How can I go to live in hot countries and work there for a foreigner?
Then the question arises that it is an opportunity to go live in a hot country. In Cyprus, for example, rigid migration legislation, that is, it is extremely difficult to move there. In some countries, the same Brazil, the conditions of life are not better than in Russia, and is it worthwhile to spend a lot of time and money, to learn Portuguese, and in the end to get the same thing as in Russia? There are many more hot countries, for example, in Africa, but there are big problems with the economy and social guarantees, and in many of them it is unsafe. And so it is possible to move wherever you want, even to Madagascar.
But in my opinion from countries where all the time is summer, it makes sense to go live only in Australia. There is the most open, transparent system for emigration and an excellent social system. There are three ways that you can get there. First, professional emigration. For this, one must have an education and work experience in the specialty from the immigration list approved by the Australian government: there are 648 of them, that is, there is a choice. I note that in Australia there is no unemployment problem, so everyone will be in demand, from a hairdresser to a urologist. According to our calculations, this kind of emigration will cost about 14 thousand dollars to the family (these are registration services and expenses for relocation).
The second stream is educational migrants. They are young people from 25 to 35 years old, who by age, education or work experience do not meet the immigration criteria, and this program can bring them to the required level. After two years of study, they receive additional points for Australian education, Australian work experience. Four years after entering Australia, they have the right to citizenship. This kind of move will cost more, as it is necessary to pay for education, but this is more than compensated by higher wages and prestigious jobs, because they enter the labor market with Australian diplomas and more confident English. If professional immigrants make 40-50 thousand Australian dollars a year during the first year, then educational ones – by 15-20% more.
The third stream is business emigrants. According to immigration requirements, they should really engage in innovative business in Australia from 2 to 4 years, depending on its success, investing 800 thousand Australian dollars (about 38.5 million rubles). Or – to give the Kingdom of Australia a loan of 1.5 million Australian dollars, investing them in government bonds for 4 years.
Recently was in Thailand, there with it so everything is complicated.
– I went there with the goal of starting my own business.
When I started to learn everything and prepare documents – I refused this idea. Any pharang (visitor) is not allowed to work on the territory of the kingdom, except for some professions such as doctor, translator, engineer, etc.
Moreover, the Russians themselves who work there illegally, and when the police detain them, happily go and surrender their own to save their ass.
But you can open a business, for this you need a partner, a resident of the kingdom, and he will own 51% of your company.
The only thing you can do there is work remotely, at home.
If you know English, you can go to Dubai. They appreciate white with knowledge of a pair of languages. It’s enough to find a job. Of course, you will not get the citizenship of the Arab Emirates, but you will live long and well.