Features of entry into the territory of the NDP.
The situation that has developed in the Donbass, is actively discussed by the media. Many may have the impression that entry to the NDP from Russia is problematic and even dangerous. Meanwhile, citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine are actively plying into unrecognized territories. Problems arise, but, as a rule, for those who are not familiar with the order of crossing the line of contact from Ukraine or the Russian Federation.
Donbass remains open to citizens of other states. If there is a need to visit relatives or friends, you can safely pack your bags. If you follow the rules established by Ukraine, Russia and the DNR, you can safely enter unrecognized territories, and then return home without hindrance.
Crossing borders on the part of Russia.
The status of Donbass for more than two years remains uncertain. The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, like its neighbor, the Lugansk People’s Republic, was recognized only by South Ossetia & # 8212; territory with the same undefined status. But this does not mean that Russia, which for geopolitical reasons can not at the moment influence the situation, will obstruct its citizens and guests from other countries when crossing the border of the NDP.
If you intend to visit the Donbass, for the trip you will need only one of two documents: an internal passport or a passport.
The Donetsk People’s Republic is open to all countries of the world. Formally, any citizen can enter it without preliminary registration of visa documents. No additional authorization is required for those who enter from the Russian side.
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For those who wish to visit Donbass or Lugansk, there will also be no problems with transport. Buses run regularly on both sides. Those who intend to go to the DNR from Rostov-on-Don, it will be most convenient to order a taxi.
It is important to bear in mind the fact that the Ukrainian side considers the travel of citizens from Russia illegally through the line of contact illegal. Due to the fact that on Russian border posts foreign citizens’ passports are stamped, it is subsequently extremely undesirable to enter Ukraine with such a passport. Foreigners may simply not admit. Ukrainians are waiting for penalties. Other troubles are possible.
If you traveled to Donbass from Russia, crossing the border of the ATU to the Ukrainian side is illegal. If you need to Ukraine, it is better to return to Russia and enter the Ukrainian territory, bypassing the conflict zone.
Crossing the Donetsk border for Russians is similar to entering Abkhazia. It is better to use an internal passport, as the stamp on visiting Abkhazia will subsequently become an obstacle to visiting Georgia.
Crossing the borders from Ukraine.
From Ukraine, entry into the territory of the DNR is forbidden without a prior authorization. For official Ukraine, Donbass and Lugansk are the ATU zone, where an anti-terrorist operation is conducted to suppress separatism. Two unrecognized republics are considered temporarily occupied. The current territorial government is considered criminal.
All those entering the conflict zone, regardless of their nationality, Ukrainians, Russians and citizens of any other country, should have special permission documents to ensure both entry and exit from the NDP.
There are two options for passes: multiple and single. Permission is issued only for adults. On the departure of a child from Ukraine in ATO does not need permission documents.
Two years ago, when the conflict had just begun, in order to obtain a special permit, it was required to present an official justification for the trip. To date, the rules of entry do not require foreigners and Ukrainians no other documents, except for the passport.
In order to issue a permit, you need to go to the official website of the Security Service of Ukraine and ask for permission in online mode. You must first register and consent to the processing of your personal data.
The Ukrainian side does not charge applicants for the issuance of permission to enter the DNR.
After passing the procedure for obtaining a badge, you need to wait for approval, and then print the document in A4 format. It will contain the following data:
On the contact line of Ukraine and the ATU zone, there are 6 automobile checkpoints and 7 railways.
It is important to take into account that, having taken the permission to leave for the DNR, you along with it did not get a guarantee that you will really get to the city you need. The final decision always remains with the military at the checkpoint, which may miss you or impose a ban on leaving the territory of Ukraine.
Citizens of the two unrecognized republics can go to the territory of Ukraine in a similar way, having received permission on the site of the Security Service.
Rules of entry for foreigners.
If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, you will be admitted to the Donbass from the Russian side by a foreign passport. However, you can return back to Russia only if you have a visa, because you crossed the border of the Russian Federation. If you are in Russia with a single entry visa, do not go to the DNR, because leaving will deprive you of the right of return.
The situation will be difficult and even hopeless, as in the other direction, to Ukraine, you will also need a visa already in this country, plus a permit that needed to be received before the trip.
As for Ukraine, being on its territory, you can apply to the Security Service for permission and get it on general grounds. It will ensure you travel both to the ATO area and in the opposite direction.
Data for obtaining permission in the SBU.
Although the purpose of the trip is not fundamental, when filling out an application for the territory of the People’s Democratic Republic of Ukraine from Ukraine, it is necessary to write down the reason that requires your visit to the ATU zone. This can be a visit to relatives, a trip to the cemetery, where relatives, funerals are buried, the presence of housing on the territory of the conflict zone, etc.
It is important to indicate which route you will follow and not subsequently deviate from this route. The resource allows you to send two files to the SBU together with the application. If you can document the purpose of the visit, send photos of the documents. For example, if your child’s institution is on the territory of Donetsk or Lugansk, you need to send a certificate from your place of study. Travelers must send a certificate of employment confirming the business purpose of the trip.
Filling out the application, you need to choose the type of pass. The reusable is valid for a year, the lump sum is only granted for 14 days. All applications are considered, as stated, 10 days. In fact, sometimes it takes at least a month to review.
Transportation of goods across the border.
There are restrictions on the imported property on the territory of the NDP. The permitted list includes:
strong alcoholic beverages – up to 1 liter; beer – up to 5 liters; wine – up to 2 liters; food products – not more than 200 �; goods up to 500 � with weight not more than 50 kg .; currency not more than 10,000 �; tobacco – up to 250 g., cigarettes – up to 200 pcs., cigars – not more than 50.
All that will be imported in excess of the designated, is subject to duty. Approximately the same rules of import and export operate on the Ukrainian side.
Other nuances of visiting the NDP.
If you are going to Donetsk region by car, as well as when traveling to Ukraine, you need a green card, driver’s license and technical passport. There is no need to purchase a health insurance policy.
Do not need medical insurance and citizens of the NDP and LCN, entering the Russian territory. It requires a green card, which is better to make out at home, since in Russia it will cost an order of magnitude more expensive.
If you take children with you on a trip, from whatever side you cross the border, you need to have a birth certificate with you. If one of the parents is absent, it is required to notarize permission to export the child, or justify the reasons for the absence of the second parent (death certificate, deprivation of rights, etc.).
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The prohibition of entry into the NDP usually happens from the Ukrainian side. As a rule, those to whom they refused were not credible and could not at the same time reasonably justify the reason for visiting the ATU. The most important reasons are the availability of real estate and visits to relatives. They, as a rule, are fail-safe. In turn, the Russian part of the border with the DNR is free for unimpeded passage. Those who leave, with a passport, can not worry about the fact that they will not be missed in the DNR.
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