HD What awaits those who want to move to Krasnodar? Climate, work and the Kuban mentality.
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Greetings from the distant Komsomolsk-on-Amur)) also moved – to the GMR …
Well, what do the Cubanoids say?
Summer is not hot … sometimes! 🙂
In Krasnodar, there is no possibility of Moscow and the sale of one housing becomes a disaster for the city.
The northerners are ready to take up any work and already compete with Moldovans and Tajiks.
In the autumn, we had +45 in the sun.
P.S. those who are going to move to a permanent residence on the Kuban I advise you to think 100 times!
visitors and work less, the average salary falls, everything is connected with.
trade, if you promise more then you have to work from dawn to dusk,
or 2 works, in any case, there is little time for personal life.
will remain, under any pretext cut wages, you can get a job in a kindergarten.
only for a bribe from 50,000 for Krasnodar and then not always, most likely.
the garden will not be near the house, prepare for that in the morning and in the evening.
you will lose 1-2 hours of your life in traffic jams, this concerns.
Krasnodar in the greater degree, you can give the child to a commercial garden,
then most of the patch will go to him, with the schools too.
problems, in some schools in Krasnodar 21 FIRST CLASS already, Krasnodar.
already on 1 place on traffic jams, oncology and remember if the realtor told you.
here there will be a school, a garden, soon and build a road that you are lying, in.
some new areas for 10 years and there are no schools, the main thing is to push housing.
newcomers, few people confesses from the moved that in vain it did, no one.
does not want to look like a fool, before selling an apartment and moving,
Come on time and rent a room, look around you will find a job.
then make a decision, good luck.
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The corks are of course stiff. But where are they now …
2. Winters are slushy, although warm;
3. Summer is frying, + 35-40 in the shade, a common thing;
4. Prices for food are more expensive by 15-20% than in neighboring Rostov;
5. The sea is farther away than from Rostov;
6. The heat is transferred heavily.
7. The quality of higher education is poor, hi Kuban State Technical University;
8. Corruption is large;
9. A small number of parks and squares, – in the summer there simply can not be pushed!
1. Beautiful Red street;
2. A lot of greenery on the roads;
3. Quite a lot of work for the employees of trade and public catering.