How did I get a residence permit for work in Serbia (Novi Sad)
I want to share my experience of obtaining residence permit on the basis of “professional activity” in September 2015.
In Serbia we moved in mid-January 2015, decided to stop in the wonderful city of Novi Sad. After the conversation with the director of the gymnasium Jovan Zmaya, the children’s school documents were taken to the Ministry of Education (Novi Sad, Mikhailov Pupin boulevard, 16) for nostrification. The very next day, the girls went to class: the eldest – in the second razred gymnasium, and the youngest – in 7 mathematical damage to the main school at the gymnasium.
In my previous article I told that our children were given a temporary residence permit (residence permit) for 12 months. As an exception (.) I was given a residence permit for reunification with children for 6 months. Six months later I had to decide how to legalize my further stay in Serbia.
I had several options: you could get a residence permit for real estate, for study or for work. I honestly did not really want to contact real estate from the very beginning. Who knows where we want to move after the children finish high school? Study for an adult & # 8212; not free-of-charge pleasure, moreover and examinations it would be necessary to hand over. There remained one, it would seem, the most unrealizable, try to get a job in the specialty. In Russia, I taught at a public institution of higher learning, but here I did not speak Serbian well enough, nor did I have Serbian citizenship and no. And I did not plan my diploma on higher education to nostrify. As a result, I had no chance to get a job in a state institution (university or even a school). Where to go? …
And in the meantime, until the end of the current fight, there were only a couple of months left
A chance meeting and conversation with Emilia, the inspector of the police for foreigners, decided my fate. Thank you to Amelia for having advised me to look for an employer among Serbian entrepreneurs.
Taking a note of her advice, on the same day I found information on private mathematical schools on the Internet. I sent several emails with a resume in Serbian (thanks to Google translator and children )
To my great surprise, some time later I received a response from the director of one of the schools with an invitation for an interview! Luck smiled at me, the school needed a mathematics teacher. Negotiations were held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, in a Serbian way slowly over a cup of coffee. Of course, everything could have ended up in conversation, given the weak level of my Serbian. However, it was in my favor that I had a 13-year experience in teaching higher mathematics in Russia and Soviet education. In the course of the conversation, we discussed possible prospects for applying my experience and knowledge for the benefit of the common cause.
It turned out, however, that my rescuer was not fully aware of what bureaucratic zeal was waiting for him on the way of employment of an alien. This terrible “papyrology” I’ll probably describe the next time, and now I will list only those documents that were required of me:
1. Passport and photocopy (1 page and borawak);
2. Picture 1 pc. (3.5×4.5);
3. Biography (by hand in Serbian);
4. Birth certificate, translation of the certificate and photocopy;
5. Medical insurance and photocopy;
6. Diploma of higher education, translation and photocopies;
7. Diploma of Doctor of Technical Sciences, translation and photocopies;
8. Lease agreement and photocopy of the owner’s personal card;
9. Application 1 copy. (form number 8);
10. Payment of state duty for residence permit.
To date, I am a developer and administrator of the educational mathematical portal of the school and part-time professor of mathematics and physics, I teach Russian and Serbian students and students.
I hope that my experience will be useful to someone. Thank you for your attention and good luck to all!
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