For permanent residence in Spain: the plan for moving.
Vladimir Livanov shares his experience with TUTTIAM readers with the experience of moving to Spain.
Dear TUTiTamovtsy! (it sounds and looks strange, I do not argue, but I like it)
Some time ago, my wife and I translated for ourselves the option of moving with the child to “TAM” (in this case, “TAM” was Spanish) from the category “real option” to the category “decision is made” and proceeded to a large-scale planning of the campaign for relocation .
Each case of such a solution is unique (and, incidentally, certainly not indisputable), but at the same time they all, in our opinion, have common problematic moments and details (in which, as is known, the West is hidden), our option and overcoming which we want to share: what the hell is not joking, can help someone.
Before moving on to the details, I must say honestly that the main problem that I faced in 5 seconds before making the decision to move and which, although with a smaller frequency, continues to haunt me so far, is that a wave of euphoric enthusiasm from the prospects to change the Moscow “-18” to the Catalan “+15”, and in general from new opportunities (my former colleague, Marketing Director in a large Russian state company, shortly before leaving a similar post in the Russian daughter of an even larger company ransnatsionalnoy, argued that the word is a sacred Anglo-Saxon meaning and translation can not be …) is replaced by a wave of severe panic: the socialization of the family? And if it does not work out? What if�?
So, my advice to all comrades-in-arms and followers: the only way to deal with the infinite mental “And if? “- this is a clear structuring and timing tasks on your way to a long-awaited walk with his wife and child along the embankment of the warm sea and carelessly bravura” We did it, darling “(well somehow I imagine it in my dreams in this moment).
My wife went further than me in this respect and drew on the two glued sheets of the calendar (which is symbolic) practically the Gantt Chart. At the moment, this diagram hangs in the middle of the wall in the kitchen of the Moscow apartment and forces us to take actions every minute, the results of which, including intermediate ones, we scrupulously note on it.
So, let’s go through the main blocks of the structure, which we identified for ourselves:
Documents (on the basis of which we move); Apartment (House) in Spain; Apartment in Moscow (preparation for letting); Car transportation to Spain; Transportation to Spain of personal property; Cat.
In our case, as at least it seems at the moment (fie-fie-fie on wood), the documents are not the most difficult task, because my spouse is a citizen of Spain, so I have a simplified procedure for preparing documents for obtaining a residence permit for family reunification, in particular – does not require a certificate of non-conviction and medical certificate. More information can be found here.
I draw your attention to the fact that this procedure is valid for reunification in Spain with a citizen of any of the European Union countries, and not only with a Spanish citizen. At the same time, naturally, the reuniting European should be a resident of Spain.
With other reasons for moving, the required set of documents also changes: see here.
As for the registration, there are three main options:
To register with any owner of real estate – a resident of Spain; Conclude a long-term lease contract (at least six months) by yourself, but there is a nuance: to conclude a long-term lease agreement you will need a contract for work. But! You will not get a work permit until you have issued a residence permit, which in turn requires a residence permit. A vicious circle seems to be … But there is another option: A familiar Spaniard concludes a lease and makes one of the terms of the contract your accommodation. Our colleagues the Spaniards promise to turn everything on this option. As will be in reality we will tell later)).
Then everything, of course, depends on the specific place you are seeking. In our case, for reasons related to future production processes, we look at possible habitats (Viviendas) in the immediate vicinity of the city of Tarragona, in the province of the same name.
Our working scheme is this: we choose the apartments we like on the Internet (less often at home, and why less often – I will explain below) and send them to our local friends for a live viewing. Here are the main sites that we used:
I think that a similar scheme can be rotated, even if friends and acquaintances are not in place (real estate agencies in the off-season will surely go to meet you).
Speaking of seasonality. If you have seriously decided to stay for a long time in a small town on the coast, I recommend you to start an active search in the first off-season month – October, because – somewhere since March – local landlords start thinking exclusively with prices “a week” and agree on a long-term rent is extremely difficult …