How to live and rest in Israel.
Minsk – Tel Aviv.
Visa-free entry to more than 100 countries, debts and other features of Israeli citizenship.
The Israeli passport is issued after one year of continuous residence in the country, and it gives the right to visit more than 100 countries without a visa. All the holidays the Israelis are trying to spend in Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Budapest, etc. I bought a ticket – and you are anywhere in Europe without any visa gemor. But the most fortunate thing is that they signed documents on the abolition of visas with America! Here already where exactly I will spend the first $ 5 000.
I always honestly admit that I have in many ways experienced a climate emigration, because I’m fed up with freezing in Minsk (I keep silent about my native Siberia). Yes, a couple of months unbearable heat and +35, and a couple more – torrential rains. But at least 300 days a year are consistently sunny, there are three seas and under a hundred picturesque national parks, so all this costs any temporary suffering.
The point is controversial, but I decided to turn it on. I do not know much about the economy, but I know for sure that I do not want any double or triple devaluations that always happen in Belarus, and now in Russia. Those who lived in Israel about 10 years ago, for sure, will accurately call today’s dollar rate, because it practically did not change.
Old-timers say that wages do not keep pace with rising prices. Especially for housing. With real estate in general the most paradox: despite the eternal martial law, housing prices are only growing. All this is madly enrages, but no politician has so far been able to solve this problem.
All have already lost hope that the military conflict between Israel and Palestine will ever end. Acute crises can only be extinguished, but once and for all to agree on mutual non-aggression it seems that it is no longer possible. When you are alone, it’s still tolerable to run to the bomb shelter, although it’s still scary. But when you have children and you understand that in a few years they will have to go to the army, where they can cripple or die, you will think a hundred times whether the citizenship of such stress, which is so beloved by many, is worth.
You can not get an Israeli passport, go live in Europe and do not stay with it. There are compulsory payments (to the Ministry of Labor, the sickness fund, tax), which are written off regardless of where you live. A lot of stories about how people left with an Israeli passport to live in Russia, and when they wanted to return to Israel, could not do this because of the debt accumulated before the state. You can, of course, try to get out of citizenship, but the legal practice in this matter is very weak. Your declared refusal is unlikely to save you from having to pay your debts.
Here everything is simple: there is no language – there is no good work and decent earnings.
By the way, if you or your friends / relatives want to obtain Israeli citizenship and have the right to it, you can always contact me for clarification.
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