Russians in Estonia are either very rich or very poor. Therefore, of course, they love us a little. Especially, how these poor all the same spit past the urn. But, nevertheless, in any Estonian institution or store, and even more so in a bank or state coordinator, if you speak Russian, then answer in Russian. And nobody twists their faces, and does not tell about the invaders and the station. They say that this is the trend of the last two years. Before, when everyone lived on grants from the European Union, Russia looked askance more often towards Russia. In Estonia, to get a job as an official, you must know two languages – Estonian and Russian. And after the crisis began and in Estonian commercial companies, where people work, the same requirement appeared, plus English.
From the political point of view, the migration legislation of Estonia looks very attractive. But, in fact, Estonians thus fill their budget. In any case, if you ask for a residence permit not on a kinship line, you have to pay at least $ 200 of taxes every month. For a while you can shy away from them, but since the country is small, sooner or later the Estonian tax will come to you. And just ask to pay. Because, ultimately, everyone needs only money. In addition, you must live in Estonia for a minimum of 180 days each year, and these are taxes on food, transport, gasoline, communal. Hence, giving a residence permit to every new person, and settling it on its territory, the state receives in its pocket 500 dollars of your money every month. Of course, it is possible to consult for the sake of such a case to fill out the forms free of charge and in Russian. After all, this is for us Estonia – a window to Europe. And for real free Europeans – Estonia – a window on Russian rubbish, albeit with oil and diamonds. And very small. Probably in the attic. So you can not always wash it. And the leadership of Estonia knows this very well.
Young people really speak bad Russian. And all who are more capable and more poshuste, go to work or study in Germany, Austria or Finland. Therefore, the decrease in the population, although not in accordance with the documents, is felt. And the laws on emigration to Estonia are quite liberal. Having fulfilled not a very large number of requirements, you can apply for a residence permit for two years. He does not give you any rights, but you will have an ID card, like any other Estonians, and only special institutions will be able to check on what grounds it is given to you. And for all banks and other places you are a white man. Two years later, again, having complied with simple requirements, you are given a more white residence permit. For five years. After that, you can already take the test for knowledge of the Estonian language and the Estonian Constitution and receive a document similar to citizenship, with all the rights, only without the right to vote in elections. Given that the turnout in Estonia for these very elections is 10-20 percent, and there are 5,000 people in parties, and 100 of them are in the parliament, this is not a very big omission.
How to get a SHENGEN VISA yourself?
Schengen visa, or VISA SHENGEN gives the right to stay in any country of the Schengen agreement. But all consulates have different requirements for documents for the Schengen visa. If you are not traveling on a tour, then ALL require proof of income. And in tangible amounts. The currency, as a rule, requires a certificate of its acquisition. Or it will be necessary to buy traveler’s checks for up to 1000 euros. They can then be returned, losing 10 percent. And if urgent and at the airport, there were such cases, then all 20. Or bank statements in your name. Or a letter from the sponsor. And formally, you can find fault with any comma in these certificates to deny the registration of a visa. But.
Visas for tourists are usually given day in and day out. For the MULTIMIZ, we need grounds. Even if you go to visit friends at their invitation, the consulate has no reason to give you a multivisa. It’s another matter if you are a businessman, well, or something like that. And you can benefit the state whose visa you are applying for. In the form of taxes, direct or indirect, or simply making a contribution to the development of the economy by their activities. Therefore, if you have an invitation to travel “business partnership”, then the likelihood of registration for you MULTIVIZA greatly increases.
If you are a citizen of any country in the European Union, Switzerland, America or Japan, you will be shown a residence permit in any of the Schengen countries in a notification procedure. Those. You just write that you want to live here, that’s all. In this regard, Russia belongs to the countries of the third world. And its citizens can get a residence permit in the EU by several special programs. And if in Spain, or Latvia, the purchase of real estate for a certain amount of money is rather large, it gives advantages in obtaining a residence permit, then, for example, in France or Germany, these investments mean absolutely nothing. The easiest way to legalize in the EU is of course a marriage with a citizen. The so-called family reunion. But even in this case, in Germany, for example, after registering a marriage, it is necessary to live in your own country, i.e. Russia, not less than a year, and during this time, it is necessary to go a certain number of times to Germany. All this is expensive, difficult, long. And not everyone can go this way. Another direction for obtaining a residence permit is investment. But with the current state of the economy, your investments are unlikely to pay off. So how to be? We answer: in all laws and programs there are nuances. They need to be known and be able to use them for obtaining a residence permit in a short time and at a reasonable cost.
ESTONIA is beautiful! Wild nature, clean air, everything in Russian and. cheap! And this is EUROZONE!
From the entire Soviet Baltic, Estonia spent the EU grants most successfully. Liberal laws, smooth roads, cleanliness and order. Practically, northern Switzerland. Especially for Finns, who generally see Estonia as a resort. Estonians only 1.5 million people. It’s nice to live in Estonia. But you can not say that it’s a pleasure to work. Because there is no work in Estonia. Official unemployment is only among the able-bodied population of 30%. And the unofficial and among all, apparently 60. But in Estonia is very popular small and medium business. And the state is making great efforts to develop it. In Estonia, about 90% of the population have access to the Internet. This is the highest density of connections almost all over the world! In addition, open borders with the entire European Union make it easy to conduct international business. Read on and learn more about how to live and make money in Estonia!
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