Far abroad. The best countries for emigration from Russia.
Which countries should be referred to near abroad, and which ones to distant countries? Discussions on this issue have not ceased so far. What does this term mean? What countries should a Russian consider “distant foreign countries”? And are they of interest to those who would like to change their place of residence?
In fact, this definition is very simple. The list of non-CIS countries includes those states that are not countries of the former Soviet Union. But there is a small comment: once the Soviet Union included 14 republics. Some believe that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are also “far abroad”. According to this opinion, only the following countries are neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Turkmenistan.
So, the list of countries outside of Russia includes more than 250 countries. Most of them – and this is 193 countries – is part of the UN. And in each state their attitude towards those who wanted to emigrate from their homeland and settle there. There are countries far abroad, in which it is better for a Russian person not to interfere. For example, one of these states is Japan. Moving there to permanent residence is almost an unrealistic task. On the contrary, there are other places to move into – almost the same as changing the city in the Motherland. For example, Belarus.
The first thing you need to move to another country is the knowledge of a foreign language. Almost the entire list of foreign countries consists of those where knowledge of the language is required. If you know only one Russian, then the choice in front of the emigrant is small: you can move to Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Belarus. Moreover, the more languages a wishing person has, the more valuable. Language proficiency is easily proven and tested – for this you need to pass special tests or pass an exam.
Of the other requirements is the professional qualifications and age. With professional qualifications, more or less everything is clear – one who possesses valuable skills and experience is always the desired candidate. What about age? On the one hand, underage citizens can not emigrate. On the other hand, if there are several candidates of the same age, migration services will always prefer candidates of a younger age. Of course, this is not the entire list of requirements for those wishing to move. These conditions vary from country to country, and can vary considerably.
The countries of South America are the best place for emigration.
The list of countries far abroad for those wishing to emigrate Russians often includes such states as India or Bali. But here, as elsewhere, there are many problems that can be completely unacceptable for the domestic citizen – for example, floods, or problems with employment. Therefore, often to move the Russians choose the countries of South America. The list of far abroad countries for emigration – namely, South American states – includes Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Moving to Latin America – an order of magnitude easier and easier than, for example, in the United States. And there can be several reasons.
It is not only attractive natural landscapes. Also in large Latin American cities, the infrastructure is quite developed, here you can find comfortable conditions for life. The residence permit is easier to obtain than in other countries. The South American list of non-CIS countries for Russia may also contain the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay. The latter is often called “Latin Switzerland”. After all, it is this state that accounts for the largest number of emigrants.
Australia: another attractive place.
In terms of living standards, this distant country ranks third in the world. No wonder so many emigrants are trying to try here happiness. Australia has the following advantages:
� There is a very high level of social protection of the population. Medical services are free of charge, pensions are high, and a large number of state benefits are provided;
� Australian law provides for the possibility of moving to permanent residence for the whole family: the so-called “independent emigration program” allows to move spouses and minor children;
� Only after 4 years of residence you can get citizenship and visa-free visits to almost any country in the world;
� Low unemployment among the population – in recent years it has been about 6%;
� Relatively short emigration process. Registration of documents, their consideration, as well as departure – all this takes an average of 1.5-2 years;
The main requirements for emigration to Australia – is the availability of a sought-after profession, age to 49 years, good English, no criminal record and some other conditions.
Other countries of near and far abroad: the list of countries for moving to permanent residence.
Among other popular countries, the leading places are occupied by the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Thailand, New Zealand. The simplest way is to emigrate to that country where the most flexible migration legislation is. For example, Canada is very popular all over the world. Special programs for emigrants from Russia and Ukraine have been developed here. According to the living conditions, New Zealand is like Canada. But here the level of education and abilities of a person are assessed more rigorously. Many also choose Spain as their new residence. This warm country is among the top five for emigration from Russia and Ukraine.
In the countries of Southeast Asia, moving is also relatively easy. For example, a sufficiently flexible migration legislation operates in Thailand, India, and Vietnam. Here you can stay for a while on an educational or tourist visa. Get them easier than in other countries. Despite the loyalty of the procedure, it can last a very long time. Undoubted advantage of these countries are low prices for rent of housing, clothing, food.
The list of countries far abroad for Russia is huge – after all, with the exception of 14 states, this is the whole world. Pros and cons are everywhere. Stay at home, or choose a new home, everyone decides for himself.
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In Hungary, there are expected tougher disputes around the issue of migrants in the European Union.
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