How and where to leave the ATU zone of Donetsk and Lugansk?
How and where to safely get out and leave (leave) from the ATU area of Donetsk and Lugansk?
Now you will not get far from the ATU zone, because according to the order of the heads of the OGA of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the bus service with uncontrolled territories is stopped, and the border between Ukraine and the ATU zone can be crossed by foot or by car. When moving to the RF such problems do not arise, the bus service occurs regularly. After crossing the border with Ukraine, you can go further to the selected region (city). Most often people go to nearby regions, and depending on where people flee, the main migration vectors also arise. The greatest number of immigrants was in Russia, in the peaceful regions of Ukraine. And pointwise, depending on the possibilities and finances, people were sent to European countries, etc. But not only and not so much the geographical sign became the main factor that influenced where people ran. Sympathy for one or the other side also played a part, I can not say what is decisive, but still. Thus, approximately half of the population of the ATU area fled, about one and a half to two million people. The figure is inaccurate, changes in connection with the return of residents to more or less tranquil areas, and, conversely, with the departure from the front zone. The migration process in this region is incredibly high and, unfortunately, far from the average for these same regions, in peacetime.
You can leave, either to Ukraine or to Russia. It is better to go to where there are at least some relatives or acquaintances. It is clear that in the new place it will be necessary to start all over again. In Ukraine, I think it will be easier to do, do not need to obtain citizenship. In Russia, more options for finding a job, you can get refugee status and under a simplified version get Russian citizenship.