Funny Videos 2018.
Funny Videos 2018.
Canada 132: My experience as a medical examiner for immigration.
Funny videos.
I answer the question: “How did you go through medicine?” We listen, we draw conclusions.
Canada 1009: What diseases are denied for a visa (long) and immigration.
I answer the question: “Hello Sergey, I always look at your videos with pleasure.” Very cognitively, for which I thank you in particular! Could you answer the question: How much can the state of health affect the immigration authorities’ decision to admit to the program? government, the column “Find out if you are inadmissible” found the next item: “you have a serious health problem.” To be more precise: for example the diagnosis of “arthritis” can affect something while the working specialty is IT (software testing)? And will they give health insurance if they already have a similar iagnoz. ” We listen, we draw conclusions.
What are you waiting for after applying for a visa to Canada?
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MEDICAL FOR Canada. My experience // Immigration Canada.
I tell you about my two-time medical examination / medical examination / medical / medical experience for Canada. How does it go? How much is? Fearfully?
Canada 133: Learning multiple languages at the same time.
I answer the question: “How can I simultaneously work on both languages?” Is there confusion between languages? ” We listen, we draw conclusions.
Passing medical examination for a Canadian visa.
I’m talking about my trip to the medical board for Canada. – list of countries – list of doctors Links: Vkontakte: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Canada 193: Acceleration of the immigration process: proposal and assumption.
I share my thoughts and experience on the issue, as, I think, you can influence the speed of your case with an immigration officer. I hope that many will help! We listen, we draw conclusions.
Canada 129: What is it worth to carry with you to immigration.
I answer the question: “What things should I take with me to Canada?” We listen, we draw conclusions. P.S. I forgot to tell you about the medicines. If there is something that you constantly accept, carry also! While you find, while you buy an analog, it can take too much time!
Canada 1245: Do Canada need singleton immigrants.
I answer the question: “Hello, I’m interested in your opinion on why Canada is so encouraging family immigration, it’s almost impossible to get a threshold of 430 points for the selection, a lonely young girl / boy, on the same express express system.” Why does not Canada need singles? Thank you, and thanks for your videos, you are doing a great job, success and prosperity to the channel) “We listen, we draw conclusions.
Canada 119: Factors of successful integration and who should not immigrate.
I answer the question “What factors are decisive for successful integration in a new country and who should not immigrate?” We listen, we draw conclusions.
Canada 151: On the transfer of money in immigration.
I answer the question: “What is the best way to bring money with you when immigration, I understand it is desirable to try to hide the availability of money from the government?” We listen, we draw conclusions.
medical examination for Canada.
how and where we passed the medical examination for immigration to Canada.