Express: 80% of Britons are ready to move to Russia if they are given free land.
. the people will see the attraction when the population really goes. investments in infrastructure, etc. If the program really starts working – there will still be a boom, as in California with a gold rush.
. it will pass. . in Europe, and then it goes quietly.
> Nico54 (26047) wrote in response to the message:
>> The only thing that keeps the British from rushing to leave everything and go to Russia is natural conditions. According to respondents, in the Far East, the temperature drops to minus 50 degrees, in the winter hungry bears go, and in summer the mosquito clouds do not give rest.
> Only? Fall, a trifle then what. Well, Nicho, atom accustomed to all the Russians there will break.
Gosh, it was the answer to your post.
you yourself already do not understand what you are writing about – stop celebrating and thumping, or the forum will lose you.
Dmayu, this is not the only thing. Its such a trifle, which curbs the British in a rush to quit and go to Russia = this is what no one has offered to them.
Gosha, wrote to you that before you post your next delusion – read the post.
& quot; 80% of Brits would be happy to quit UK for RUSSIA after Putin offers free land & quot;
Gosh, this is not my 80%, and so the British responded to the survey in Express.
. the program has not yet started. . you again ahead of the locomotive skachish.
I was there in summer and winter and more than once. In Komsomolsk on Amre, Blaoveenska, Khabarovsk.
Gosha, the conversation was not about you, but about the British, about whom you wrote that they do not know the nature of the DV and therefore (according to you) 80% agreed to move there – I told you that this is not true, because in a senior post it is written that The British know about nature and it restrains their impulse (frost, bears, mosquitoes).
>. it is necessary to write, sho there to Japan 100 km. can, so understand?
> Not everything is gold that glitters.
but what, is the north of Japan a resort?
> No Russia at the beginning of the 21st century.
. but this photo is what? Who are you?
In comparison with the Far East, even Latvia is a resort. There, in Britain, there are no pratiches, even parrots live.