How and where to exchange rubles and dollars in Pattaya?
How and where to exchange currency in Pattaya.
Any tourist who comes to rest in Pattaya, invariably wonders – where to exchange rubles or dollars for baht? Prepared traveler beforehand examines all possible options and, once in place, already knows where to turn.
In most cases, it’s more profitable to take dollars with you, and not rubles. For the exchange of money, there are three options: at the airport, in banks, in exchange offices, not related to banks. There is also an alternative way – exchange of money from street people changed. This option is better not to use because of the most unfavorable course and a great chance to be deceived.
1. Which currency is more profitable to take with you.
When traveling to Thailand it is recommended to exchange rubles for dollars in advance and exchange them for bats already. Advantageous is that the ruble is not freely convertible currency, and the exchange for currencies in other countries is subject to a double rate – first when exchanging rubles to dollars, then when exchanging dollars for the currency of the host country. This course is often not profitable, and the traveler loses most of the money when converting, than if he came immediately with dollars. In addition, the exchange points for dollars per baht more than for rubles.
However, in some currency exchange offices in Pattaya you can find a more or less acceptable rate for the ruble.
Figure 1 Thai Baht.
2. Currency exchange at the airport.
Most often in Pattaya, tourists travel from Bangkok, from Suvarnabhumi Airport, which has a lot of currency exchange offices with different rates. For example – on the ground floor of the airport, near the terminals for the purchase of tickets for express in the city is the exchanger “Super Rich”. Or on the same floor there is an exchange office “Value plus Suvarnabhumi”.
At the airport, it is recommended to exchange a small amount of money to cover the small expenses on the way to Pattaya, because the course is not the most profitable.
3. Currency exchange in banks.
You can exchange rubles or dollars for bats in Pattaya in several most common banks (in descending order – from the most favorable exchange rate of dollars to baht to the least profitable one):
Thai Military Bank (TMB). Siam Commercial Bank (SCB). Krungsri Bank. Bangkok Bank. Kasikorn Bank.
Money can be exchanged both in the offices of banks, and in exchange offices belonging to these banks – the rate will be the same. Currency exchange in banks is more profitable for a tourist, as the rate will be higher than at independent exchange offices. In Pattaya, as in all tourist cities in Thailand, bank branches are located in every corner, so it is recommended not to rush to exchange in the first place, but to walk and choose the course that suits you.
Figure 2 Exchange office Thai Military Bank.
4. Currency exchange in exchange offices.
If there is not a suitable bank near the convenient course, then you can use the independent exchange bureaux de change. Their number in Pattaya is even greater than that of banks. The time of most exchangers is from 8.00 to 21.00 or 22.00 every day. The most popular exchange offices for tourists with profitable exchange rates for dollars and rubles per baht:
T.T. Currency Exchange. Yellow signboard exchanger with a circle and the inscription “TT” can be found throughout Pattaya, this is the most common network of exchange offices in the city. Multiple addresses:
– the northern part of the city (Naklua), between the lanes Na Kluea 18 and Naklua 18/1 Alley;
– when turning the street Thapprau Road to the left and moving it to Jomtien Road;
– on the alley Soi Jomtien 5 (about 30 m from Jomtien);
– Further along the street Jomtien Road between the alleys of Soi Jomtien 6 and 7;
– Further on Jomtien Road near the condominium “Jomtien Beach Condominiun”;
– on the street Beach Road, near the Royal Garden Plaza shopping center;
– on the Beach Road street after the crossroads with Pattaya 13/4 Alley (not before Walking Street).
Figure 3 Exchange office T.T. Currency Exchange Winner – a small and inconspicuous kiosk, decorated in yellow-black colors. The course in it can be more profitable than in T.T. Currency Exchange, but it is only one in the city – at the turn from Jomtien street to the hotel “Welcome Jomtien Beach”, not reaching the Italian pizzeria. Money Club (yellow and black kiosk) – near the night market Jomtien, near the building Panchalae Serviced Apartments. A small white exchanger with a red inscription Exchange – located near the shopping center Friendship Supermarket. Here is one of the best exchange rates for rubles per baht.
It should be noted that this is only a small list of exchange offices in Pattaya. Because of the developed tourism, the exchange of money is in demand, and if among the listed exchangers there is no one with the appropriate rate, then next to it there will be two or three with another course. In most of them, inscriptions and signs are decorated, including in Russian.
5. Cash withdrawal at the ATM.
Despite the abundance of banks and exchange offices in Pattaya, it may sometimes be necessary to withdraw money from the ATM or pay by card. By the way, in Thailand, plastic cards are not accepted everywhere. In general, these are large shopping centers, network supermarkets, where you can use this method of payment by making a purchase for a certain amount (usually not less than 200-300 baht).
If you still need to withdraw money from the ATM, you should consider several points:
– ATMs of Russian banks throughout Thailand can be found in units;
– ATMs in Pattaya are located in the buildings of banks, shops, shopping centers, on major streets;
– money can be withdrawn only in ATMs of the ATM type. ATMs such as ADM are designed to withdraw and transfer money to Thai banks;
– when withdrawing money from Russian banks, a double conversion is obtained – when you transfer rubles to dollars (since the ruble is not freely convertible currency) and when you transfer dollars to baht, plus a withdrawal fee of 150-200 baht (depending on the bank );
– it is better to withdraw a large amount of money immediately – the commission in an ATM takes over the procedure for withdrawing money, regardless of the amount.
– money can be withdrawn from the card at the bank’s cash desk – in this case, there is no commission for withdrawals from the ATM;
– Thai ATM can block the cards of Russian banks. To avoid this, you must call your bank before leaving and warn about being abroad.
Figure 6 ATM in Pattaya.
6. A few more tips.
Before you leave a large sum of rubles or dollars and exchange it for baht, you still have to compare the rates in the nearest exchange offices and banks. Or, exchanging a small amount, go in search of a more profitable course. To travel around the city, it’s best to use a tuk-tuk or rent a motorcycle.
You should have an identity document (passport or driver’s license) with you, or a photocopy.
If at the end of the trip there are bata, then exchange them back for dollars or rubles will not work – only at the airport at an understated rate.
So, going on vacation in Pattaya, you should not worry about exchanging money for baht. Having carefully studied the information about the exchange offices, you can always find a convenient course for yourself and enjoy your vacation.
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