Entrances in Spain. The first work of an immigrant.
Work for an immigrant in the first stage after moving to Spain. Cleaning of porches in apartment houses as a variant of employment.
Hello everyone, my name is Dasha Mendez, and I greet you on my channel about Spain. I’m here talking about all sorts of Spanish things, and I came up with an idea. Maybe it will help someone find a job, because I’m very much asked about employment in VKontakte with a request to drop links. I have already made a video, it will be in the description, there will be links to sites where you can find work, that is, to leave your resume or write to the employer that you want to occupy this or that place. Perhaps, this will not suit everyone.
So, about the entrances. In general, in Spain, such entrances as museums: everything is clean, everywhere not marble, but classy tiles. Let’s say I lived in Russia, although we also did not have a driveway very dirty, and there they even drew something on the walls, periodically doing repairs; but all the same, I very often wonder why in Spain your responsibility is not limited only to the limits of your own apartment. If I close the front door, then you can spit, throw garbage – I do not care. And this is very interesting: why in Europe and America is not so dirty in the same entrances. We will admit, about our entrance there are different plants: one big which it is impossible to carry and steal, another small. And theoretically you can steal it, but no one does it; nobody spits in the entrance, but maximum, maybe the neighbor put out the garbage that started to smell, and it happened once for all the time that I live (which is more than two years) in Spain. The real responsibility of people is not only their apartment, but what is around where they go.
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We have a cleaner who cleans up the entrance every three days (say, half an hour on Monday and Thursday), and she gets 105 euros. If you want to find a job, and you are satisfied with the job of a cleaner – the entrances are the same, it’s not a rough job, I believe; because you can get into a really clean staircase, polish the marble, rub the railing and all.
If you are an immigrant, you just arrived, you try to find something, but have not yet been found; just go into each entrance, ring every apartment and ask: “And where is the presidente?” – this is the person who is responsible for connecting the entrance to the networks of the Internet, telephone, for providing the work of light bulbs (changing them or hiring people) account of payments, that is, on it an account that belongs to a society consisting of several entrances. At us sometimes children play below at an entrance and in the summer they run like mad and clap the front door. And let’s say the castle broke down in it, then the presidente calls the necessary service and pays money from the general account for the repair of the castle.
Address to the president, and, maybe, agree that you will be paid 100 euros if you clean the entrance, for example, twice a week, or something like that. I think that in Madrid it will be more expensive.
But you imagine, for example, a woman washing our porch, including music and singing. And in this way you can earn some kopeck money. For immigrants who have not found a job yet, I believe that this is a good option.
I did not think about this as an option, because I did not know what it is. And then we have a woman working – and I think: “I’ll tell my subscribers if there’s anybody who has a situation.” It is better not to unload the cargo, but something to wash, because it is not such a burden on the back and on time is convenient. This is all in the city, you can near the apartment where you live, find a few entrances.
I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any other sketches or ideas about how you can earn Russian-speaking immigrants who are just coming to Spain, and maybe even did not learn Spanish, or did not find a job in their specialty, then write in the comments. If you like the video about work, then put it. Everyone is happy, bye, bye!
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