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Who chose between Kaliningrad and Krasnodar?
Hello everyone. I’m from Khabarovsk. We decided that we are leaving for sure, we are thinking in autumn 2013. But the important question is Krasnodar or Kaliningrad. Nobody chose between these cities? Unfortunately, it will not be possible to see the two cities, therefore it is excruciating. I fell in love with Kaliningrad, I think I like it externally. But frightening frequent rains, whether they will not lead depression. And how good is the climate for a child with bronchitis? . Pros of Krasnodar – there is no rain, it is better to work, better and cheaper with products and utilities cheaper. But everywhere there are bribes, corruption, medicine is not developed. Of all the considerations, Krasnodar is better, but it pulls me to Kaliningrad – it’s already exhausted. Who has been in these two cities share your opinion.
We chose. Refused from Krasnodar for the following reasons:
a) the winter is colder.
b) the proximity of resorts and, as a result, higher prices for much, as well as many visitors.
c) the proximity of the Caucasus and a large number of “persons of Caucasian nationality”. Whatever you say, and culture in the Caucasus is different, and this leaves an imprint on people. With individual people it is quite possible and even pleasant to talk, but even they have their own “chips”, which I do not agree with and do not want to bother with their consideration when communicating.
d) time zone (this is pretty critical to me :))
e) the proximity of Europe, which makes it possible (unfortunately, only in the not so near future) to be more interesting to rest, and also imposes some (albeit weak, in general) imprint on the mentality.
About the bronchitis I can not say anything. Showers. I already somehow wrote that I myself do not like rains, but here they are perceived by me somehow much simpler and more natural. Another thing is that half a year will either have to remember the umbrella, or be ready to get wet. 🙂
I will add that we have not been to Krasnodar. Although in Kaliningrad did not come before moving. We chose several years where to move and only in connection with Kaliningrad we did not disagree. 🙂
We also considered Krasnodar)))
But this option has disappeared as soon as we read reviews about life in Krasnodar, many complain about a large number of “persons of Caucasian nationality,” we certainly are not racists or nationalists, just made their choice in favor of Kaliningrad.
But this option has disappeared as soon as we read reviews about life in Krasnodar, many complain about a large number of “persons of Caucasian nationality,” we certainly are not racists or nationalists, just made their choice in favor of Kaliningrad.
I agree, such a feeling that they are everywhere. We in Novokuznets seem to have more of them than Russians. In occasion of the racists and nationalists – we Russian residents really are not the same, but they are unfortunately the opposite. Therefore, if there are not many of them in Kaliningrad, then this is a very big plus, for which you can forgive all the disadvantages of Kaliningrad in comparison with Krasnodar.
A friend with her family chose between Kaliningrad and Krasnodar – they leaned toward Kaliningrad, made fast foreign passports, but changed their minds in favor of Krasnodar solely because of the “isolation” of KGD from big Russia – they were afraid that it would be difficult for relatives to visit them.
Live now in Krasnodar and enjoy the sun, the sea, fruit and visiting grandparents visiting) – the rest is like everything else in Russia.
Thank you for your feedback.
I spent all my childhood and youth in Krasnodar, up to 24 years, the city is good, but the heat in the summer is very, very strong, you need to get used to it. To like, of course. Kuban, like a pair of milk. And you still need to get to the sea. Dust storms are also unpleasant. Kaliningrad in the sense of the heat is more calm and mild. Here to me the heat is contraindicated. Fruit vegetables, of course in Krasnodar, a stick stick grows for two crops. If you choose Krasnodar, then I advise your home.
I do not even know. Try to still be there and there. So we left the Far East for Kaliningrad. Our friends in Tuapse. In the winter we freeze and they have 16-18 degrees. And after the New Year there were +20. They called them. And they say that spring and blossom pansies. Us even a toad squeezed a little. Feel good. They are retired. Everything suits me. And prices and climate. His name is on a visit. But we are still in denial. Since we are by car closer to Croatia to go and get all the pleasures of rest than to Tuapse to dust.
iran, and “in the winter we freeze,” this is what tempratura, ie basically in the winter which temperature was the maximum? And this coldest period how long to last.
I’m all looking at the weather in Kaliningrad and it seems to me that there is paradise. Now +1 and +4 are written. I read the prowess and the wind. But different opinions.
Here lived three winters here, as it did not understand where to laugh. We have friends who live in Kaliningrad for 7 years. And we, planning your move were interested in the weather. We heard that there are practically no winters that passed almost all winter in tweed jackets and shoes. We died with envy and dreamed that we will live in the same charm. But the snow was all three winters. In the first New Year they even raked the yard and molded a huge woman. Gathered a large company of visitors and fried shish kebabs. For what the peasants had to dig for two hours with a shovel under the tables and brazier. True spring came exactly on schedule, with 1Mart. In the past winter, the snow was low and frosty. In January-February there were frosts and under – 22. With a week stood and -26.28. This winter is generally protracted. Well, we are fine after our six months of winter)). So winter clothes do not lie in bales. The fact that the sun is practically absent all winter, a little depressing, because we have winter is always sunny. It happened without glasses it’s impossible to get out-the snow is blind to tears. We still like it normally. But our friend is already going to move the thread. He calls this place a German swamp))). Completely disappointed. So to each his own. That’s for sure.
Under 22 it’s sad. 26-28 also my daughter on the street can not get out. That there is no sun, it’s normal for me. One with frosty weather is good, which is not long. And when does this winter begin when it’s already freezing? It ends on March 1 as understood.
Okay, we decided not to be frightened by the cold, only Krasnodar is warmer, but I do not want to go there. Although it is full of classmates and classmates.
Here, local weather for the house does not bother especially. It’s like my feelings. Videa in a good minus the people without hats and gloves, in the head on a wild hairpin on the pavement, when the car on it barely manage. And saw in the summer, when under the plus 30, we go to the tram half-dead from the heat-standing at a bus stop in a woolen trouser suit. And as that the same button on a button is fastened. That’s how you feel after the entouche ??))
iran, yes I have a daughter with Raynaud’s syndrome. It feels good at -4, -5, edge -10, but if you jump out quickly run to the place. Below – at home sits. From the fridge takes food in mittens. And here we “sit at home” this 4-5 months. I follow the temperature in Kaliningrad via the Internet, here – 22, -26 missed something like that. But I realized that it’s cold only January and February. And December seemed to be warm .. and now it’s warm. Ie two months of cold all. Right?
Yes, Anna, months-two is cold. In December there was a thaw, but in the middle of the month, and in the beginning both snow and frost were. Local people say that there are also under -30 frosts sometimes that cars do not start. So winter for winter is not necessary. But let’s just say here is not Sochi))).
I see, thank you. Not Sochi, of course, but now I began to look at the cost of apartments in Krasnodar and realized that my soul was sickening, that’s when you do that quite against yourself. Has closed and has understood that Kaliningrad somehow very strongly pulls, honey it is smeared that-whether?
Well, you will arrive in good time. You like. And winter it is everywhere, except for Thailand and the like of the land, equally “pleasant.”
They wrote here – winter 6 months. but winter, when even more, it’s generally sad and spring does not come on March 1, a couple of months.
But it is better to get acquainted with the city not in absentia. And come, live, see the housing market, etc.
Well yes. And in Magadan summer is summer 1 month, they say. Here so that. And they live. And they buy apartments there! And hell out. I do not understand this at all.
Sakh Sakh, yes, I want to come, look around. To get acquainted with the city, with the suburbs, the area itself to search, eat in cafes, they are very tasty about them. But even among friends here in my city I heard different opinions about Kaliningrad from those who visited there. Someone mahayatsya-fu, and someone praises. For those who mahayatsya Moscow – the best city, but I do not like Moscow. Heavy city.
iran, probably on Magadan lovers to be, they love it for the winter, apparently or for the vast expanses, I do not know, I just read from one Siberian a tip about Kaliningrad, writes that it lacks spaces, well, it means snowy.
Well, everyone chooses by themselves. Who likes what. I have lived all my life among the hills, so that the local plains, where the entire horizon is visible up to the horizon, suffices me the most nehochu))). All people are different. Someone in the pope wings and someone has an anchor)))
Yes, it is agreeable, about wings and an anchor is good.
“girl, why are you so tanned?” – I’m from Siberia.
but you do not have summer? – is, but I was at work this day “(a joke, but true.)
we have winter from November to April. (for example, this year I re-bobbed summer tires on May 7). and summer, if you count all the warm sunny days – 1 month.
-30, -35 in winter is the standard. cars do not start up – it’s normal. warming up the car, batteries and spark plugs are flying.
of course, in comparison with, for example, Mr. Neryungri, we have nothing. but tired.
they chose: the capital, Peter, Kaliningrad and Krasnodar. The first two cities are no longer there. the prices for the real estate go off scale. (if you sell everything here, including a dacha, a car), you will be able to buy a bad two-piece.
Neither in Krasnodar (they once passed by by train), nor in Kaliningrad were. We choose painfully. I want summer, sea, and, at least normal – calendar winter, not half a year.
irkytianka, in Krasnodar in summer much hotter than in Kaliningrad. There is a Cossack culture. Many people from the North Caucasus. This is a minus. As everywhere. Winter is, but small. If I chose Krasnodar (I lived there for 25 years, long, really,), then I would choose only my house, I can take three of the harvest. And among the stone jungles in the summer, for example, it’s hard for me in the summer. At work, all go in a tram, like oil poured, sweaty and gayachie. To heat it is necessary to get used. Although my friend in Sochi on May 10 said that they have at 10 o’clock in the morning +35, and in the daytime +40 +45 and nothing lives, but lives since childhood. (But in Sochi, there is no winter either). In Krasnodar, too, it happens – the heat, and up to +50 can reach. But only in the summer. The rains are not enough. There are a lot of suns. I’m bad at fever, so I write about it. To the sea, you need to get by plane for 20 minutes. By train, bus or car. Where is 2-3-4 hours, looking where you want to go. But of course it’s not near by. In Krasnodar there is the Kuban River. 1.5-2 hours drive Kuban water storage. Many berries, fruits, in the city grow apricot trees in the streets, just mulberries and nuts in the forest, apricots in the forest belts, I do not want to drain plum. May 3, sometimes the club is already ripe. Watermelon almost for nothing. But I decided to choose Kaliningrad. The heat for me is excruciating.
I found the discussed topic Krasnodar-Kaliningrad.
I’m from Krasnodar, we leave for Kenik. I can not say anything bad about Krasnodar, we are not satisfied: 1) heat, 2) very, very many visitors. Here guys have thrown off the link: Resolve.
I will add my five cents)))
At us OOOOOOCHEN much move from Khabarovsk to Krasnodar. Over the past three years, I have moved 11 families, yesterday I learned that the 12th moved. Everybody is happy, everyone likes it, no one wants to return. This is me to the fact that everyone has his own, and in such a serious issue as moving, perhaps, all the same you need to make up your mind. We are all very different!)) We ourselves are going to perezzhat in Kaliningrad 🙂
According to the World Cup in Kaliningrad. of course, the upcoming World Cup seems to inspire pride, that they say this is the city that I chose for life, even the thought is that it will be stolen, updated, and put in order for this event. A plus. But I read in the news, the opinion of some Western newspaper, about the World Cup in 2018 in Kaliningrad, that they say the World Cup will draw only two or three cities in Russia, Moscow Peter and someone else I do not remember. The choice for Kaliningrad is considered absurd, like billions of billions of dollars, it is not able to carry the World Cup in it, it will go bankrupt, something else will come into debt: 🙂 Well, it’s about that 🙂 I do not argue that our Russian preparation for such events will be hard to beat for ordinary people. But will not life in Kaliningrad worsen after World Cup? Type will forget the city, I do not know, I do not understand about debts, but still, and just spoil the city with demolitions, high-speed re-planning in preparation for the World Cup. I have a friend in Sochi writing passions about the preparation now for them. As evicting entire areas, local as not rejoiced that they chose Sochi, now with might and main curse this choice. In principle, we can look at the example of Sochi, of course. But local people have an opinion on this.
Our phone is 8 800 550 33 73.
Our office: Krasnodar, ul. Fadeeva 214.
LCD “Cascade” Blagoev 31/1 GMR in Krasnodar.
Construction company SpetsStroyKuban (SSK).
The main area of activity of SC “SpetsStroyKuban” is construction and investment of residential real estate. During its existence, the company invested in the erection of real estate of various types: commercial and residential buildings and apartment buildings. At present, SC “SpetsStroyKuban” independently acts as a customer and an investor of twenty three-story housing complex – “Cascade” in Krasnodar. LCD “Cascade” is a complex of 2 liters with a total of more than 1000 apartments of business class.
To date, IC “SpetsStroyKuban” has a stable financial position. The projects are being implemented in partnership with the largest regional bank – OJSC “Krayinvestbank”, as well as with the support of Rosselkhozbank OJSC and LLC “Main Investment Company”.
The company “SpecStroyKuban” is building in strict accordance with Federal Law No. 214-FZ. In addition, the sold object is insured against risks, according to Article 15.2 of January 1, 2014 (on compulsory insurance of developers ‘liability), which is a guarantee of proper performance of the developer’s obligations under the equity agreement and ensures the reliability of participants’ investments.
All equity agreements are registered in the Department of the Ministry of Justice for the Krasnodar Territory. Apartments are sold directly from the developer at affordable prices without intermediaries.
Dynamic development of SC “SpetsStroyKuban” is based on a responsible attitude to the functional and aesthetic component of every detail of our projects.
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