Filling out a visa application form for Australia.
When collecting and processing documents for a flight to Sydney, Melbourne and other cities far from us, the Australian continent will necessarily need a visa application form to Australia. From the correctness of this paper depends largely on the outcome, whether you will receive a visa or prefer to refuse.
A blank is a questionnaire. Your task is to carefully read the questions and laconically respond to them, not embellishing reality and not hiding the facts of your biography. Falsification of the data is the right way to a negative answer. In this case, it will be difficult to repeatedly apply for a visa.
What is the document.
The form of the questionnaire for Australia echoes many of the similar documents provided for applications for visas to other countries. Quite voluminous, it is a cross between the visa application forms of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, etc. The purpose of the document: to find out whether the applicant for visa is a threat to the state. From the completed document, you should eventually see that you are a law-abiding citizen, socially adapted in his society and firmly on his feet financially.
It is important to understand that before you begin filling out a visa application form for Australia, you need to make sure that you have chosen the type of form that is required in your case. The content of the form depends on which type of visa is requested. There may be options:
And also do not forget that there are a lot of obsolete variants of questionnaires on the web. Use resources that are interlinked with the Australian Embassy, regularly updated. It is best to take the latest information directly on the official pages of the Consulate of the country. The visa application form for Australia can be downloaded here.
Filling rules.
The form is filled exclusively in English. Blots and corrections are not allowed. You need to write clearly, as if typing. Missing omissions. It is necessary to give answers to all questions. The applicant must personally sign in the proper places.
Especially carefully fill in the fields with the indication of contacts (phone number and email address) so that you can be contacted.
If you go to Australia with children, they, regardless of age, also need to fill in a separate form for each child.
What to write in each paragraph.
The most average version of the questionnaire for a visa to Australia is a tourist one. Most of our citizens have to fill it. This is 48 points, each of which must be read and answered. An example of filling can be found on the Internet. During registration, remember the rules of transliteration. Find analogues of Russian letters in the Latin version can be found on many sites.
Enter the following information into the form:
You should check in one of the boxes, depending on whether you submit documents directly to Australia or abroad. Clearly indicate the dates when you plan to enter the country and when you are going to leave it. This point is in line with the previous one. You need to choose the number of months you want to be in the country. The question is related to your intentions to run from the state or vice versa. If you plan to enter and leave once, put a tick in the first window and immediately go to question 7. Information about the need to extend the visa in the future. It is necessary to specify the date to which date the trip is planned. Reasons for extending the visa. Surname, name and patronymic (it is best to use the passport, where all these data are already listed in English). Items 7-9 can be written out from the passport. Dates are placed in the usual order for us. In addition to the full name, you need to specify the date of birth, where and when you received a passport, etc. Honestly put a tick in the appropriate box about the marital status. If you did not have any other names, an icon in the top box is placed. If you put a mark in the bottom, then you need to specify in order, which names were earlier. To avoid mistakes, use transliteration. If there is another visa to Australia, put a tick in the corresponding box. Keep in mind, when you receive a new permit, the old one is canceled. Indicate if an application for a parent visa is being filed. Please note, there are several subclasses of such permissions. In this case, we have in mind 103. Indicate the availability of the ABTC card. The presence of another citizenship. If there are other passports. Are there identification numbers or cards. Address. Be sure to specify the index. If the addresses of the mailbox and the accommodation are the same, AS ABOVE is written. All phones. Consent to receive notices by fax or e-mail. If your answer is “yes”, enter the desired contact. Information about family members who are traveling with you. If you put an icon in the column “yes”, list the relatives and indicate who they are to you. Information about the relatives in the homeland. Plans to visit neighboring countries and return from them. Having relatives in Australia. Having friends in the country. Reasons for traveling. If tourism is TOURISM. Are you going to get education in the state. If yes, specify where. Have you lived more than 3 months in a country you have not been a citizen of for the past 5 years. If so, where and indicate the dates. Is not the purpose of the trip an address to a nursing home, or a hospital. Do you have plans to work in the medical field. Information on the presence or absence of tuberculosis in the applicant; Information about the intention to be treated for these diseases. Is there a need for physical assistance in connection with treatment. Did the medical examination for the visa take place during the past year. Data on security (conviction, participation in riots, etc.). Information about the work. It is necessary to paint in detail after the check. How will you provide yourself in Australia financially. The presence of sponsors and information about them. Visa relations with Australia in the past. Did you help to fill out the questionnaire, if yes, then who. Does the one who helped the migration service have a relationship? Whether he is in Australia or not. Was a fee charged for help. Information on whose name the messages from the Consulate will be sent. Information on preferred forms of commission payment. List of attached documents. Applicant’s painting and date. Additional information.
In most cases, you just need to carefully read the question and tick the box. To avoid mistakes, download the filling samples in Russian.