Features of obtaining a residence permit in Estonia.
Estonia is a developed Baltic country, which is a great springboard for integration into European society. The country has an excellent climate, developed areas of tourism, services, commercial activities, as well as loyal legislation. Every year thousands of migrants come here for permanent residence and employment. In order to legally live and work in this state, foreigners are required to issue residence permit in Estonia.
The Republic has been a member of the European Union and the Schengen agreements since 2004, which gives the inhabitants of the country ample opportunities, prospects and advantages.
Get the status of a resident of the country can be based on quotas. Each year the government sets a certain number of permits for residence permit. Usually, it is 0.1% of the local population of the state.
Ways of registration of residence permit of Estonia.
The residence permit Estonia proposes to issue through one of several ways:
Family reunification. Moving at the invitation of relatives – the procedure is long, but not difficult. In addition to standard documents, you must provide proof of relationship. Employment. The employer is the guarantor of the employee. You can move here for employment on the basis of a work visa. Doing Business. Immigration for the purpose of opening or acquiring an enterprise is a priority among all options. It allows you to get a residence permit in Estonia as quickly as possible and on preferential terms. Training in higher educational institutions of the country. An excellent way to move to the country, but it is worth considering that the training is conducted in the state language, so before you enter the Estonian university, you should learn the language.
While on the territory of a foreign country, you should apply to the Estonian embassy or consulate to apply for an Estonian residence permit. The government of the country can grant a residence permit to a foreigner without a quota, depending on the circumstances. There are also categories that will be rejected in the application for the residence permit of the Baltic republic. This group includes servicemen of foreign powers, former scouts and members of their families, people with criminal convictions or under investigation, migrants who provided false information when submitting the application.
The rules for obtaining long-term and long-term residence permits in Estonia, as well as citizenship of the country, are the most loyal among all European states.
The procedure for registration of documents for the residence permit of Estonia.
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The residence permit in Estonia can be obtained after the submission of a package of documents to state bodies, which includes:
international passport; an application with personal data; photo passport format.
Collect and transfer papers to the Estonian embassy or police stations within a week. The time for consideration of applications is 30-60 days. The cost of the process depends on the urgency and the number of people applying for the status of a resident of Estonia. You can get a residence permit yourself or with the help of a trustee. If the registration is handled by a third party, it is necessary to prepare a notarized power of attorney.
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After obtaining a residence permit, an alien is issued an ID-card. It is an identity card with photos and biometric data stored on a special chip. This document can be issued by persons over 15 years of age.