Go live in Austria.
Many Russians who come to Austria to ski or take a look at the beauty of Vienna, return to their homeland with a clear desire to return here again and preferably for permanent residence. And in this there is nothing strange, I’m sure of Alexandra Yurchenko, who has first-hand knowledge of the pleasant Austrian trivia. Why do our compatriots choose Austria, in the framework of the joint project of EUROMAG magazine and EVANS company, the head of the foreign real estate department of EVANS Alexandra Yurchenko.
Alexandra Yurchenko, specially for EUROMAG.
According to numerous studies in 2010, Austria, along with Switzerland, Britain, Germany and France, has repeatedly been among the top 5 countries the safest and most attractive in terms of investment for the next few years. The interest to this country from investors from Russia is growing from year to year, significantly fueling its constantly coming news about real estate purchases made by big businessmen and companies from Russia at Austrian resorts and in the capital.
Many of our compatriots have already migrated to Austria, organized their own business, invested huge amounts in the country’s economy, many of our businessmen happily live in Mozart’s homeland as political refugees, and how difficult it was for them to adapt to a new life at first, do not aspire at all.
The bulk of natives of Russia settles in Vienna and settles in the prestigious First Quarter, Nineteenth Quarter and partly in the suburbs of the capital. Many who come to Austria to go skiing or to stare at the beauty of Vienna, return to their homeland with a clear desire to return again and preferably for permanent residence, and there is nothing strange about it. here everything is done for people, and against the background of our stable domestic disorder the difference is very impressive.
At first you do not cease to be surprised by various pleasant trifles that greatly facilitate everyday life. According to the locals themselves, Austria & # 8211; Ideal country for youth and pensioners. Schoolchildren from the primary classes are put on alpine skiing and lead to the opera, and for pensioners excellent conditions are created in special boarding houses, where most of them are sent at their own will & # 8211; because it greatly expands not only the circle of communication, but also leisure.
Austria is consistently among the leaders in terms of the standard of living and the quality of medical care, and it is no coincidence that the average doctor earns here as much as a senior manager does not earn (up to 10,000 euros per month). At the same time, in Vienna, for example, you can eat very tasty and satisfying for 15 euros, so the city’s residents often have dinner with their entire family in their favorite cafes and restaurants. The Austrians begin to work early, most at eight in the morning, so by nine in the evening the streets of Vienna are gradually empty. It would seem that it is not so easy for us, the inhabitants of a metropolis, to get used to such a rhythm, however, having lived a couple of weeks in the rhythm of the Viennese waltz, by ten in the evening, and even after a couple of portions of delicious punch and a hearty supper, asks to go to bed.
Prices for food, clothing, medicines by European standards are quite acceptable. At least to London they are very far away. However, there are also their difficulties: in the pharmacy, for example, almost all require a prescription from a doctor. That is to come and buy eye drops without a recommendation from a medical specialist will not work.
In addition, in Vienna, for example, there is a problem with parking cars & # 8211; in the center is always very difficult to find a free place, and parking tickets are quite expensive. The same applies to car insurance & # 8211; full insurance can cost up to 200 euros per month. However, you do not have to doubt the quality of the service of your vehicle. Still from the pleasant things: having paid 70 euros a year, it is possible to count on service in emergency situations. If the car breaks down at any point in the EU, a special service will take it to the nearest car service center or to the house (at your discretion), and also send it by any other transport to your destination point.
The problematic issue in Vienna is the growing number of immigrants from Turkey, although the country is more than loyal to the settlers. So, a large number of children-visitors in schools has led to the fact that the average level of education is constantly decreasing, and this causes a justified protest among the Austrians.
Moreover, the nerves to the Austrians and the Chechen diaspora in the number of about 1,000 people, the illegal actions of our southern brethren entailed increased road control and patrolling.
But the Serbian refugees are very well and quietly settled in the numerous villages at the entrance to Vienna, they successfully plant carp and keep roadside taverns, where they treat the incredibly tasty prepared carp, ribs and stuffed duck.
It should be noted separately and the widespread enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle and sport: the people of Vienna prefer to spend their free time outdoors, walking along the banks of the Danube, riding bicycles or running through parks and green areas. To nature, the attitude is very gentle, and not just so: break a twig near a tree in the woods & # 8211; Do not worry about problems with law enforcement.
Returning to the topic of real estate, it is worth noting that the Austrian market & # 8211; one of the few survivors of the crisis with the least losses. A small decline in prices was observed in the segment of economy, but the more prestigious areas of Vienna showed a good price growth of up to 5%. Therefore, perhaps for investment purposes, the elite segment of the capital’s real estate is the most attractive and reliable. And for a good life, Vienna’s Dobling Quarter is ideal. It is located 15 minutes from the city center and consists mainly of pretty houses owned by diplomats and those who can afford to stay in this place.