HD From Canada to Georgia. Why is life in Canada worse for Russians than in Georgia?
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Which Canada – through the eyes of one of its residents decided to move to live in Georgia. He will tell you how justified immigration to Canada and what kind of work is waiting for the new arrivals.
He will tell about his life in Canada and in particular in Toronto. Learn the news of Canada as they actually are from the source. Our hero will tell you can take a visa to Canada and how easy it is to find a job in Canada for Ukrainians or to set up your own business in Canada, and also whether to buy a house in Canada.
the Georgian language, and the Russians do not like to do it, so you have to change yourself. I learned Russian and you teach if you want to live permanently. In summer, the Mahuntseti is beautiful. Alexander thanks but must learn the language.
It would be interesting to learn more about how small business flourishes in Canada.
Tell me more about this in the next video.
– this quickly as a traffic jam will fly out of Georgia – it still thinks in terms of the categories of the Uzbekistan-colony, and will think about Georgia.
Here by the way well illustrates – the difference between the Russian and the Anglo-Saxons – in the 35th minute.
By the way, he only looks like Maxim Shevchenko – a cotton pro-Putin magazine? And externally, and voice, and cotton talk. Well, like a twin brother!
He was still going to go to Ukraine. Yes nafig this cotton wool USSR needs in Ukraine?
if in Georgia pacing with T-shirt Putin and the inscription I love Putin.
Canada will seem to you a paradise.
do not forget that for Georgians, Russia is an occupier.
Live but take away the country where you live and there will be no problems.