Employment and the Blue card EU (Blue Card EU)
Feud Group conducts registration of all types of visas and immigration to Germany. As part of the company, Western lawyers with more than 25 years of experience.
Offices in Europe, Ukraine, USA and Kazakhstan.
Feod Group is an international group of companies that provides its clients with professional services for preparation and maintenance of documents for applying for work visas to Germany and Blue Card EU visas, and all types of visas, as well as transfer to other categories of stay, extension stay and obtain immigration status in Germany. In this process, both German lawyers and Ukrainian specialists with years of experience in this field take part.
Obtaining a work visa to Germany.
One of the possibilities of moving to Germany and obtaining a residence permit in the country is employment with a local employer. This is a rather complicated procedure, since in many cases the Federal Employment Agency of Germany (obtaining a work permit) also participates in the decision.
In order for a German employer to employ a foreigner, he must first prove that there are no suitable candidates for this place among the inhabitants of Germany.
The visa for the purpose of employment is issued for 3 months, and upon arrival it must be changed to a temporary residence permit. The temporary residence permit for the applicant will be issued for the period for which the specialist’s contract has been concluded. If the contract is unlimited, the term of residence permit & # 8212; 2 years. After this period, if there is work, the visa is extended for another 2 years and so until the 5-year period is reached, after which you can apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.
Application form for visa application; Photo; passport and national passport of the applicant; medical insurance; a labor contract with the employer or an invitation to work; documents confirming the professional qualifications of the applicant; employment history; summary.
Getting the Blue Card EU (Blue Card EU).
A relatively new possibility is the receipt, the so-called Blue Card EU (Blue Card EU). It was created for a certain range of highly skilled workforce.
The Blue EU Card can be issued to non-EU citizens if:
they have a higher education of a German higher education institution or a foreign university, in case of recognition of its diploma in Germany; they have a working contract in Germany with an annual salary of at least 50,800 Euros (4,234 Euros per month). In the event that a non-resident has a qualification that is currently in high demand, his annual income must be at least 39,624 Euros (3302 Euros per month).
In Germany, a specialized information base has been created that contains data on all foreign universities whose diplomas of education are recognized in Germany. Specialists of our company will help you in the shortest time to check the compliance of your diploma of higher education.
The work for which the applicant intends to settle must correspond to the qualification obtained at the university.
We draw attention to the fact that confirmation of the existence of higher education is compulsory. Confirmation of the existence of a qualification comparable to higher education on the basis of many years of experience is not currently envisaged.
The holders of the Blue Card of the EU have the right to stay outside the European Union for a period of up to 12 months without losing their right to stay.
Qualified specialists who possess the Blue Card of the EU have the right to move to another EU country after 18 months of receiving the status.
The Blue Card of the EU is initially issued for a period of four years, or for the duration of the contract, if it is less than four years.
Holders of the Blue Card EU who can prove that they were in skilled employment for 33 months and paid mandatory contributions to the pension insurance fund or comparable benefits are granted a permanent residence permit. Provided that the applicant can demonstrate language skills at the level of B1, a permanent residence permit is granted after 21 months.
Documents for obtaining a work visa for the applicant for the Blue Card EU:
Application form for visa application; Photo; passport and national passport of the applicant; labor contract or guarantee of the provision of a workplace in Germany, taking into account the requirements for the level of wages; the diploma on the termination of HIGH SCHOOL; biography reflecting a professional career; employment history; medical insurance; other documents depending on the situation of the applicant.
German immigration law provides citizens of countries outside the European Union with a visa to seek work in Germany, subject to the availability of higher education and the availability of sufficient funds for living in Germany during the period of job search.
The applicant needs to confirm his / her qualification level, the reality of his / her job search activity, and also to motivate the desire and opportunity to work in Germany.
A visa for a job search in Germany can be obtained for a period of not more than 6 months. Important: she does not give the right to work. After receiving a job offer in Germany, you can file documents, for example, on the Blue Card EU. At the same time, the documents are submitted without leaving Germany.
Thanks to the joint work of German lawyers and Ukrainian specialists, our clients receive comprehensive services in the process of obtaining visas and immigration statuses. Thus, we assist in the preparation and proper execution of documents, both from the German employer and personal documents of the client.
More details about visa services for our company in Germany you can read in the section Visas and immigration to Germany.
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