Getting a residence permit in Spain in 2017.
Registration of residence permits in Spain is one of the most relevant topics that interests people after the topic of taxes in Spain. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of information, but it is not easy to understand it. Residence permit in Spain when buying real estate for less than � 500 thousand can be obtained, but for this you need to confirm your financial well-being. Types of residence permit in Spain The most important thing is to distinguish between two types of residence permit in Spain: the first one that has always existed, let’s call it the standard residence permit and the investment permit that was introduced in 2013. What is the difference and similarities of the aforementioned residency permits?
Types of residence permit in Spain.
The most important thing is to distinguish between two types of residence permits in Spain: the first one that has always existed, let’s call it the standard residence permit and the investment residence permit, which was introduced in 2013. What is the difference and similarities of the aforementioned residency permits?
Standard residence permit.
For registration of residence permit in Spain it is important to observe two conditions: to show where you will live, and on what you will live. You must have a place of residence: property or long-term lease. You also need to show that in the account in the Spanish bank you have the amount of the subsistence minimum established by law for the whole year of residence. The annual income should be an average of � 28,000 and � 8,400 for every non-working family member, including children. At the same time, income must be legal, and its receipt should not require your permanent presence in Russia.
In addition, you will need to arrange private medical insurance, as well as not have debts to the budget, criminal records and diseases described in the International Sanitary Agreement of 2005.
Registration of residence permit in Spain in 2016 will take a total of about 3-4 months. In these terms the deadline for processing the application in the Consulate of Spain, which lasts from 1 to 3 months, is included. After receiving an official positive response and obtaining a visa D, the applicant passes the procedure for issuing a card, which lasts from 3 weeks to one and a half months.
Renewal of residence permits in Spain takes place 60 days before its end. For this it is necessary to confirm the availability of funds, medical insurance and admission to the training course (for children from 6 to 16 years).
Investment permit.
In September 2014, Spain adopted a law allowing all investors in the country’s economy to obtain a residence permit in a simplified scheme with loyal conditions and less burdensome rules. For the registration of an investment permit in Spain it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:
Invest 2 million euros in government loan bonds Invest 1 million euros in shares or stakes in Spanish companies Invest 1 million euros in bank deposits and products of a Spanish financial institution Invest 500,000 euros in the purchase of real estate, without raising funds.
For investors in the Spanish economy there is a special type of visa. It, in addition to the investor, can get close relatives: spouse, adult children, underage children, parents who are dependent.
As a rule, the collection of all necessary documents for the registration of residence permits in Spain takes about a month, but we must bear in mind that the receipt of certain papers may take even more time. After submitting the documents to the consulate (consular department of the Embassy), the application is considered on average 10 working days. Then you get an investor visa.
Further, when you arrive in Spain, you should apply for a residence permit (the period is 20 days). After receiving a positive response, it is necessary to hand over fingerprints and wait for the issuance of a resident card. The term will be up to 1.5 months.
Renewal of residence permit in Spain is carried out 60 days before the expiration of the validity of residence permit will need to prepare a package of documents and file them for renewal.
How to apply for a residence permit in Spain?
In addition to meeting the above conditions for each type of residence permit, it is necessary in both cases to collect the following package of documents:
Documents required for registration of residence permit in Spain: Application form, completed in Spanish, in duplicate and 3 photographs of the established sample. To it it is necessary to attach a letter proving the reasons for obtaining residence permit in Spain, which is made in free form in Spanish; Request for a residence permit in the country (Formulario EX 01); A document confirming the availability of real estate in Spain or a rental contract for a period of not less than 1 year; Internal and foreign passports, photocopies of all pages; � Medical insurance policy with a validity period of at least 1 year; Certificate on the absence of a criminal record in Russia, translated into Spanish and certified by the Hague Apostille; � A certificate confirming the absence of diseases that are dangerous for other people; An account statement confirming the availability of the required amount of money for residence in the country or a certificate of monthly income in the amount equivalent to or exceeding the minimum for applicants.
In the presence of minor children, it is necessary to provide a document confirming the kinship with the applicant, and also to confirm the enrollment of the child in the educational institution, since secondary education in Spain is compulsory.
Residence permit Spain real estate guarantees only for 1 year. During the first two years it must be renewed annually, the next 4 years – every 2 years, and only then every 5 years. Together with the residence permit for a period of 5 years, the right to work in Spain is granted, however, in the presence of a contract, it can be obtained much earlier.
What gives a residence permit in Spain?
Currently, Russian citizens can easily obtain multiple long-term (up to 5 years) tourist visas that allow free travel in the Schengen area, but are not the basis for permanent residence in Europe. In this regard, you can identify a number of advantages of a residence permit (residence permit) before a long tourist visa. Perhaps some of the benefits have already been covered, but we will repeat:
Undoubtedly, the main advantage is the opportunity to permanently reside in Europe. On a tourist visa, you can stay in the Schengen area for not more than 90 days in each half-year. If there is a residence permit, there is no need to apply for visas to other Schengen countries. In addition, the residence permit after 10 years of legal residence provides an opportunity to obtain EU citizenship. Permit permits to get education in European schools and universities (for education it is necessary to issue a special residence permit). Tourist same visa will not allow you to complete one semester. In addition to the above, access to European medical services is available, since when applying for a residence permit the applicant must issue a compulsory medical insurance policy that allows receiving medical care in the territory of the country that issued the residence permit. As a rule, the list of services provided for this insurance is much wider than in Russia.
In conclusion, I would like to note that due to the introduction of new entry rules, economic and geopolitical conditions and a number of other reasons, the procedure for issuing visas can always change, while the procedure for issuing a residence permit is prescribed in the law. If you observe the rules and the grounds for extending the residence permit, you can be sure of its safety. More information about the services of our company in matters of residence permit you can find here.
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