Emigration to Poland.
More and more Ukrainians leave from year to year to live and work in the countries of the European Union, and Poland enjoys special demand. Labor emigration to Poland from Ukraine has become popular for many reasons, among which:
high in comparison with the Ukrainian wages territorial proximity ease of overcoming the language barrier similarity of culture and traditions the opportunity to constantly come home and visit relatives.
Before the people involved in Poland on permanent jobs or having their own business there, eventually the question arises of obtaining citizenship in Poland. The permanent residence and citizenship allow not to care about visa terms and restrictions and relieve all inconveniences, equalizing in rights with the inhabitants of the European Union. Having obtained citizenship, everyone will be able to quietly conduct business and live in purchased or rented real estate with his family.
What do you need to go to Poland for permanent residence from Ukraine?
Obtaining the right to reside permanently in Poland is impossible without obtaining a prior residence permit.
Ways to get a residence permit in Poland:
to study at a Polish university to be related to or married to a Polish citizen to work for a Polish company to start a business in the Republic of Poland.
The company is registered in Poland in just 10 working days. In two weeks you have the right to apply for residence permit. The residence permit should be renewed on an annual basis. to apply for permanent residence, you can not leave the country for more than 10 months in five years. After five years you have the right to apply for permanent residence and receive a card of the EU resident.
List of documents required for obtaining permanent residence in Poland for Ukrainians.
your application statement on the availability of the Polish residence permit document confirming your continuous five-year stay on the territory of the Republic 4 photos format 3×4 cm diplomas of educational institutions short biographical information information on the source of income.
Every Ukrainian who applies for permanent residence or citizenship must:
pass an interview with the voivode to provide evidence that he is working for the good of Poland and earns enough to support himself and his family, pay utility bills, etc. prove that he will not ask for social assistance to show a contract for the purchase or hiring of housing to demonstrate a free level of fluency in written and spoken Polish.
After the voivode has examined your details, he will decide on granting you the right of residence. To obtain citizenship, you must live in this status for three years.
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