For those who want to move to Sevastopol. We choose areas of the city.
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Our beloved city is divided into 2 main parts: actually Sevastopol and the North side.
On the North you can get in 15 minutes by boat across the bay or around 30 km. This is an area for holidaymakers, there are fine sandy beaches, especially just to the north of the city, the villages of Kacha, Lyubimovka, Uchkuevka … There is a lot of housing for sale and for rent 5 minutes from the sea. But, as you know, earnings there, mainly on holidaymakers, and go to the city center is not close.
Another North include Radiogorka and Holland, from the sea these areas are far away, especially Holland.
North is an ideal area for those who want to live by the sea, not in the city, but next to a large city.
The main part of Sevastopol.
The historical part, it is very beautiful, there are many offices, cafes, parks, monuments (although monuments in Sevastopol in any area). Housing, mainly, the old fund, the stalinkas, although there are individual new buildings. “Central Hill” & # 8212; the highest part of the center, there is an excellent view from there. Bolshaya Morskaya, Lenina & # 8212; classical center.
In addition to the beaches, it turned out that I do not have their own photos, I promise to nasnimat and add here in the near future))
The area of the streets of Gogol, Tolstoy is also called the center, but these areas are somewhat further, to the sea – only by transport. In the area of Leo Tolstoy Street there is a large private sector.
The next excellent seaside area is Strelka or Streletskaya Bay. TsUM area: a large market, a cinema, green.
Housing, mainly, Khrushchev, and this is the only negative Arrow.
One of the new buildings, very criticized by local residents, does not fit into the surrounding Khrushchev:
Although the prices for apartments in Strelka are almost the highest in the city. Nearby the reserve Chersonese:
Ancient Tauric Chersonesos. It’s true that you can not go there for free any more.
Within walking distance are 2 beaches: Sunny Beach and Sand, both small. In the summer, crowds of tourists, in the winter quietly and calmly, many green squares.
Monument to Gagarin, the pillar does not fall, it’s on the move from the car I took off)))
View of the Quarantine bay, a beam and a frequent sector, beauty (towards the center):
This is also Strelka, more or less new homes, but expensive! There, the meter is 1.5 times more expensive than on the Flyers:
He is a POR (Prospect of the October Revolution) – my favorite, I bought an apartment there and in no other place now will not leave. The sea is 500-1000 meters away.
Novus, let it live and with Russia, an excellent supermarket:
Omega Bay is a children’s beach, as it is very shallow in the bay. And this summer pours out in a minus: the water is stagnant, because it is dirty, there may be pathogens. Local people do not bathe here, but I’m ready to go for a walk around Omega every day.
A huge plus for the pilots is the developed infrastructure: shops, markets, offices, polyclinics, kindergartens, schools, in one word, Soviet buildings, where they spared no place for shopping. Near now a lot of new houses are under construction (Astana Kesaeva, Mayachnaya, Sun City). The prices for the old fund are rather moderate, and the new building is much more expensive. The only minus of my apartment is & # 8212; it’s windows in the yard, someone likes it, but I hate it, but otherwise I’m very happy, it cost me a miracle of 44 thousand dollars for 43 meters odnushku (although more likely kopeck piece of loggia is insulated, you can live there) with excellent repair, built-in kitchen, half equipment and quiet neighbors:
In these houses near Victory Park, I fell in love, when we came to reconnoitre, still choose the city. I did not have the money for this house, I live across the road from it:
And the view from the steps of the Gagarin administration, by the way, there, in the administration, is a super canteen, cheap and tasty, for all comers:
Now a lot of new construction right on the shore of Omega, the houses are designed more for a seasonal vacation – they stand with minimal gaps, are built at a very high speed (it’s clear what quality). But the area of new buildings is actively developing, apartments are sold out as hot pies, there is no shortage of people who do not want to live here.
Near the area of the Stalingrad market: high-quality houses of the 80-90s built, developed infrastructure, though, the same type of panel 9tietazhki not the most aesthetic sight.
The first time I got to this area, I was horrified at the sight of these houses, but now I live in a similar and do not rejoice. Before Omega here, too, up to 15 minutes on foot.
Further along the sea is the Kamyshi region (Reed Bay). Khrushchev, 9th floors of the 80’s built, away from the sea, but prices are more affordable.
Pilots, Stalingrad and Reeds have a big plus – in walking distance Victory Park, it is not only very beautiful, but also ends in the beach. Beach on the fan: a large pebble, access to the open sea, piers. As for me, the best in the city, but many do not like it, it’s a matter of taste. In the season I do not like it either – people are lying on top of each other))). In the Victory Park there is a water park “Zurbagan”. Right now in the park a few houses have been built, Parkovaya Street, where prices will be highest in this area, and it’s worth it.
Prices would like to write, but they fluctuate with each passing day, so I’ll write rather comparatively: the most expensive & # 8212; Center, then Arrow, Flyers and Reeds in descending order.
Khrushchevka in the Reeds with a grandmother’s repair & # 187; from 35 thousand dollars, 1-room large-sized (38-45 square meters) 40-50 thousand dollars, depending on the repair, the center & # 8212; prices are unpredictable.
The new building to Russia was on average 800 dollars per meter without repair, now from 1200, but as long as there is no sale, this overstatement can still be leveled. A significant increase in prices for secondary housing, I do not see, no more than 5-10% on some proposals. On average, 1000 dollars a meter with repairs and 700-800 for repairs.
Approximately half of the city described. Continuation: Districts of Sevastopol. Part 2.
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