Features of adaptation, the main rules of life and work when moving to Jordan.
Features of adaptation, the main rules of life and work when moving to Jordan. Let’s start with simple, but very important and important facts for Jordan. The official language of the country is strictly Arabic. 90% of the local population are Muslims, 5% are Christians and about 3% are Shiites, all. It turns out that Jordan is exclusively a mono-state in the national and religious terms. And over the past 20 – 25 years, the successes of the Jordanian industry have greatly increased both the living standards of the people of the Hashemite Kingdom and the average life expectancy of them. And today men in Jordan live more than 70 years, and local women and that longer: more than 76 years.
It is also interesting that the main “generator of the national economic model of prosperity & raquo; Jordan is the country’s power power. If we say briefly about it, we will get something like this: “In Jordan there are no great natural resources. But we have a lot more. This is the wisdom of our people and the ability to do almost anything from everything that is necessary for the life of the people of the Kingdom & raquo ;.
Despite the fact that almost 40% of the population in Jordan has a European education, the Jordanian authorities still give the most important role to preserving all the rules and rituals of Islam. Along with the factories, no less number of mosques is being built.
And you, having moved to Jordan, should know that exactly 5 times a day the local population throws everything and prays to Allah for the whole country. You do not need to do this, but also interfere with this & laquo; process & raquo; you should not in any way! Even if at this time you have a job at work or, God forbid, an accident, a prayer, it is in Jordan first of all. The rest then. Pay special attention every Friday. This is the most & laquo; prayerful & raquo; day of each week.
And in the month of fasting for all Muslims: “Ramadan”, all these hottest rules and norms become even more significant and violate them, anyway, that voluntarily put your head under the ax. Conditionally, of course, but, in fact, very true. Remember strictly and clearly. If you are not a Muslim, you are still indebted during the “Holy Ramadan” & raquo; all to do as the local population. Do not smoke in front of everyone. Do not drink even water, do not eat during the day. Again, in front of any Muslim! And after sunset & ndash; all this is canceled and “complete freedom”, but only until the first rays of the rising sun. This is in your own interests and then you will almost immediately become a respected person.
You are in Jordan. And your wives are also required to walk in public places strictly in a scarf or dense kerchief, in a long and non-stretchy, spacious dress. Again, for the sake of respect for this country, and what is there to hide, for the sake of elementary security.
If you are invited to visit your home, this is a sign of great respect for you. And you can not refuse here under any circumstances! But before & laquo; visiting the guests & raquo; be sure to ask neatly and unobtrusively: & laquo; With your wife you are invited or one & raquo ;. It is very important. If with the wife, she should go strictly on & laquo; female half & raquo; Muslim house. And you are for men. Women at a meeting do not greet, and men strictly with two hands and a little having bowed respectfully a head to the interlocutor.
Never talk to the Jordanians about politics unless they themselves begin such a conversation. But in this case, be very careful. It is better to listen more than to speak. Especially it concerns those about Israel or the USA.
But in the big cities of Jordan, these are the strictness of Islam & raquo; become somewhat more liberal and tolerant. Especially for emigrants. But we still need to feel this & lquo; invisible edge & raquo; where it is already possible, and where it is better to wait and see how to behave properly in general and in detail. This, if to be brief and sketchy, and there are basic features of adaptation, the main rules of life and work when moving to Jordan.
And yet Jordan today is very noticeable and very different “the strictness of Islam & raquo; in the “European side”. For example, in neighboring Saudi Arabia, these & laquo; religious rules and regulations & raquo ;, probably hundreds of times stricter. And this, in itself, will give you many more opportunities and conditions to become a true Jordanian citizen, strikingly blessed for the happy life of the land of the amazing East.
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