FORUMS �LADY� Lady discuss �Personal experience: how to move to Spain, leaving business in Belarus, and not regret.
Tell the story as a Spaniard (well, or any other European) left the business, moved to Belarus and did not regret it.
and so the constant articles about how all are fleeing the country and do not regret this one, it seems that those who were just losers, losers, fu such be, all over the hill. Kastryullya_Ivanovna, 21.09.16 09:32.
The car can be covered with a cover Zeppik, 09/21/16 09:38.
So, with more, everything is clear. Not a woman who went to the pie shop. From scratch and in full earnest with the family. OK. And income otkel? Or so far only the cutlet is eaten? old_uncle, 09/21/16 09:40.
The right direction for TUT, in the near future I, like many compatriots will start to leave the stable s-dmitrich, 21.09.16 10:08.
Strong, intelligent, educated people leave, because they do not see for themselves ANY prospects in this rotten collective farm.
There remain moldy officials with soviet thinking, who can not do ANY sensible, only to falsify elections and raise taxes.
Sorry this country. azz, 9/21/16 10:12.
I envy his family. Could decide. And God help you. And to us, it remains only to read these articles and regret that they stayed. Zeppik, 21.09.16 10:16.
In general, in the case if, throwing all the romanticism, the more so, wrote in fact the man, let him tell specifically about the residence permit. What has changed and since when. I know that getting a residence permit in Spain is VERY PROBLEMATIC. He himself smoked the topic of the move. 98% of defectors live in Spain “3 through 3”, i.e. 3 months there, 3 at Radzim, because they receive only multivisa when buying nedvigi. To move to Europe, the most optimal option in terms of housing / work / conditions – this is the Czech Republic. But there is no sea – this is the first and second – it is not known what is waiting for the Schengen zone and visa-free travel in the near future. Pavel_Korotkevich, 21.09.16 10:21.
and that the story about the man does on the portal LADY? Mexicanetz, 09/21/16 10:30.
I never understood how you can live in a country without snow, without a normal winter. In a country where people gathered without roots, but only dreaming to walk all year in shorts? We are moving, we are interested, but there is colonization from Africa and the future (given that youth unemployment is 50%) is uncertain. Yes, the sun, yes, the beach – and this is EVERYTHING. kiryl_z, 09/21/16 10:33.
About the permanent residence, in Italy for example it is quite difficult to get it, with the exception of marriage, well, or if you are a very valuable highly qualified specialist, there are still nurses, but again the quotas are very limited. But still there is one loophole, for wealthy people who can prove their considerable income in their homeland that does not depend on their moving, I think exactly the same exists in Spain. I think by the same condition the author moved, because the article indicates that he was engaged in online shopping. Zeppik, 09/21/16 10:53.
Well, probably, he will live better in the desert. _hum_, 21.09.16 11:24.
strange justification “the sun, the sea”. he is not a pensioner, and the children are not adults yet. important education, medicine, work. _hum_, 21.09.16 11:26.
and yet, he’s only been there for 9 months. about which & quot; and not regret & quot; Can we talk? Mexicanetz, 21.09.16 11:29.
I have the right to Zeppik, 09/21/16 16 11:33.
Justification & quot; sun, sea & quot; with money, a very strong argument. Education and medicine, I’m better than in Belarus, and given the climate and more healthy food and much better quality of products and lack of radiation, I do not think it’s worth explaining how this affects health. Well, the last job, the man did not write that he moved based on work, the network of online shops can exist and bring income and at a distance, and on the spot you can stir up your business or work at a distance on the computer something. On the account that it’s too early to judge by 9 months, then maybe there is a grain of truth, you have to live for a couple of years, then you can already understand what it is, but still if a person has not disappointed in his choice during this time, this is already talking about something. _hum_, 21.09.16 11:41.
Comrade, in my opinion, not having had time to move, immediately fell into the state of “Trankilo”))). Well, as it is possible to go to the store, leave a bank card and passport in the car. and generally leaving the car. Lyavon, 21.09.16 11:49.
While looks like an advertising article from the migration agency.
Let him talk about the most difficult issues – work, study of children.
To live in Spain and work remotely in the Republic of Bashkortostan – utopia, the slightest roughness or checking of supervisory bodies – and the business is covered – there you do not run into it.
To give someone a power of attorney to manage a business is to lose business in the short term.
What were you going to do in Spain, especially in the backwoods, where the Spanish unemployment rate is very high?
How many miles from the house did you find a decent school?
Who sits with children when adults need to go to town? These are the most important questions, and the rest are trifles. Zeppik, 21.09.16 11:51.
Yes, and there, if you want to break through, you can, but you need to start with a miser, but so do we, if there are no acquaintances. At one time, too, began with a minimum wage and the most low-skilled work in my sector (motive – the main experience and length of service), then reached the top step without blat and acquaintance with her work and mind. So and abroad, if you start with small but in your field, often without payment or with an extremely low, but with the possibility to write in your resume, then with labor and mind, you can achieve it. I know one of our Minsk women, so for seven or eight years of her life in Genoa, she did work in a decent company and in a decent position, but for this she had to plow in full and start with a maser. dmitry_web, 09/21/16 12:08.
It is quite readable and informative. I would like more details about the mandatory procedures for moving: the design of a bank account, foreigner cards, etc. Also would be happy to listen to the prices for such things as mobile communications, the Internet, utilities. I would like to understand, with comparable salaries, how different is the level of costs?
PS: I ask all the hurray-patriots in advance, as well as the ardent oppositionists of the pro-Europeans, to refrain from senseless comments. Thank you in advance. Zeppik, 21.09.16 12:09.
Yes, but in where without connections can you get through quickly? Even in Belarus. Everywhere you have to make an effort and 7-8 years to have a decent standard of living is not such a big fee. Always surprised the people who want everything and immediately without the application of effort and time, especially university graduates, still nothing of themselves, and the demands for wages as an employee with a great work experience. veronika_ivanova_talks19, 09/21/16 12:18.
A man without five minutes left, and already scribbling articles about life in Europe))) you live there for at least years how much, and then share the “experience”. It’s not a big problem to leave, it’s possible for an illegal person to stay for a while, there are loopholes how to legalize or return without deportation. I’m sure that soon your euphoria will go away. The first months I also liked everything in Italy – the sea, mountains, food, smiling people. Then I wanted to go home very much .. and now I’m used to it. In Europe, they do not live better, they live differently here, in a different way. We will never be ours for them. Here, people do not aspire to education – graduated from school and bust, goes to work. In sports, too, do not bother, there are no strict requirements and strict control. There is no concept of keeping my word. You are a stranger, you will always feel it and your children. The Russians will not really keep in touch, they all have their own business, only if you benefit from something. Housing for foreigners, and for everyone else, in Italy is not exactly given a low%, until you show the paper on sufficient income in Italy. I do not know how in Spain. Good luck to jogan-weis, 09/21/16 12:24.
it can be seen that people are planning to run a business from there.
or has already earned a lifetime.
or what kind of rental income.
in the place where he left the work there is not in principle Zeppik, 09/21/16 12:30.
Last year was in autumn in Barcelona and in this – in the spring. Every time, our former compatriot from Moldova met us. An interesting fate for a man. When they gave the visa, he left for Germany.
Four years he worked in production. Sokratili. Turned. Then he went to Spain. The smog can be arranged only in the travel agency, tk. He spoke Russian and German. In Spain there is unemployment.
Especially among the builders. First of all, engineers and physicians are needed. Moldavian receives 800 euros in the travel agency. 400 euro apartment, 200 euros – kindergarten.
If it were not for the salary of his wife – the teeth on the shelf. Mom, dad, relatives arrived – no one could find a job. All relatives left for the Russian Federation to work on construction sites.
This is what I need – only a few will be able to gain a foothold there and only with language and education. It’s not a problem to open a business, but investments must be at least 10,000 euros, or even more. All the articles on TUT only inflame the imagination of the majority of Belarusians, but further comes the objective reality.
Even IT-schniki there are not needed, unless we work in offices with branches in Belarus. So you can work and live remotely, but you need to have brains on it.
In short, do not hang up the ears of young people, learn, become professionals, and then try. Zeppik, 21.09.16 12:46.
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