Features and main aspects of obtaining Japanese citizenship.
With such an unstable Russian economy, the question of how to obtain the citizenship of Japan is the most relevant. Japan is one of the most highly developed states in all spheres of mankind. The country is very attractive for migrants, as it opens many unique opportunities. That’s why Japanese citizenship takes a leading position in the list of all the citizenships of the world. Citizens want citizens not only abroad, but even Russia. So let’s consider how this procedure is carried out, and what documents may be required.
Basic aspects of the indigen.
As you know, Japan is quite a small country in terms of its territorial characteristics. The number of citizens varies within 127 million people, who live only 338 thousand square meters. m. If to compare, in Russia the density indicator of 8.39 people per square meter, when in the Land of the Rising Sun – 336.3.
In connection with these circumstances, the Japanese state is quite strict about new citizens, especially unskilled cadres. According to statistics, the Japanese do not often issue visas to unskilled workers. What can not be said about a skilled worker who knows not only Japanese, but also English.
The authorities of Japan are willing to issue not only a visa to a qualified citizen, but also residence permits and citizenship.
Requirements for applicants.
Japan, like any country, puts forward a number of special requirements that each applicant must adhere to:
It is necessary to live in the territory of the state for at least five years. The applicant reached the age of twenty and at the time of filing the petition is legally competent. Presence of stable and official earnings or maintenance at the expense of the spouse or parents. There are no any violations of order or conviction for the period of stay within Japan. Loss of citizenship of another state or its complete absence. Japan does not allow dual citizenship (there are exceptions). Knowledge of the Japanese language at the appropriate level.
The procedure for obtaining citizenship.
The steps that must be taken to obtain the citizenship of Japan:
Filling in the relevant application in the migration service at the place of residence. Submission of the application along with the set of documents. Interview with authorized representatives of the migration service. There are only two such meetings, and they last for 60 minutes each. The FMS officer finds out how serious you are in your decision, what degree of interest and necessity in the citizenship of Japan. Visit the FMS staff of your home and conduct an explanatory conversation. The representative wishes to determine whether you are financially secure. He can also talk with neighbors or your supervisor. Further, a citizen of Russia will need to be tested for knowledge of the official language of Japan. You will have to show how well you speak and write well. The last step: to provide information on material readiness for naturalization. The total amount of funds that should be in the applicant’s possession is 25 thousand dollars.
The procedure itself is limited to a period of 5 years, however, according to statistics, it drags on for several more years. Throughout the term, a Russian citizen must prove that his thoughts and views no longer apply to his homeland, but fully correspond to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Attention! It is important that even an ideal compliance with all the requirements described does not always guarantee you citizenship. You can receive it only after you prove to the migration service how much you need the citizenship of this country.
Sometimes, the final decision of a migration officer is rather subjective and is based only on personal prejudices or beliefs. However, this is the only option to register citizenship – like the migration service.
Easy reception of citizenship.
Each person can greatly facilitate the process of formalizing the Japanese indigen with the help of the following loopholes:
Have a registered medical book issued by the health authorities of the country. The Japanese are quite scrupulous about their own hygiene and health. Will take out a pension insurance. Buy real estate on the territory of the Japanese state.
Russian applicants wishing to obtain citizenship of the Land of the Rising Sun face all the major problems that are not easily solved:
In addition to the originals of your own birth and marriage certificate, you must provide the marital certificate of your parents to the Japanese migration authorities. Perhaps, this need is connected with the strong family values of this state. The Japanese authorities can ask you to receive a letter from your parents telling them how much they will be proud of you if you have Japanese citizenship.
Possibility of registration of dual citizenship.
If you study the legislation of the state, then it clearly states that it is forbidden to have dual citizenship here. But almost every rule has its own special exceptions. If the child was given the status of dual citizenship at birth, but the Japanese authorities allow him to leave.
In some cases, a double indigen can be designed for the baby. Which was born in a mixed marriage, that is, spouses have different nationalities, countries of residence, languages and religion. By law, the child automatically becomes a citizen of Japan, but if the parents wish, the child can be awarded the status of dual citizenship (provided that the child has not reached adulthood).
As soon as the citizen turns 18, the state authorities give him about 24 months to determine which of the indigenes to leave, and to refuse.
Thus, it is not so easy to obtain the citizenship of Japan, because the state authorities put rather strict requirements on the future citizen of the country in educational, financial and documentary terms.