.
Religions in the US have everything, and also officially permitted marriages for same-sex couples.
Oh, I’m sorry, but not all people want to say anything at all. I, for example, answer all readers, but sometimes they write that I just want to click on the cross at the message box and close everything.
Imagine, there comes a message from an unknown person with a question such as: “Do you hear how you moved?” I want to live in the USA. tell me & # 187 ;. What is called & # 171; neither good, nor please & # 187 ;. That’s what to answer this? This is just a simple example, there are questions a hundred times pohlesche (mat I also write from time to time).
Eighth, the immigrant does not owe you anything.
Again, do not forget about the fact that a person (absolutely a stranger) does not owe you anything, especially telling about his family and how much money he has in his wallet. Including immigration problems, even if there are no secrets, and for example, he came to the US to work on time. Believe me, if a person wants to & # 8212; he will tell you everything himself. But if you fell on him from the sky, then do not forget that he does not owe anything to anyone (the answers are primarily needed for you, and not for him to chat with you).
Oh, you would know how many times I was forced to think for someone and decide on what visa and how to move to America (not just a question and a request for help, namely a requirement). Even if you send a link to the list of visas with their description, some people still try to force me to think for them. Well, do not tell me yes! & # 187; or I read, but did not understand anything. # 187; or “I do not want to read, there’s a lot!”. On the last question, I usually want to cry, because I wrote this article myself for a week (half a week read about all the visas, and half a week rewrote information about visas with my own words and the most important facts, it’s really easy nowhere! And that’s provided, that I do not need to go anywhere, and I’m disinterested in this, I’m already in the US?).
The poor me & # 8230; This I complained to you!
I generally avoided writing a note about visas in the US for a long time, because there are a lot of them, they are all different, there are many different trifles and, in addition, I’m not at all interested in it (I like to write about tourism and yummies). In the end, all the same, I realized that I should write (because they ask the same?), I spent my time and energy. And people who want to move do not even want to read one article with short descriptions. Here’s how to be here? I dont know. Tell me where you eat, if you are too lazy to read the text on the given link? & # 8230;
I strongly advise before you learn the details of another person’s life, at first with him at least to make friends. If you find a common language, he will be cute, he himself will want to share with you many and will do it with pleasure. I will clarify that if you asked about the weather and how long it is now in the US & # 8212; It does not count. This, by the way, is an additional two questions, which can be easily received by aggression in response, especially if it is a person blogger (time and weather can be easily viewed on the Internet if you are really interested, but not to start a conversation! ).
And in general, try to ask questions politely and culturally, then there will be more chances to get an information answer, or pay for it at least with a cake (chocolate, vodka, teddy bear, at least sausage! And then many even “thank you” not they say), for I remind you that for nothing, no one owes you anything. You are going to America & # 8212; You, here’s to you and to work. And the one who has already moved & # 8212; nothing is to blame and there will not be a blow for you. ?
I hope this article will disperse the most curious citizens from myself, I’ll make someone think whether it’s worth sticking again to questions to strangers, and I also remind you that I write about America everything that you may need when moving (visas, prices, houses, cars, etc., etc.), as well as just entertaining articles about all sorts of attractions, and not about yourself personally.
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probably I have only one question if the author will not be difficult to answer)) I want the same blog myself, but here kolupanie on sites (and even bought one) led to the fact that I still have not found what I want ..
I’m also tired of answering these questions, at first I also helped, but when I realized that they did not want to do anything myself, and that I did everything for them and chose a visa on which they can go, and the agencies that help all documents to issue, just abandoned these cases. Well, the last straw was in the game absolutely unknown person under the photo commented on & # 187; Did you win the game? & # 187; I just decided not to answer all these questions))) because if you answer one, the second, and then you almost have to order tickets))))
Yes, here under the photo I’m also annoyed)) I’m also struggling with this in the Instagram, it’s now rare, but anyway, the person who, under the picture of our cat or some roses, will ask how I moved or how to move to him. A great place to talk about visas in the USA!)))
Hello, Stasya! Thank you for the detailed stories about life in the US, very interesting!
Thank you, Stasya. I first came here to ask about the opportunity to leave the country. We have in Ukraine & # 8212; lawlessness! Tired of living in fear. But, here is the money issue in your letters not covered. What is the minimum you need to have there to adapt (not shikuya)? Thank you.
The blog also has articles about how much money you need to move and for life 🙂
Perfectly written, spasibo!)
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