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Requirements – there is nowhere else! But I need a Job Offer. Program news – We are at Telegram: Since March 2017, a new immigration program has been launched in Canada – Atlantic Immigration Pilot. This is a pilot project of 4 Atlantic Canadian provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island. The feature of this immigration program is that you do NOT need to score any points and register in the Express Entry (as of February 6, 2017g ). YOU NEED: – have 1 year of experience – an assessment of your education according to the Canadian (Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report). How to do it, I told in this video – the IELTS 4 certificate is small (relative to the federal program) availability of money- and JOB OFFER from the employer of one of these provinces . The number of applications in this program is limited – 2000 to 2017. All the details on the site – Good luck!
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All about moving to another city for permanent residence on okadoka.ru.
and for the video put it)
According to the television channel, the incident occurred on March 9. The police received a call for a driver who violated the SDA. The patrol officer who arrived on the spot approached the car and asked the man to leave the salon. As the witnesses told CBC News, there was a conflict between the policeman and the Russian. Savin attempted to attack a law enforcement officer with a knife, after which a shot was fired at the Russian. From the injuries the man died on the spot. According to the data in the LinkedIn profile, Savin worked for more than eight years in Edmonton as a drill operator in the company Great Canadian. Before moving to Edmonton, he worked as a mining engineer. If you eat in Canada, then you know, there are policemen not like in Russia.
For suckers who are breeding this mudilo. Firstly, watch the hands, the accent is very suspicious. Second – chuvashchek clearly expects that you will come to him for help and, accordingly, unfasten his dough. The fact that he’s fucking says that he has no bubble, but wants a lot, if possible immediately and uniquely ahead. Alberta, this is where Calgary came from and gets out on Yu-Tube, now in complete asshole because oil prices are below the cost of their sandy oil. The work there is not, the budget programs are severely curtailed. The villain seeks to cut down the dough and tries to breed rabbits here. The provinces he is driving here are the very hole. People from there went to work in Alberta on a rotational basis. And now the shop closed. There is no work there. And if you settle there, and even with your family, it will be very difficult to get into a more civilized place. If you know English, do not listen to anyone. Visit the official resources of the Canadian Immigration Authorities and study everything yourself. All that such wise people can do is fill out a questionnaire. No one in Canada has any influence or preferences in the Immigration Authorities. So do everything yourself and rely only on yourself. In general, neher here in Canada, a normal Russian person to do. A serious crisis is grieving and will soon be from here and not here.
your country and create a feeling that you have something changed. 98%
people fall into this trap. Almost NO ONE understands that moving to.
another country will not only create a lot of problems for you and lower you down.
social ladder to the very bottom, but also will jeopardize the gain.
Deportation, since you are an unskilled specialist, for a tour visa.
decided to stay. Ie if you could not organize a business in your own.
country, then in a new country you are NO ONE and calling you NO in the truest sense.
this word. You will solve the issue with PERMISSIONS for several years,
which can be given to you the opportunity to work for someone else’s house,
which will DEMONSTRUCT, to exploit you for the minimum.
salary and without knowledge of the language or not. And while he thinks, you will.
to beg. Go down to earth. IF YOU ARE NOT HIGHLY QUALIFIED.
RELATIVES. On low-paid works of applicants MORE THAN YOU.
girls, remember! If you are nobody in your country and do not want to make an effort to become someone and get out of poverty, then you will be even more poor and abroad in huge debts abroad. Forget about the fact that it will be better and easier for you somewhere abroad, for any frontier it will be much harder than at home, especially if there is no normal work, not a language of not starting money, at least $ 200 $ for Canada. If you are really smart people, you do not need any immigration and work day and night for beggarly $ 3000. Think stupid, I went through this paradise and know what I’m talking about, although I have citizenship and work, but it does not give happiness in a foreign country.
The fact is that I can not find it in the Canadian classifier of professions. And generally how to translate it into English. Google is not very helpful. Maybe there is a tip? Thank you.