Fiji: a visa for Russians, how to get in 2018.
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Visa for Russians in Fiji.
To get here, Russians can now without special permission. In Fiji, a visa is no longer needed. This is the way the government found it to attract the most, perhaps, traveling and generous nation. There are, however, a number of formalities in 2018, which still have to be fulfilled, despite the hospitality of this island state.
A little bit about Fiji.
As a reference for those traveling to Fiji, we offer several facts that you just need to know:
Location & # 8211; Pacific Ocean, up to New Zealand 1,770 km; the number of islands that include Fiji & # 8211; 332, while 2/3 of them are uninhabited; the climate is tropical, oceanic, from November to April here the rainy season lasts, the time is not the best for holidays; most of the territory is covered with lush flora & # 8211; tropical wet forests; the animal world is very poorly represented, unlike the insect world; the official language is English.
You can get to the archipelago by plane or boat from New Zealand or Sydney. Many cruise liners come here from Miami. If we talk about Russia, then there are no direct flights, unfortunately. The transplant will have to be done in Hong Kong, Seoul, Los Angeles. The total travel time is 23 hours.
We enter without a visa.
You can fly into this Pacific pearl without an advance visa, if you do not plan to stay here more than four months.
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A stamp is placed directly at the airport, but on the condition that you have additionally paid $ 30 as a duty. You can do this in special machines, installed here, & # 8211; in the terminal building.
For everything to go smoothly, you need to have:
International passport. Make sure only that its validity period has a half-yearly corridor at the time of your return. If this period is not enough, then you can enter the country only with the permission of the Ministry of Immigration of the Republic. You need to receive it in advance. Air tickets for return journey home. Confirm that you have sufficient funds to live on the islands. It is quite suitable cash. Reservation of the hotel.
Moreover, the period of stay in the country for such a stamp can be extended. You must apply to the Ministry of Immigration to apply for a visa for Fiji.
Registration of children.
As for children, those who are not yet 16 years old must be entered in the passport of one of the parents. And do not forget to prepare permission from the second parent if he does not travel with you. Even if the Fijian representatives on arrival do not pay attention to this fact, the Russian border guards will be sure to ask, and whether the father or mother of the child is against the young tourist to leave the territory of the Russian Federation.
When a visa is required.
If the period of your stay in the country exceeds the specified period, or you plan to engage in employment or start a business, then you will definitely need an entry visa. But here there are certain difficulties. The most important is & # 8211; in Russia there is no representation of this state. The nearest is in London. Send documents only with a private courier, since postal services do not have the right to export overseas documents abroad.
It is also important to understand that to get a job simply a visa is not enough. Here, first of all, you need a work permit and a contract with your local employer. Keep in mind that the level of payment for hired labor in the country does not shake its heights. And since without a specialty the chances of finding a job are only in the service sector, then be prepared that you will have to live from salary to salary.
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The most likely to get a visa stamp from trainees, students, scientists and doctors.
Especially in medical workers, the country is in urgent need.
Customs regulations.
Fiji does not need a visa for Russians now, but no one released them from observing certain rules of entry.
Pay attention to the following requirements:
You can not import into the islands any animals, as well as substances that have an animal or vegetable origin; it is forbidden to transport drugs; with you can take 500 cigars or the same number of cigarettes; allowed to carry liquors with alcohol content & # 8211; 2 liters, wine & # 8211; 4 liters, beer & # 8211; 4 liters; other goods you can have for an amount not more than 400 local dollars.
All of the above can not be imported for the purpose of sale and the owner of the said baggage must already be 17 years old. Those who have not reached this age can take with them only personal things.
An interesting landmark of Fiji is the 180th meridian & # 8211; date change point. This is the place where you meet yesterday and today.
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The total time difference with Moscow is 10 hours.
It would be superfluous to recall that the voltage in the electrical outlets here is 240V, and they themselves are designed for three-pin plugs, so you need to take the adapters with you. And finally: on the very small islands of the archipelago there is no electricity. There it is produced by diesel generators, in connection with this, lighting in your hotel can appear only from 18 to 6.00.
Fiji Islands: Video.
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