We’ll move the office – furniture, office equipment, servers and archives. We will do the work quickly and accurately. We work around the clock and execute orders on time: order a moving office at night, your employees will come to the prepared places in the morning. In our company, fixed prices: the operator will tell you the cost of work after a preliminary evaluation, and the amount will not change. Departure of an appraiser to your office is free of charge.
Transportation of office without idle time in work.
In “Domovik” you will be helped quickly and cheaply to transport the office so that your employees do not break away from work.
We estimate the scope of work: our manager will come to your office to count the equipment for transportation and on site calculate the cost of moving.
We control the process: we take care of all the tasks of packing, assembling and disassembling furniture. Marking and accompanying the goods during the move, we arrange them in places on the spot.
Take care of your time: move the office in any day and time. The car park “TruckovichkoF” allows you to transport an office of any size: you can transport the office in whole or in stages – by departments.
We carefully transport the cargo: the company’s gazelles are equipped with a special fastening system. We securely fix the cargo before shipment, so there is no damage to the cargo. We choose the optimal solutions: we have developed comprehensive offers for crossings for all forms of business.
How to order a transfer across Dnepropetrovsk or Ukraine?
To make an order for the relocation of the Office in Dnepropetrovsk, it is enough simply to call our dispatcher and tell us from where we are going to the address of how many loaders. If Dnepropetrovsk should include packing and disassembling furniture, inform the dispatcher and the loaders will come to you with their instrument and packing material. We never delay moving and perform it inexpensively in the shortest possible time. As for the cost, our prices for moving the apartment Dnepropetrovsk and Gazel should pleasantly surprise you.