England: residence permits for entrepreneurs.
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The Immigration Rules part 6A, paragraphs 245D – 245DF, and appendix A.
To have 50,000 that you are willing to invest in your business, This amount of 50,000 is to be obtained from: Venture Capitalist Firms, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority; British investment tender (UK entrepreneurial seed funding competition) approved by UK Trade and Investment; Government departments of Great Britain; Know English at the level of B1 Collect at least 95 points that is: 85 points for the availability of finance required for investing in business and living in England, who are in a financial institution and can be transferred to Britain. 10 points for knowledge of English.
Have 200,000 you are willing to invest in your business, Know English at level B1 Get at least 95 points: that is, 85 points for the availability of finance required to invest in business and residence in England, which are in a financial institution and can be transferred to Britain. 10 points for knowledge of English (calculate points on the official site)
Documents must be notarized and apostilled.
Questionnaire for obtaining an immigration visa and the right to a residence permit in England, Autobiography Photo – 3,5 � 4,5, Foreign acting + previous passports, Internal passport, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Business and financial plans, marketing research market, preliminary contracts with customers, partners, suppliers, Medical report on the absence of dangerous diseases, tuberculosis test, Help from the bank on the availability of the required amount for investment ( 200,000), Help from the bank about the availability of fin Ansov, necessary for residing in Anlia, Documents confirming the legal origin of financial means, Documents confirming employment or business activities: certificate from work, work record book, constituent documents of the company, Certificate of conviction.
Consultations on immigration to England, residence permit procedures, integration, education, medicine, administrative and other aspects related to the move to England, Signing of the Agreement (a sample contract is attached), you need to prepare and legalize the required documents, Our licensed translator in England translates documents into English, Preparation of business and financial plans, Registration of immigration applications, Provision of a full package of documents of immigration application in cons lsky department within three (3) weeks, you are called to the consulate for an immigration visa.
The first identity card of the Kingdom of Britain is valid for 3 years and 4 months, you will receive after completing all administrative procedures in the Department of Immigration in the territory of the country of immigration. The next personality card is valid for two years, for which you need to score 75 points, that is: invest in your business the amount claimed ( 200,000 or 50,000), register with the UK State Administration for Tax and Customs Duties (HM Revenue & amp; Customs), personally conduct your business and create two jobs. Perhaps participation in this immigration program, two partners, that is, the total amount of 200,000 remains unchanged. After living in England for a total of five (5) years, you have the right to permanent residence (permanent residence).
The spouse (s) and children included in the immigration application also receive a residence permit (residence permit) in England.
You have the right to apply for UK citizenship after living in the Kingdom for five (5) years, subject to the necessary requirements.
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