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Helsinki is a sea city built on the peninsulas and islands of the Baltic coastline. Streets round the bays, bridges connect the islands, and ferries connect with remote islands. The city of Helsinki is saturated with the smell of the sea, and in the ports there is a constant noise from arriving and departing ships. The capital of Finland covers an area of 1140 square kilometers and includes 315 islands; At least 30% of the city is reserved for parks and open areas. However, most of Helsinki’s sights are concentrated within one peninsula. In the 16th century, the Swedish King Gustav Vaz, who ruled then Finland, decided to move the trade center from Estonian Tallinn to a new city, which he planned to build in the Vantaa River delta. Thus, Helsinki appeared. It was founded on June 12, 1550 by a group of Finns who moved here on the orders of the King. In the next three centuries, Turku, a city on the western coast of Finland, was the political and intellectual center of the country. Helsinki began to occupy a leading position only when Sweden lost Finland to Russia in 1809. Tsar Alexander I turned Finland into an autonomous Grand Duchy and declared Helsinki its capital in 1812. Around the same time, Turku was burnt to the ground, and his university was forced to move to Helsinki. Since then, Helsinki has become the first city in Finland. Shortly before the tsar’s announcement, the fire destroyed many traditional wooden buildings in Helsinki, and the need arose to build a new city center. Karl Ludwig Engel, the architect with German roots, was entrusted with this project. It is thanks to him that modern Helsinki has an excellent neoclassical architecture. Add to this the stunning outlines of the buildings in the Art Nouveau or Jugendstil style, the early 20th century period and modern buildings designed by Finnish architects, and you will get one of the most attractive European cities. Today Helsinki & ndash; not only the legal capital of the country, but also the center of intellectual, cultural and scientific life in Finland. The city of Helsinki is the concentration of most of the country’s main enterprises and firms and is in the fork of the transport networks of Finland, but, despite this, Helsinki & ndash; relatively unpolluted city. In Helsinki there are several magnificent museums, beautiful churches, parks, opera, historical sights, among which you can note the sea fortress of Suomenlinna. You can also enjoy Finnish cuisine, which offers a great variety of dishes from fish and venison.
January The “Suomi Winter Carnival” competition in Finland, organized jointly with Russia, will be held in the Jyvaskyla region from 28 to 31 January. Anyone can take part in it: the contest has several nominations – dance, vocal, author’s creativity of various genres, theatrical creativity and exhibition of painting, graphics and applied art. It is interesting that both junior-school students and people aged 40+ participate in the festival. If there is no way to leave in January,. >>>
The shortest flight The shortest commercial flight in the world is carried out by the Scottish airline Loganair – between the islands of Westray and Papa Westrei. The distance between the airports is only 2700 meters: the landing point can be seen from the airport of departure. The flight lasts 47 seconds, but in the plane passengers have to stay a few minutes, which are required to start the engines, taxiing and braking on arrival. The flight is operated by Britten-Norman Islander (BN-2) aircraft, accommodating virgins. >>>
For those who want a “safe extreme” and unforgettable impressions, the sculpture park of Vejo Ryonkkonen in Finland is always free of charge. In the park there are almost five hundred sculptures of concrete, and some of them are not only provocative, but also frankly creepy. Last year, according to the American magazine Conde Nast Traveler, the park was in the top twenty most frightening tourist places in the world. Such a park is definitely an amateur. But for those who suddenly began to doubt his art. >>>
What do we know about our neighbors? Exactly at 7 am they walk the dachshund Crock and plant the figs on the windowsill. Of course, when we meet, we politely greet them and hold the door. Here, perhaps, that’s all. And what do we know about the geographical neighbors? And even less. For example, Finland is a country close to Russia, to which some lucky ones are within easy reach. We took the liberty to collect the most interesting, weird and funny facts about the Finns so that you could get to know each other more closely. >>>
Finns are a sporting nation. The country has a lot of sports facilities – high-class stadiums, available for free use by ordinary people. Right in Helsinki, not far from Pasila, there is a racetrack. In the same area, there are huge parks, with bicycle and running tracks. In the warm season, there are unusually many cyclists, runners and lovers of “Scandinavian walking”. Of the winter sports in Finland, hockey is the most popular, although other species, such. >>>