Feedback about moving to the USA
Briefly about my situation. I won the Green card and need to prepare for the interview and move. But I started to participate even before the birth of the child (now he is 1.5 years old). And in general life began to get tired; bought an apartment in the suburbs, there are 2 cars, relatives well, etc. I work alone now (my wife in the decree) is not more than 50 thousand rubles a month. I have a good knowledge of English, but my wife does not exist, but the USA is a long-cherished dream, especially after two tourist trips.
Hence the question of whether to throw all this, sell and eat the little thing that has been hard to get for many years. Will I be able to provide one family working in a car service, rent a decent home? Or let it remain a dream. If I had one, I certainly did not hesitate, I left and left.
Does anyone have experience in this situation?
I would go and try to work. But you need to clearly not go with the idea that you have a “spare airfield”, but with specific goals. And if it breaks off, then remember the sideline – but practice shows that this will be a one-way road (very few people have been retrained from American methods of working for Russian, and if they did, they could not return to America in whole heap causes); so that the “return” – the “emergency airfield” will be more correct.
And the last, I draw, the key advice: in see the Canadian forums – the principles of immigration and the key to success are VERY similar (although the social network in the US and Canada is fundamentally different, but it’s oftopic, and in practice they are seriously similar).
money is still working,
but do not go – the car will get worn, inflation will be paid by the salary and you will regret your whole life for the chance.
Here lives my relative in the province. .b.akaya there boredom can die at home cheap shabby but fotatsya exclusively against the background of several expensive ones to place on a classmate ride on a cheap car and falls on the background of expensive. In a school where mostly Mexican and Negril, her son was an excellent pupil here, well, just down like and I want immigrants to envy but do not get.
they are there, just imperceptibly, they are white.
every second there is a white Negro.
they are there, just imperceptibly, they are white.
I heard: a good ecology, my house, my car, my son is an excellent student. Ambitious, but does not pay for Ponte.
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