Go live in Spain for permanent residence from Belarus.
Go to Spain forever: how to do it right?
Go to Spain forever: how to do it right.
It’s no secret that today’s Spain is the leader in unemployment among the countries of Europe. Here lives a huge number of people of different nationalities who immigrated from different countries, including. and illegally. The level of inflation in Spain is very high, world crises have a significant impact on the economy of the country. But, despite all this, people continue to go to Spain today. Why do people leave their acquired places and immigrate to Spain? First of all, Spain is attractive because it is an open country, it is a member country of the European Union and the Schengen zone. Neighbors of Spain are such countries as France, Andorra, Portugal.
As for the climate, there is no such climate in Spain in any country: on one side precipitation is constantly falling out, the second one is characterized by a hot and dry climate. The coast of the Atlantic Ocean is also found in Spain, which attracts many tourists from all over the world. Of course, people immigrate to Spain mainly in search of a better life, better working conditions with better conditions and payment. It is not difficult to get a job in Spain to an immigrant. In addition, here at a high level of medicine, education, social sphere. As for prices, they are far from the highest in Europe, so anyone can move to live in Spain.
How to get the right to live in Spain?
The type (right) of residence is an official authorization document that provides the opportunity to freely enter and live in Spain for a set period of time. Basically, such a right is granted for a period of 5 years, but during this period is extended several times.
The right to live is of such types:
– to work with the execution of the contract;
The first option will suit those immigrants to Spain, whose incomes are stable and high, which will enable them to normally exist in the country. It should be noted that the income of an immigrant should be received in any country abroad. There is a certain minimum amount of income established by the Government of Spain in 2011. The immigrant must also provide proof that he receives his income legally, as well as the regularity of their receipt. This option implies that an immigrant will simply reside on the territory of Spain and not conduct work that can bring income. There is an opportunity to move from the first type of obtaining the right to live to the second.
For those immigrants who are planning to open their business in Spain, the second option is suitable. In this case, the immigrant should have a special education, because his activities are allowed only in the sphere in which there is appropriate qualifications and professional skills. For example, if the applicant has a medical education, then his activity should be connected only with medicine. He can not work as an economist or as a teacher. In addition, you will need to submit a business plan for your future business, which should detail the main sources of investment. Obligatory is the availability of a sufficient amount of finance to ensure proper organization of business and residence of an immigrant.
The third option will be acceptable for immigrants who have entered into an employment contract. In this case, it is the employer who will be interested in having his future worker get a residence permit in Spain as soon as possible and quickly begin to fulfill his job duties. To do this, the employer must document that the employee is the most valuable for him and show his solvency. Immigrant, in turn, must confirm that he corresponds to the post (relevant education, as well as experience in this field of activity).
Is it possible for a person with an average income to move to Spain?
Immigrate to Spain can not only people who have high incomes, it is quite possible to do and those people who have an average level of income. If it was decided to immigrate to Spain, there are many ways how to do this. There are complex ways, and there are simple ones that will suit many people. The simplest methods include:
– Become a student of a Spanish higher education institution;
With the first option, the future spouse (compulsory Spanish citizen) will make the necessary documents himself, which will allow him to enter Spain.
Very popular is the second way, besides it does not require significant financial investments, because training in Spain can not be called the most expensive in Europe. Another advantage of this method is that if an immigrant studies at the University of Spain for more than three years, then he has the right to apply for a residence permit. In addition, the diploma obtained in the universities of Spain is valid in any country in the world. Also, the student can subsequently invite his relatives to Spain.
The third method is possible if the immigrant has a relative who is a citizen of Spain. Here you just need to document the family ties.
For immigrants to Spain, there is no specific list of documents, because the package of documents depends on the type of immigration that will be chosen. The process of obtaining a permit is lengthy and in some cases may take up to six months. The immigrant submits to the Consulate of Spain in his country the necessary package of documents and a statement with a mandatory indication of the reason why the country of residence will be changed. Further, the full package of documents is sent to Madrid for a final decision, which will result in either allowing or denying immigration to Spain. If the result is positive, the immigrant will be invited to the Consulate for an interview. With a positive result, his passport will be glued to a visa, which gives him the right to enter and stay in Spain. The visa can be extended without leaving the country.
What is the main thing when moving to Spain? Features of the country and its inhabitants.
The official language of Spain is Spanish. Knowledge of English here is unlikely to help, because many residents of Spain do not know him at all. Therefore, to learn Spanish should start in advance, so that then there was no panic and there were no problems with communication. The Spanish language is not at all complicated, so for someone who knows English, it will not be difficult to study it. You can also use knowledge of such languages as French, Portuguese, Italian, which are similar to Spanish in structure and sound.
To learn Spanish is quite by itself, without using the services of tutors. This is possible because there is now a huge variety of different literature and information on the Internet. In the learning process, you need to use all available materials. When choosing resources in the network, it is better to give preference to those sites that specialize in spoken language, preferably, there were audio and video lessons. Grammar is better studied by textbooks. If you set yourself the task of learning the language, then after a while you can achieve certain results. The main thing to do it regularly and responsibly.
Residents of Spain are cheerful and noisy people, therefore, in order to adapt more quickly in the country and to acquire new acquaintances, one must know the national subtleties of the Spaniards and try to get used to some of their oddities.
Punctuality and the Spaniards are two incompatible concepts. Therefore, if an important meeting is planned, one should take into account such a character trait of the Spaniards. They can not be corrected, so you should not waste your nerves. You can use this trick: assign time with a margin of 30 minutes, then the Spaniard will come at the right time, and maybe a little earlier.
“Siesta” is a break, when all establishments stop their work. It lasted exactly one hour, and until 2005 the time of “Siesta” lasted for four hours.
Such words as “sorry” and “thank you” in Spain do not have much value, as it is customary in Russia. In any case, you should try to speak them as little as possible, because no one will appreciate it, although nothing bad will come of it either.
Turning to someone, you should do it on “You”, because the “You” appeal can be taken as a personal insult, especially with respect to communication between young people. Of course, if you turn to a person of age, you should use the “You” address.
Spaniards love to greet each other quite “hot”, i.e. it is absolutely normal when meeting a strong hand shake or kisses on each cheek. Do not be surprised, so they have.
The Spaniards are a very talkative nation. Even for the most elementary question, the most meaningful answer will follow, which will take a long time. If this interrupts the respondent, he can regard this as a personal insult. Therefore, after asking the question, you just need to remain silent and wait for the respondent to give a complete and “exhaustive” answer to the question posed.
Sunny Spain is always associated with a holiday, rest, fun. Therefore, it is this country that attracts not only tourists but also those who want to change their place of residence. Becoming a resident of Spain is not at all difficult, as it seems initially. Do not be afraid of difficulties and act. The Spaniards are very open people, so getting used to a new life in this country will be very easy.
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