Features of registration of Czech citizenship.
Czechia is a country close not only to young Russians, but to a whole generation of citizens of the USSR. Most remember how happy parents were, who managed to get clothes or furniture produced by the Czech Republic. Now imported goods are not uncommon, but the New Year holidays in Prague have become a dream for many Russians. For this it is enough to get a Schengen tourist visa, but what if the desire to stay forever outweighs the craving for the Motherland? Get the citizenship of the Czech Republic! It is not easy to do this, but it is quite possible, especially in the light of new changes in legislation.
Advantages of citizenship.
Even if you do not take into account the beautiful architecture, music, holidays and historical ties, Czech citizenship offers a number of advantages:
open borders within Europe; visa-free regime with more than 150 other countries; training in prestigious educational institutions; medicine of the European level; the possibility of dual citizenship.
The level of social security is somewhat lower than in the more developed countries of the EU, and the requirements for applicants for citizenship are slightly higher than those of others. Please note that this country is a former social. camp joined the EU recently and refers to the “newcomers”, and therefore some countries restrict its citizens in hiring. It can be considered as a starting point for moving to Europe, provided that you have grounds for facilitating the receipt of a passport. According to statistics, the Czech Republic & # 8211; the last in terms of the number of foreigners admitted to the citizenship in Europe and there are countries much more loyal in issues of issuing passports to the Russians.
Ways and conditions for obtaining citizenship.
Like most European countries, the Czech Republic offers the opportunity to obtain citizenship in several ways:
birth and adoption; restoration of citizenship; marriage to Czech; refugee recognition of naturalization.
It should be immediately said that the acquisition of real estate does not guarantee citizenship and even permanent residence. Owners of housing can only live in the Czech Republic for 6 months a year.
Depending on what way the applicant goes the waiting period can be different. In most cases, you will have to undergo procedures for issuing a temporary, and then permanent, residence permit.
To obtain such a status is not enough simple desire. The applicant must satisfy certain criteria. Namely:
know the national language at the domestic level for communication; not to be tried at home and not wanted; be ready to take exams for knowledge of national culture, geography and history; regularly pay taxes and be law-abiding throughout your stay in the country; have financial sources of subsistence; to have a place to stay in the country and not to leave it more than us 2 months a year, and not for more than six months if there are valid reasons.
Certificate of passing the test.
From the delivery of the language test and the examination in history, geography and social studies are released.
children under 15; persons over 65 years of age; disabled persons; foreigners who received secondary and higher education in the national language for at least 3 years.
There is one more subjective and vague condition & # 8211; sufficient integration into local society. Until recently, the willingness to renounce Russian citizenship was compulsory. Now this is in the past, the new law allows for the existence of two passports.
Birth and adoption.
Most Czechs received their passport exactly by birth. For this it is sufficient:
born in the country or abroad, if at least one parent has a Czech passport; to be an adopted Czech citizen.
Attention! The fact of birth does not give the right to Czech citizenship!
In general, the changes in the legislation of the state demonstrate a course for the improvement of the nation due to the influx of young blood, and therefore there remains the possibility of facilitating the receipt of a passport by children born to foreigners. If the child of foreigners has appeared here, that is the possibility of obtaining a passport after 10 years of legal residence.
One more innovation & # 8211; the abolition of the DNA test to obtain citizenship by children born out of wedlock from the Czechs.
Until 2008 there was an opportunity to get a passport on the fact of marriage. This caused a massive wave of fictitious marriages with citizens of the country, turning the conclusion of a family union into a lucrative business. In order to change the situation, changes were made in the law, under which marriage only entitles to stay with a spouse, and a passport can be applied only after three years. If the marriage is made not with a citizen, but only with a person who has permanent residence, this term will increase to 5 years. The authorities will certainly try to make sure of the truth of the spouses’ intentions to create a real family, so that it will not be possible to live separately.
The Czech Republic supports the aspiration of many European countries for tolerance towards representatives of sexual minorities, and therefore these rules are extended to homosexual couples.
Do not try to deceive the authorities. When fictitiousness opens, you will not only receive a ban on entry to the Czech Republic, but also other EU countries for many years, and getting citizenship in them will become almost impossible for the enterprise.
If you have never had Czech citizenship that can be restored, and you were born outside this country, it remains possible to obtain it through naturalization, living lawfully in the country for 5 years after obtaining permanent residence. For citizens of the European Union this term is reduced to 3 years. This path will consist of obtaining:
Short-term Schengen visa. Long-term visa. On it you can already use medical services in full and receive education. Temporary residence permit. Permanent residence permit. From this moment, 5 years of residency qualification for immigrants from the Russian Federation begin to be counted.
Required documents.
If the time has come to apply for a passport, you must be extremely careful when submitting documents.
Attention! In case of refusal, a second appeal is possible only after 2 years!
So, be prepared to provide:
forgiveness of citizenship; application form for citizenship. It is filled out immediately when submitting documents with the assistance of a Krai department official; birth certificate or passport; a certificate of trustworthiness – that is, a confirmation of non-conviction; a certificate from the tax authority on the absence of arrears of a certificate of passing a language test at a level not lower than B1 and knowledge of history, geography and social science; confirmation of financial well-being for the previous 3 years; documents proving the existence of grounds for obtaining citizenship: marriage certificate / divorce / death of the spouse; confirmation of origin from the Czech Republic; certificate of permanent residence; confirmation of the former citizenship of the Czech Republic; confirmation of refugee status.
Consideration of documents takes about six months.
The Czech Republic is a beautiful and rapidly developing power, becoming its citizen is not the easiest venture, but if you are ready to go all the way, then at the end you are waiting for a European passport.