Help advice!)
In general, I will write from myself for those who will ever ask such questions.
Going to aboom and to nowhere is always more interesting and productive in such cases, according to the fact that life hardens exactly when it meets with difficulties and pitfalls, and they will in this case.
What about the visa, in China (as in many other countries) Russians, Ukrainians and Ethiopians neglect the law on the visa regime and often work arriving in the country on a student visa or even on a tourist visa. What is mercilessly punishable by law. I myself work in China and appreciate this opportunity and therefore try to observe the laws and traditions of this state and I advise you all.
On the border, as a rule, do not ask such questions as the purpose of the visit. And even if you ask, then your answer should depend on the visa that you get slapped on the passport, if the tourist means a tourist and no more, if the business visa is negotiation and conclusion of contracts and so on, but this is all convention.
Whether the visa will be issued with a clean warden, This question is controversial and it depends on where you’ll be doing it, in Khabarovsk, for example, make no problems, and on the Manchurian border there are some unrelated creatures who can simply refuse a visa for the fact that the gladiolus. And in a clean passport can offer to put first a couple of times a one-time visa ..
I do not recommend leaving money in the room, even in a five-star hotel, but this is my personal conviction. Just judge for yourself what salary the maid has? imagine her thoughts when she sees a pack of money. And many such moments. The best thing is to open an account with a bank and put money into it and do not rot and do not burn and get lost.
p / s do not be afraid and take the first step. Try yourself, Travel. China is a very interesting and fascinating country. Like everyone else.
I do international marketing for the most part. In this sphere, it is almost 6 years.