How best to move to Germany
Awake in a beautiful house in Erlangen, I was expecting a typical German breakfast – buters, with all that you can imagine. Starting with sausage, finishing with marmalade. Everything was delicious, although my stomach was thinking about the gruel, after the experiences last night. The way to the language school ran through the river and a small field. I felt like I found myself in such typical European films where students ride a bicycle and eat buters. Of course, on this trip I liked everything, we saw a lot, learned a lot, eat well. Here it is worth noting that for the last two days I could no longer bear their dry food, dreamed of soup and chewed bananas. But there was one moment in this trip that allowed me to continue this story. Acquaintance with it. It was a tall girl, energetically showing us the sights of Munich in one of our sorties. No, it was not love, as you thought, I did not feel any feelings for this girl. She just told us that she came to Germany to study. In her story, all this sounded so real and close, so easy and accessible that I caught fire. She put this idea into my head – studying in Germany. This thought tormented me for a long time upon my arrival home. I am a man who thinks about his life and everything in it steps, for decades ahead. I imagined myself in Germany, weighed the pros and cons, wooled the Internet, on the topic that is generally needed in order to go there to study. Probably deep down I even hoped there were insurmountable obstacles and I could postpone this thought with a calm heart. But everything was doable, having exhausted all his relatives and himself, it was decided that if I did not try, I would regret my whole life, I began to act.
The first step was summer language courses. I would have looked at the country, learned the language and could basically return in the autumn with a good luggage of knowledge and a lot of impressions, even if something went wrong. Since at that time I lived with my parents and had worked for a year, I had enough money for courses. I chose the courses in Augsburg. The city was perfect. Near Munich and at the same time cheaper. Almost like my Vladimir, who is near Moscow.
These three months of Augsburg, one of the unusual events in my life. I am now so independent and adult, I live far from my relatives. It was a micro-army, independence and the beginning of my adult life.
In these three months I learned what it means to feel lonely, found a reliable friendship, which now pleases me, learned a lot about the new culture and that songs of the war years in Russian are not the best choice for a German home party (but I really wanted to ).
With grief in half I passed the exam for admission to the German university. Largely due to communication with the Germans, not courses. I had an invitation to university. In my situation, no one would have refused to try. You can always finish it. Almost like dependence on something.
And so it happened – I am a student of a German university. I study in the magistracy of a good university. Of course, I did not succeed. I had to choose the items myself, while I was determined and finally understood how everything was arranged, the semester was almost lost. I realized that I was driving and I could not do it. At that time, it dragged me down a lot. The mood was below the baseboard, some contacts could not be found either. Even sometimes I heard Russian speech on the street and once even at the university, I thought one language is not yet a reason for meeting. I was young and modest.
Everything went to the fact that it’s time for me to return, but the fall can not continue indefinitely. Finding the very bottom when, in principle, everything is not care, no and no, I changed the subject of training, I got a job for students, so that my driver was not too impaired. Studies did not go uphill, but at least I began to enjoy life. Sub-work brought denyuzhku and communication. After another two semesters, I decided that it was time to return home. My last mission was to try to find a job with a Russian diploma. I should have known that I survived from this history as much as possible.
I want to take a little distraction here. Many in Russia thought that while I was in Germany, I had seen a lot of things during this time. And now, I have many familiar students there, they really travel on weekends and vacations. As they succeed, it’s a mystery to me. I had to save, did not want to go back with an empty pocket and spend my parental money. On vacation, I usually went home, and all the rest of the time I tried diligently to study. Of course my leisure was interesting too, thanks to a friend who studied at the same university and her friend, from whom she lived. Sometimes we went out on nature-Frankiek Schweitz, beer with schnitzel, it was all, but no more.
Let’s return to my last mission. For foreign students of the last year, which I formally was, the German labor exchange offered courses and help in finding a job. How to properly write a resume, how to behave properly and what to say. I will not walk around around for a long time – I found work. It was a design firm, which had a big project in Russia. Then we were still friends of the States. I was ideally suited to them, albeit with my Russian diploma and not particularly rich German.
Here I am – an engineer-proet. Who would have thought it, really? I could not refuse by itself, and my return was postponed again. Finally, I could afford to rent an apartment, not a room and go on vacation. I found my friends and tried to learn the neighborhood of the city where I lived. From Erlangen I safely moved. Further gaining experience, after 1.5 years, I changed jobs and started my best years abroad – two closing years. The contract on the new work was limited in time. I knew the language well, I met a lot of people, I made a list of places in the neighborhood that I wanted to visit.
Now I’m not that 19 year old guy from the beginning of history. I’m 28, in December the contract ends and the question is again relevant – where further. This time I chose Moscow. Why? For me in Germany there are pluses and minuses. Surprisingly, many people have the courage to go to another country, but do not have the courage to say that in it everything is not so perfect, because it will mean that she spent a lot of effort and money, in principle, just like that.
I liked the work in Germany, their attitude towards work and attitude towards the worker. It’s good to make a career there. But I’m still a stranger there, I could not imagine living all my life there, I just had to return. Perhaps, I will go there again, but I realize that there are also many shortcomings there. For my character, life in emigration is not an optimal solution.
Here I have a year as in Moscow. My knowledge of the German language and work experience in Germany did not greatly help me in finding a job in Moscow. There is another value to be valued. They do not want to waste time training a worker, we need to use it to the maximum. Despite all the disadvantages of Moscow, I feel more relaxed here. The city lives and you feel it.
I just want to add again, this is a subjective view. Many people see this differently. Many are really comfortable there in everything. Just have to be honest with yourself, I think. And I want to wish to leave and dream of leaving, be ready to realize that maybe this is not what you need.
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“Awake in a beautiful house in Erlangen I was expecting a typical German breakfast” – Chekhov is alive!
and you put the experiment, move not to Moscow, but somewhere in Syktyvkar for example, or Vesyegonsk (I was there), for contrast.
And then the conclusion at the end of the narrative is a vanilla hipster.
Opensource projects. Here you dream so all life to move to Germany, you dream. but it turns out there are people who have realized your dream, but they have erased it. I’ll go and take 300 drops yadu.
went home. For him, Germany has become a turd, and the German mentality is a mystery behind seven seals. Here it is – wipe, and the TC is a fine fellow. Judging by the story, he merged into German culture and so on, and left not because of his own disorder, but simply because he likes Russia better.
Yes, probably you are right. This I’m apparently annoyed. I myself went to work first in an Austrian company in the province, with an eye to bring my skills to the desired condition and leave, then, to be sure, moved to Moscow and already the 5th year I work in a large German office. I thought about getting the right experience and moving. But hell there would swim, in 2014, the Crimean, sanctions, and now in Germany with more joy will take an illiterate Negro than a specialist from our vast, all the movement of personnel to share experiences in the company went by beard. Thank you. And after 40 years, which is already around the corner, I will generally be without any need. Life is pain. (((
If I were a young and lonely person, I would calmly go to some factory at the factory and not bother. But I have a family, two children, and risk their well-being for the sake of my dreams! I do not have a right. To give up a decent job and go to nowhere is an option. It’s too late to start life from the beginning. The only remaining option is to find a guaranteed good job in Germany, and this without good friends is not easy. Yes, and I have only a foreign language in English.
Well I do not know. I lived all my life in Germany and came to open a business in Moscow. And nothing so, knowledge of German and knowledge of the mentality and how business is built in Germany is very helpful. And many companies are looking for such employees.
I believe, but it did not help me. If they are looking, it is more often with knowledge of English and German, and yes not an ice. I will be more successful in engineering.
12 years ago I moved to Germany from Moscow, I would have known, I went further to Canada.