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On the north-eastern coast of South America is the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. From the northern part, the state of Guyana is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and from the western part, neighboring Venezuela,
the southern part – with Brazil, and on the eastern side – Suriname. The State of Guyana is the only country in South America that has entered the Commonwealth of Nations.
The state has its own Constitution. It was adopted in 1980. It clearly identifies cases of obtaining the citizenship of Guyana. All residents who lived on the territory of the state before the adoption of the Basic Law remained citizens of this country after the adoption of the Constitution.
If the persons were spouses of such citizens, they also had the right to obtain the citizenship of the country in the order of registration.
In Guyana, like many other countries, the principle of soil operates. In other words, we can say so. If a child is born in Guyana, he can obtain the citizenship of that country. In this case, the citizenship of his parents will not matter.
The exception is when a child was born in the country, but his parents are employees of consular services and at least one of his parents is not a citizen of this country. The principle of blood still operates here. After the adoption of the Constitution in 1980, the citizenship of Guyana can also be obtained by a child from whom one of the parents is a citizen of that country. Citizens of other countries can also obtain citizenship if they have married citizens, but only in the order of registration.
The State of Guyana does not recognize dual citizenship. But there are exceptions. Such exceptions include marriage. That is, if citizens of Guyana are married to citizens of other countries.
The Constitution also provides for the procedure for renouncing the citizenship of the country of Guyana. To do this, you will need to contact the embassy of the country. Only it is necessary to remember that, if the citizen himself decided to renounce his citizenship and formalized all the necessary documents for this, he is automatically deprived of the citizenship of Guyana. An exception can only be the registration of citizenship of another country through the marriage.
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