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What can I say? He did everything right. Yuri_Bogdanov, 06.06.16 11:41.
pravazochka: where everything is right, not from the bald and some chairman Yitsits !, 06.06.16 11:41.
You can operate, you can prescribe treatment, you can carry out diagnostics.
But psychotherapy in a foreign language, which he also does not yet know, judging by the text – it’s not entirely clear to me.
One must at least think in language in order to correctly convey their thoughts and vision of the situation to the patient.
After all, psychotherapy is not a paracetamol prescribed to a patient with a high fever.
IMHO! cap_connor, 06/0616 11:41.
No wonder. A man lives once. And the sooner he understands this, the more he has the chance to live life if not well, then it’s normal.
And to live for the sake of the & quot; bright future & quot; it is possible only in the series shmaxim, 06/06/16 11:42.
In psychiatry, after all, how – who put on the robe first, he and the doctor. drol, 06/0616 11:42.
From groups of 8-10 people leave 7-8. We are still being treated by the & quot; trishopters & quot; and “dvoechniki”, and then they are therapists. The state brought the medicine to the handle. Only BT shows great achievements. We will die in a natural way. gizmich, 06/0616 11:42.
For me, this is an indicator. cap_connor, 06/06/16 11:45.
And think like a German he learned in a couple of years.
Good luck to him ������� ���������, 06/06/16 11:46.
And there is nothing to object. If indeed a specialist, not a fool or a drunkard, who came to leave his number, then there is no place in slavish Belarus for a humiliatingly low salary.
Yes, there are situations when it is impossible to travel outside the Republic of Belarus (sick children or parents nearby, requiring supervision). But on the whole, an experienced specialist looks far beyond the boundaries of the Republic of Belarus.
What to say, already in adolescents (!) In the head “unlearn and dump”. Doprosvetivals., 06.06.16 11:48.
And you do not have to wait for the five-year plan, and then the “sucker”, then “wait”, and then another five-year plan and the year of thrift, then the crisis of the world, then the retirement age + 5, – finalized the unemployment tax – and here it comes: prosperity and a happy life.
It turns out that there are simpler ways. Galina is not Ivanova, 06/06/16 11:49.
All right. The salary corresponding to the status of the doctor guarantees absence of financial ugliness between the doctor and the patient in the form of gratitude. Neither the aching nor the healing side of the process is humiliated. How you want to live normally! It’s just normal to live on your salary. Issyts !, 06/06/16 11:50.
I do not know how to work with a foreign patient in the field of psychotherapy.
And what good luck, I’ll agree. he will need it. Pachotny Tunejadz, 06/06/16 11:51.
TUT.BY, give more articles how to fall off the islet of stability vladimir_zenkovich, 06/06/16 11:55.
Awesome article. Everything is so logical and on the shelves.
That’s just who Tubaevtsev will treat if they publish such articles with algorithms that promote the emigration of doctors? Or are the Tubaboys not sick and immortal?
And why among the variants of the development of events are indicated that someone is leaving, someone is moving to another sphere, etc.? And completely forgot to mention that most doctors still remain in the profession and treat people? Despite the rudeness of some patients, low salaries? negoro121, 06.06.16 11:57.
Well done, people live, but do not survive and do not expect a bright future, but they have everything today. eedex, 06/06/16 11:59.
I do not see anything wrong with the fact that an intelligent, educated, worthy of a better life, who does not manage to find himself at home, went away in search of a better life.
There is only one life. And you need to use it to the fullest. fogast_fogastfo, 06/06/19 12:01.
Thank you. for a good method for young people. eedex, 06/0616 12:02.
And what about gays and Arabs ?! Germany soon because of them razvilitsa. Maybe the doctor does not know about this? Urgently connect the idiologists!
Good fellow. I’ve just found a job for myself with my brother in Poland, and have already done my visas. We will work the season, and there we can take our wives to ourselves.
2 years ago I worked 1 month as a traumatologist (as a visiting doctor without a salary) in a hospital near Cologne. I was amazed that there are no such salaries as in this article ..
For example, my friend (who invited me) worked as a traumatologist there for 4 years. it was 2100 without taxes. Only when he worked with 8 daily shifts and a bunch of operations a month did 3000 turn out, and after deduction of taxes they turned about 2200.
This despite the fact that trauma in Germany has always been one of the highest paid specialties (available from white doctors) honey. specialties .. cap_connor, 06.06.16 12:04.
And these doctors are only pioneers in this field of medicine.
This requires an individual approach, and not ” Here’s a pill from your head and stomach ” stepa-larisa, 06.06.16 12:05.
As long as everything is tied to the euro (although the official denomination is ruble), and at the border crossings (RF and RB) for parabellum (registration) in the territory of the Republic of Belarus – 50 euros, and on the territory of the Russian Federation – 200 rubles ( difference in the times), no kina will not .. shel_yura, 06/06/1612 12:07.
Many relatives live in the US – they went there without any education, which would help to find a well-paid job quickly. Who was an auxiliary worker, who was a housekeeper – it was difficult at first, but as soon as they adapted, they began to earn much better. For example, my uncle bought a wagon on credit, surrendered to a category and traveled to his own country, because he has a craving for travel – he earns about 10 thousand dollars a month clean, the credit does not bother. The cousin has already studied there and works as an engineer in a company like our Beltelecom – a salary of 100 thousand a year plus bonuses and bonuses. Many of our people open their own business and then the order of earnings is different. When they come to their homeland, they have a maximum of a week, when the guest euphoria passes, and jogs back to the States. Belarusians will not be lost anywhere. frx2012, 06/0616 12:07.
1) you get an education.
2) quickly and qualitatively work, become a steep special.
It all depends on your work experience and how you normally connect.
And where is it easy? Sen, 06/06/16 12:08.
Generally, the work of a psychologist / psychotherapist involves establishing a trusting relationship between the patient and the specialist. And the third-extra vesnyshka13, 06.06.16 12:09.
& quot; Sergey & quot; disingenuous or lying. He very quickly confirmed the diploma and began to work as a doctor. Something’s wrong with this story. Pavel_Sinikov_talks18, 06/06/16 12:10.
Due to our taxes, we train people who are not going to work here.
We need to take action.
If he studied for free, then the domestic work 20 years.
That is, for each student to pay a debt free of charge, which is automatically repaid in automatic form for 20 years. In case of departure, it is collected in full.
Are you planning to work behind the hill? Learn for your money.
People who want to work in the country do not get the opportunity.
People who do not want to work in the country and could study pay for free places.
And for 30 years of independence they have not blocked it. Issyts !, 06/06/16 12:11.
It’s a pity, but they leave, they leave and will leave, unfortunately professionals, there is no mediocrity, well, we will trust our health with mediocrity. Well, or if you’re lucky, professionals, which are fewer and fewer., 06.06.16 12:14.
that doctors are going – it’s not surprising.
from Spain, for example, too, doctors go to Germany and England leave.
surprises as it is reflected here, right with instructions on the points of Yzyts! !, 06.06.16 12:16.
well done, all right.
at the very same couple of friends doctors left for Germany and Poland. Giibel, 06/06/16 12:17.
As a girl will write about how she got settled abroad, they start looking for a rich husband and relatives, but as a guy, then at once – well done. ala78, 06/06/16 12:18.
assistant, it is understandable. At first she did not see and was very surprised how he could be taken by a doctor. In Germany, as elsewhere (except for Russia and Africa), CIS doctors need to take an exam before they can work as doctors. nafnafnaf, 06/06/16 12:18.
it’s interesting to them in the press, too, about it tell – in style it’s time to bring down cz11, 06/06/16 12:19.
We are already at the bottom, and you suggest also digging in order to become lower. In the world there are examples of countries to which you propose to strive. And people there starve to death. serg86, 06/06/19 12:20.
And right. While there are no children, young, and that that can and you want – run from paradise. You have to work where you pay. guenter_mueller, 06/0616 12:21.
translation of documents from a German sworn translator – 1 euro for 1 line (the total amount reaches 600-800 euros);
Read more:
And yes – the guy is a fine fellow – he studied, developed, improved his qualifications, independently achieved a good position. Where is there anything to look for when it’s all there?
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