Features of immigration in the United States.
Many citizens are interested in legal immigration in the United States. This state attracts immigrants not only from Russia: residents of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine are ready to go to the States. However, someone prefers to move to Latin America. What are the chances of the Russians who decided to immigrate to the US? What are the features of the American immigration system?
What is important to know for moving.
To successfully leave Russia and settle in America, it is necessary to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the US immigration system. It is aimed at serving national interests. This means for any potential immigrant that the path to achieving the cherished goal will not be easy. But to achieve what is desired is realistic if all the conditions put forward by the US authorities are met. It’s a little easier to move to Latin America.
If you still want to move from Russia to the States, you need to know all the available ways of immigration. First of all, the US migration policy is implemented taking into account the interests of the citizens of this state. This means that they have the full right to reunite with relatives. So if the Russians have relatives in the American continent, it will be easier for them to achieve their goal.
It is also important to learn before moving out, not only the requirements that apply to immigrants. It is worthwhile to understand that the USA has not only advantages and disadvantages. So it is better to get an idea of how the Russians actually live in the States and immigrants from other countries – Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine. Perhaps, it is worth considering as an alternative to Latin America. Moreover, it is a little easier to move there from Russia.
What are the options for moving.
Studying the attractive and negative aspects of life in the United States for immigrants, it is worthwhile to weigh your own chances and choose the most realistic way to fulfill your cherished goal. US legislation in the field of migration offers several legal ways to move to this state from Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. It is important to evaluate and choose the option that is most acceptable.
Studying the ways of immigration in the United States, it is worth remembering whether there live close relatives. Since family reunion is the simplest option to solve a problem. A citizen and a permanent resident of the States has the right to request that his relative from Russia and another country be granted a visa. This rule applies to spouses and parents, children and sisters / brothers.
The second acceptable option is a move for the purpose of employment. It would seem that a newcomer is ready to act in the interests of the state, intending to work on its territory, pay taxes and produce material or other benefits. However, this does not mean that all immigrants are accepted with open arms. On hospitality it is necessary to count on those Russian and immigrants from other countries who are highly qualified professionals. Then the American employer can apply for an invitation to a specialist, from wherever he goes – from Russia or from another corner on the planet.
You can also immigrate to the US by asking for refugee status. This is true for people who are persecuted in their homeland. Persecution is implied for various reasons: belonging to some racial / ethnic / religious group; membership in political organization / social association.
But to rely on help when moving from Russia or another state, it is important to be able to prove that a person is really subject to persecution. That is, it is necessary to provide strong arguments and evidence. Most often this status has to be achieved, having already arrived in the United States. But in exceptional cases, a foreigner can apply for help while staying within his native country.
How many immigrants are allowed to enter the States.
If a Russian is interested in emigration to the United States, it is important to know that by law, a strictly limited number of visitors are admitted to the state every year. This is the so-called quota, which assumes that a certain number of immigrant visas are issued every year. And they are distributed in different categories, according to the system of preferences.
For example, 480,000 visas are allocated for relatives from Russia and all other countries. However, the category of preference is determined by the degree of kinship. The priority group includes blood relatives. But this does not mean that the interests of other family immigrants are not taken into account.
Regulated by law and business immigration to the United States. Annually, up to 140 thousand people are allowed into the country, who submit documents on this article. It is assumed that the employer first submits his request to the Citizenship and Immigration Service. But it will be satisfied in the case when the Labor Department confirms that it is really impossible to find a similar employee in the country. True, the exception is made for persons with extraordinary abilities and top managers who move within the framework of work in a multinational corporation.
Regulating migration flows, the authorities set a limit for the number of refugees taken annually. Quotas are distributed differently between states on the planet. For example, from the African continent are ready to accept up to 20 thousand people. From East Asia will be able to move no more than 15 000. To Europe and Central Asia the same amount is allocated.
Where to immigrate.
Many Russians are in no hurry to emigrate to the United States. They are increasingly seen as an alternative to Latin America. And this is really a worthy option.
It will be necessary to recognize that in the states of this region the standard of living is lower than in the countries of Europe or in the USA. But there are options that are very attractive for immigrants from Russia.
Thinking about moving to Latin America, it is worth considering such states as Uruguay, Chile or Argentina. The latter country is attractive in that it very loyally accepts foreigners. You can come here on a tourist visa to stay alive forever.
It is important to note that in Argentina, the easiest way is feeling financially secured immigrant. But hard-working Russians, if they want, will find a job. Moreover, there are opportunities for employment not only in the capital, but also in the regions.
If you move to Latin America, you can consider such an option as Chile. Here, too, are very loyal to migrants. But nevertheless it is necessary to count on opening own business, than on search of work in one of local firms.
In Uruguay, in fact, there is only one major city, where you can ensure a decent living. It is the capital of Montevideo. The rest is financially more difficult.