Holidays with children in Turkey. Where better to go 2018?
A lot of tourists will visit Turkey in the current year, 2018, for the first time. Questions like “where to go to have a rest in Turkey with young children?” Are expected and natural. Therefore, useful advice to beginners will not be superfluous.
On vacation in Turkey with children.
At once we will make a reservation, in this article we will consider important aspects of rest in Turkey only with babies and children of preschool age. This special category of holidaymakers is very demanding for many aspects of summer holidays, including climate and weather, specialized meals, observance of special daily routine, daytime entertainment and, of course, beach holidays near the sea. Planning a holiday in Turkey, caring mothers spend hours at the computer, searching and systematizing the scattered information, as well as shoveling thousands of tourists’ reviews about the rest with children in various hotels in Turkey. Within the framework of the article, we will give an assessment of the advisability of resting with preschoolers in the most popular Turkish resorts along the western and southern borders of the eastern state.
Features of rest with infants.
Despite the delirium about irreparable harm and the terrible dangers of acclimatization, written on a variety of web sites, tens of thousands of Russians every year fly to rest in Turkey with their infants. The only problem is the “ruthless” sun and hot weather in Turkey. Therefore, children should always be protected from direct sun rays, avoiding burns or thermal shock (overheating). Breastfeeders should get used to the heat that is unusual for them gradually. While on vacation in Turkey, lactating mothers should be especially careful about their nutrition (especially fruits), so as not to provoke gastrointestinal disorders or neurodermic rashes on the skin of a baby. It is worth remembering – resting with the baby, a young mother should sacrifice, both her daily routine and her desires in favor of a small child.
Features of recreation with preschoolers.
You can not even ask the question “where can I go on vacation with children – preschoolers in Turkey 2018”? Almost all resorts in Turkey will provide your uncle and sorceress with excellent conditions for a full-fledged and, most importantly – useful vacation. On holiday in Turkey, children will always be in the open air, and the benefits of bathing in the warm waters of the sea and not worth talking about. Hardened, tempered and filled with positive emotions, the child will long remember an unforgettable tour to the magical eastern country of pleasures. Practically in all hotels in Turkey, preschoolers do not require special payment. Moreover, hoteliers know that creating the best conditions for resting children is a guarantee of high demand for a particular hotel. Therefore, for preschool children, rest in Turkey is like a real paradise. Children’s clubs and animation, lunaparks and water parks are a strong trump card when choosing Turkey as a place for a full-fledged summer holiday with preschool children.
Holidays with children: Antalya.
Holidays with children: Kemer.
Rest with children: the suburbs of Kemer.
Holidays with children: Lara.
Holidays with children: Belek.
Vacation with children :
Reviews of the ski resorts are also contradictory. The times of cheap accommodation and free-of-charge skipas remain in the past. The price tag for a mountain skiing in Turkey is steadily approaching the European level. The best routes are rolled in January and February. The March southern sun frosts the track, and skating on the crust of ice on the edges requires a certain skill and physical strength.
Thus, summing up all that has been said, it can be argued that in the winter only an excursion trip to Istanbul will be justified from all points of view.
Author of the article K.V. Filippovich, first edition October 2017, e-mail: [email protected]
Discussion: Where to go to Turkey to rest in winter 2017-2018?
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