Having received a residence permit in Spain, you should not count on social benefits.
Potential immigrants who are thinking about obtaining a residence permit in Spain need to be kept in mind: it is not worth counting on the support of the state here. For various kinds of social benefits and assistance to low-income families in Spain, only 1.3% of GDP is spent, while the average European rate is 2.2%, and in some countries it is much higher. This information was recently published by the Spanish Institute for Family Policy. According to him, the level of welfare of most families of the kingdom at the moment is such that they do not need to count on financial assistance from the state.
Limits established in Spain for social benefits are very high, and these strict requirements are met only by one out of every ten families. However, one should not assume that this state of affairs is extremely negative. Experts say that thanks to this almost no immigrants come to Spain, who do not plan to work, but simply live safely on social benefits. They prefer to go to more loyal in this respect other European countries.
At the same time, the lack of assistance from the state represents a problem in certain areas of the kingdom’s life. Thus, the Institute report notes the facts of discrimination in workplaces of pregnant women. The lack of social support for families is one of the factors affecting the reduction in the number of marriages concluded in the kingdom. According to the specialists of the Institute, the creation of a new ministry aimed at helping those Spanish families, which it really needs, could help solve the existing problems.
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Future immigrants who are only planning their application to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow, know perfectly well: the life expectancy of the Spaniards is one of the highest in the world. So, coming here, you can count on a long and, not less important, a healthy life. WHO considers the health system of Spain to be the seventh among the best in the world. If we take as a basis such an indicator as price effectiveness, that is, the ratio of the cost of medical services and life expectancy, then the Spanish healthcare system will take the second place.
Remote work – this is an opportunity not to be tied to a specific country and freely choose a place to live, according to the capabilities of your wallet and your desires. Many freelancers around the world decide to apply for a residence permit in Spain and settle in the kingdom. Why Spain?
Many people dream of moving to live in Spain. The standard of living, climate, friendly attitude to visitors, excellent career opportunities – all this very much attracts those who want to take care of the future of their family. But how to realize a dream? Someone succeeds without problems, and someone has to work hard to get the desired residence permit in Spain.
Planning to apply to the Embassy of Spain for a long-term visa, many believe: the main thing is to solve financial issues related to the move. But already held immigrants say: it is equally important also to prepare psychologically for what will happen after arrival in Spain. After all, it is necessary to change not only the way of life – to some extent, the mentality will also change.
Planning the submission of documents to the Embassy of Spain with the whole family, it will be necessary to decide not only the question of where to settle in the kingdom. Experienced in this matter, people warn: it is also very important to choose the right time to move, especially when it comes to moving families with children. What time is it talking about? This question is answered by the portal Familylifeinspain, which gives valuable advice to future immigrants.
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