Emigration to Quebec.
Emigration to Quebec is a popular form of emigration to Canada. It is chosen by many as the fastest and easiest way to emigrate to this country. Professional emigration to Quebec will take much less time than under the federal program, and the requirements for potential immigrants under this program are significantly lower. So, let’s move on to assessing your chances and opportunities for moving.
When selecting candidates for permanent residence in Quebec, the following circumstances are taken into account:
Age; Education; Knowledge of French; Work experience; Staying in Quebec and the presence of relatives in the province; Financial viability; A job offer; Ability to adapt; Presence of children.
The spouse of the applicant is also assessed for these criteria. Much importance is attached to the area in which education is obtained. This criterion can add up to 16 points to the main applicant. The minimum score for passing through the program is 45 points, but in fact it is better to score from 55 points. The difference between the emigration program of Quebec and other emigration programs of the Canadian provinces is that there is no need to prove the connection of the applicant with the province. There is usually enough good command of conversational French. Since the beginning of December 2011, the language test has become mandatory. The test results are included in the package of documents submitted.
There are three programs for professional emigration to Quebec:
Guaranteed employment.
A candidate for emigration to this province needs an official invitation from the employer. The employer needs to show the failure of finding a specialist for a position in the province of Quebec itself.
The program of emigration on demand in Quebec specialty.
The specialty of the applicant should be included in the list of claimed persons. The minimum length of service in this specialty is 6 months. Availability of financial means for living for 3 months. The minimum amount is 2300 CAD and 1000 CAD per each member of the family. In the absence of the necessary amount of finance, the candidate is disqualified.
The program of emigration to Quebec for professionals of a wide range.
The emigrant applicant must have work experience and education that will enable them to adapt to the changes in the labor market of this province without problems and to correspond to one of the areas of the national economy present in the list of specialties that are given priority. Knowledge of French and English. Work experience of at least six months in this specialty. An additional positive point will be if there are relatives in Quebec. It is also necessary to have financial means for living. In their absence, the applicant is disqualified.
It should be noted that a person who has received an emigrant visa under the Quebec program, subsequently has the opportunity to settle in any other part of Canada.
Emigrating to Quebec means to choose a province for life that attracts with its opportunities, beauty and hospitality, high quality of life.
We want to leave Ukraine for Quebec. We have a restaurant business for 15 years.
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