Experience of moving to Ireland.
My blog is not so much about moving to Spain, how much in general about moving. Therefore, today I will introduce you to the talented and creative Yana Gintovt, who has lived on the emerald island in Ireland for 12 years and shared her experience of moving to Ireland. Here is her story – the word Yana.
The last generation born in the USSR, why it turned out that we are not at home? I was born in the USSR, a generation that vaguely remembers what a common dining room, coupons and the last three days before and after the collapse. That is, I remember only an abnormal amount of bread products in the closet. Everybody got independence and – oh, horror! – I was only 3 months in pioneer. What’s next?
Then I grew up, realized that I had to do something. I have always been on the verge of two cultures: Estonian and Russian. And I was terribly tired of hatred, which was born in society. It turned out that her husband came to work in three states: Finland, Germany and Ireland.
2003 year. We decided that without English nowhere. Hence to Ireland. When I gathered it here, I thought it was the North Pole, where the Celts aborigines run, they dance riverwood and everyone plays harps.
A year later we gave all the debts and I moved with my daughter to Ireland to my husband, the plan was to stay for two years.
And here I am in Ireland – without knowledge of English, with a child in my arms … hello, I’m here) Already at the Airport I realized that maybe I’m here for a long time. I was helped by other people’s uncles to carry suitcases, nobody hurried me with documents at customs, joked with the child and gave her delicious food … Silently, calmly I gathered my brains, suitcases, papers and did not lose the baby. Eureka!
I met my husband, I brought him – I’m sorry – go to a huge house, among the fields and the sea …
On the third day I understand that I can not sit still. I left the house and went back …. go nowhere! I do not know anything! Internet for the Irish is still a forbidden fruit. I had to create. I look the postman is coming. He found out how much I was on foot to the nearest village? An hour’s walk! HOUR! With a child three! One way! Three months later I begged my husband for the cheapest car. And with the postman Leo, we are still friends and in general we are neighbors.
How was my first half of the year? I slept with the dictionary, wrote out the words in phrases and asked all the help. Fortunately, no one refused, but rather supported and rehearsed my English.
So I found the first job in a cafe! Not on the field like everyone else, but in the warmth, in the cafe! Very good people were caught, well, or maybe I was soooooo that, already unable to withstand me, they asked me: “Where did you come down to us so much?” A? What did you do in Estonia? “I tell them that the first education is economic, the second half is a nurse. For 8 months of work in the cafe, I pulled myself up in a conversation at the level of a 6 year old child.
After that, literally, they took my hand and went to look for me. Here it was delight and terrible fear. Of course I need a job and a better salary! But just like that? I did not kicking after them)
Obviously I need education, Irish education, retraining! Well, where can I get it? English then I … well, you understand …
I set out to find a job where there are no people to learn the language. Almost immediately I found it. Naturally, where you need to talk! I explained my situation in my English and on my fingers and they took me to work in a nursing home. They have a day department, where the elderly come and they need to be entertained: newspapers read, songs sing – work is done!
And what do you think, after half a year the Irish realized that ours also know how to work and took me a girlfriend! And just at this moment I learn about college, the one that I need as air, well, I will not be forever reading the newspaper for them.
Thought it’s done! For the second year of life in Ireland, I went to college on – about horror! – entrance examination! 1500 words of essay! Ha, I know from the power of 200 running words I know, I thought now I’ll get up and leave … and I understand that my dream does not let me off the priest’s ass off the chair. And I wrote it! Up to a hundred, I can count! Well, if you sort through the digital order of all friends by the names and colors of your hair, 1500 words are easy!
I have already started to crawl out of the audience, as the host exam says: “You are accepted, do not wait for the result by mail! It seems to me that these words sound like a dream!
What is studying in Ireland in a college foreigner? Even probably not so! What does it mean to kindred souls to meet a kindred spirit, even if they hardly understand each other?
Imagine … Everybody heard about Tony Robins, right? For 5 days he completely changes the world outlook of a person.
Now imagine the whole year! A whole year of mad rhythm of life. We were not forced to study, we ourselves studied. It never occurred to us that we could walk. We ran for lessons, we helped each other as much as we could. We came earlier for an hour to do some work … In this drive, people from other courses began to join us. We gathered masses of people in the dining room, in the hall, in the corridor, at the bus stop). It feels like they were directly following us and voluntarily joined in the discussions.
I have never been so hurt and hurt in my life for the fact that almost all of us think that we are better than others, putting our needs above everything. We are able to humiliate each other, instead of supporting. Our task is to trample, zagnobit, humiliate. Then yes, life was a success! In college everything was different.
For this year, I have grown wings. From my, in my opinion, shortcomings imposed by the society, I made an advantage. I began to appreciate myself, my time. I realized that I do not want to serve humanity, I want to help people, I want to receive rewards both spiritual and material.
After passing the college, I found two jobs at once and worked for them for 6 years. On the first as a teacher Montessori and on the second in a nunnery. We have a special monastery, in which there are always a lot of visiting nuns who teach English. They come from different countries: Burma, India, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Poland, continent Africa)
Then I realized that x.
year 2013. From the post of teacher I leave, my husband is in a panic, I am the only breadwinner in the family!
The subsequent three years of nirvana brought me 8 attempts to divorce my husband. At the moment everything is fine and my husband found a job! Can you imagine? What a fool I was! It was necessary at all to work not to go out, never! It turns out guys are figuring in full when they feel that and so good! Anyway)
In these three years I realized what business is in online. This is aerobatics, it’s a drive, these are people with whom you can communicate in your language. You gather around yourself like yourself. It’s such a charging energy! And it must be shared, it can not be kept in itself, it is dangerous to health)
I firmly decided to help people. But in what? I love needlework. I am the mole who can sit and knit for days, embroider, I am the one who can sit for hours to consider the schemes, I’m the one who can spend hours looking at other people’s work and admiring the color, pattern, technique …
It’s thought, done! I organized the site, I found people who will smear it and set it up for me. I organized groups in social. networks in VKontakte, Classmates, Facebook, Instagram. Has typed participants. They expose their work for sale and are already selling. I learned how to use a video editor and upload videos to my channel on YouTube! And a bunch of utilities, without which not to survive in this kind of “sport”.
Pros and cons of life in Ireland.
Houses that were built after 2001, horror and darkness. Shed with mold Medicine, God forbid! One visit to the family doctor starts at a cost of 55 euros (almost all diseases are treated with paracetamol). Waiting in line for the hospital and an ambulance for up to two days! The only thing that is well treated is cancer and Respect Maternity. The Irish adore their sausages, brr they even do not eat dogs. All vegetables and fruits are sour and tasteless! Drink syrup without diluting with water. Wash all the dishes in the same water in one basin, and then dirty, fatty foam from the dishes are wiped with a towel. Love fried potatoes with vinegar. They walk around the house and sleep in it. To the tips of the nails are untidy. And with all that terribly fastidious. They will be hungry and they will never take food from the table of “newcomers”! The bar is always divided into two parts. The first hall where they eat, and the second, where only they drink, do not have a snack! There is no toothpick in one bar. In stores, no one and not when hanging things back on the hanger and therefore everything is lying on the floor. You can buy a car very cheaply, but the insurance pay for a year can cost 10 times more expensive than the car itself. Buses dark gloom! Like the Irish weather, when they want then they come, and generally they can not come. If two children’s strollers are placed on the bus, the third driver in life will not take it. So mom with the baby will stand and wait for the next flight. The bus stops only when the arm is raised. The rules of the road almost does not exist. You can go without turn signals. If you enter someone from behind, he himself is to blame. But at the same time everyone is polite to the point of insanity! 20 years ago, driver’s license could be bought at the pharmacy. In 2015, switched to a plastic driver’s license, before that there was a cardboard box and a stapler with a photo. In the summer, a maximum of +21.
Irish men of the soul do not worship in their children, I never in my life have seen so many men who walk in parks with their children! For the sake of happiness, daughters can do anything. The largest family I’ve ever seen is 25 children! Even the coolest millionaire wears rubber boots. Oh no, better not have to go on … What I really like. With all this, people are peaceful, almost calm, always help, if it does not concern money). On Sundays they go to church. After the church, all the crowd go to the bar. Children and adults in the bar – this is the norm. Payment for christenings – who can how much. Many Irish people go on shopping for America. And they just travel a lot around the world. If there is a desire, then you can achieve a lot in this country. The door is open to all comers, go and do it. Irish people can be divided into two groups: 1. They work like bees 2. They live at the expense of the state. Social support implies a personal approach to each family. Shikav not work, but to live without problems.
And in general life is beautiful, especially when you sit at home near the fireplace and you plow the Internet!)