Emigration to Israel for permanent residence.
How to go to Israel for permanent residence in 2018? Such a question is on the agenda for a significant number of Russians and Ukrainians. And it’s not just about citizens with Jewish roots. The state, located in the south-west of Asia, attracts a high standard of living and social development. We will find out how emigration to Israel is effected from Russia and from Ukraine.
How to go live in Israel? In 2018 this issue continues to interest residents of the former Soviet republics. Many Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and citizens of other CIS countries are going to settle in the Middle East on a permanent basis. We will understand all the nuances of the immigration process in Israel: how to move from Russia or from Ukraine, what documents to file, where to start the procedure for obtaining permanent residence of Israel, etc.
The country of immigrants in figures.
Despite the increased terrorist danger, moving to Israel continues from around the world. Stretching along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea republic is famous for its multinationality and multiculturalism. As a place of permanent residence, she is chosen by many visitors from Ukraine and Russia.
More than a quarter of the population of the coastal state are immigrants. Only in 2016 about 27 thousand new immigrants arrived in the country. Among them:
Almost 7 thousand people moved to Israel from Russia (in 2015, the repatriated Russians were about 6.6 thousand). 5,5 thousand from Ukraine. 5 thousand from France. 2,9 thousand from the USA.
As for the age and professional qualifications of immigrants who came to Israel for permanent residence, the statistics are as follows:
8,7 thousand arrived for permanent residence – people without a certain specialty. 1,85 thousand repatriates – without work experience.
Pros of Israeli permanent residence.
What is so attractive about emigration to Israel? Factors affecting the desire of foreigners to settle in the republic are many. Among the main advantages of acquiring permanent residence in Israel:
All conditions for adaptation to local life are created. Almost all equal rights with the holders of Israeli citizenship. High level and life expectancy. Government support within six months after the move. Possibilities of creation and development of business. Social guarantees and numerous benefits, including tax. The right to employment, health care and retirement. One of the best world health systems, advanced medicine. Recognized worldwide system of education. Visa-free entry into the territory of about a hundred states. Possibility over time to apply for citizenship.
How to start the immigration process.
Russians and Ukrainians going to leave for Israel for permanent residence have one significant advantage. Before the commencement of immigration procedures, citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine can visit the Middle East country in a visa-free regime.
So potential migrants will get acquainted with life in the state. And with full knowledge of the matter they will decide whether they should emigrate to Israel.
In 2018, the visa-free regime for Russians and Ukrainians has remained the same. To be in the seaside power without a visa is allowed 3 months for one half year. On the experience having got attached to a life in republic, it is possible to start a procedure of immigration.
Reasons for moving to permanent residence.
Emigration to Israel begins with the determination of the grounds for entry into permanent residence. In 2018 there were no changes in this plan. Moving to Israel for permanent residence is available for the following categories of citizens:
Persons capable of documenting Jewish origin (their own or their parents / grandparents). It is the repatriation (that is, the return) of the Jews – the most popular destination for emigration to the Middle Eastern state. Pensioners whose children or spouses live in Israel legally. Foreigners who married Israelis / Israelis. Labor migrants.
Repatriation to the State of Israel.
Immigration to Israel on the basis of origin is available to Russians and Ukrainians with Jewish roots. To enter the coastal republic they will need to obtain a visa for permanent residence. The document is handled by Israeli diplomatic missions. In Russia it is the embassy of the Middle Eastern country in Moscow.
Nuances of visiting the embassy.
The repatriation department accepts visitors only by appointment. Candidates should register one of their telephone numbers:
The Israeli Embassy in Moscow on Bolshaya Ordynka, 56 +7 (499) 238-15-63. +7 (499) 238-58-41. +7 (499) 238-96-16.
Applicants for a visa to travel to a permanent place of residence arrive at the embassy on the appointed day. They will receive documents and hold an interview. It should be the whole family. Children immigrating with older relatives, too, need to come to the diplomatic mission.
For security reasons, the embassy is not allowed to bring food, drinks, medicines and hand luggage, including handbags. You can take with you:
A folder with documents. Valuable things (money, mobile phones, keys, etc.).
In 2018, the package of securities required for issuing a visa for permanent residence includes:
All available The expiration date of the passport – plus six months from the date of granting the visa.
Color 30 to 40 mm. 1 piece for each potential migrant, including newborns.
About the birth (for all members of the immigrant family) About the marriage of the parents About the birth of the mother and the father About the marriage concluded by the grandfather and grandmother of the Jewish parent About the birth of the Jewish grandfather / Jewish grandmother.
The exact date of the repatriation to Israel. Numbers of Israeli IDs. Home addresses. Telephone numbers.
As the embassy officials warn, there is no filing when filing, and there can not be superfluous documents. In the course of the consular inspection, a variety of documents may prove useful. For example, letters and photos from the family archive. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately bring the most complete set of securities. Then you do not have to visit the diplomatic mission several times.
Important! The documents sent by e-mail are not considered by the diplomatic department.
Following actions.
Successfully passing the stage of the interview, applicants are waiting for a decision on their application. In the case of a positive response, they will be granted a visa to travel to a permanent residence. Preliminary in the foreign passports should be marked on the residence abroad.
Entry to Israel.
Based on the visa received, immigrants enter Israeli territory. In the process of migration, a special Jewish Agency (Sokhnut) helps free of charge. The following services are available for immigrants:
Support when moving: Registration in a group of migrants departing in the near future. Free flights for the main expatriate, his wife / husband and children. If necessary, transportation to the airport. Meeting on arrival. Registration of documents in Israel. Help in finding a job.
Directly the status of permanent residence is provided in Israel. After the control check, the migrants are handed internal identification cards and other necessary documents.
After 1 year of residence, an Israeli passport is issued for travel to the homeland and to other countries of the world.
Emigration to relatives.
Entry to children.
This option of emigration to Israel is suitable for citizens who meet two basic conditions:
They are elderly people. They have a close relative, an Israeli or a relative who has a permanent Israeli residence permit. By close relatives means children and spouses who live in the republic on legal grounds.
Initially, older aliens receive a temporary residence permit. After 3 years they are allowed to apply for permanent residence.
A wedding with a citizen of Israel gives rise to a permanent residence in the Middle East. At the same registration of relations does not necessarily take place on Israeli territory. Immigration to Israel through marriage begins with the receipt of an annual residence permit. Then it is allowed to roll over.
Documents for immigration to children and spouses.
Persons entering Israel to close relatives are served:
A statement that should be brought to the Israeli Interior Ministry branch. International passport. Color photo size 30 to 40 mm. Confirmation of related ties (certificate of birth of a son / daughter living in the seaside state or a marriage certificate).
Documents of the relatives living in Israel (identity cards, information on repatriation, contact details, etc.). Pension certificate (for pensioners). Certificate of good conduct.
Labor immigration.
Working emigration to Israel begins with the receipt of a visa that gives the right to work. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic approves its approval for the application of the employer. The document is issued for work in the sphere of a certain type of activity. Employment in a sphere not indicated in the visa is prohibited.
Working visa allows you to stay in the country for 1 year with the subsequent extension of the right to stay. Prolongation is carried out upon application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the presence of an employment contract.
Foreigners who have issued permanent residence of Israel have the right to apply for citizenship later. Terms and conditions for obtaining it depend on the category of immigrants (repatriates, spouses, naturalized foreigners, etc.). For Russians, granting the status of an Israeli citizen does not require the renunciation of citizenship. The main thing is to notify the state bodies of the Russian Federation about the acquisition of the second citizenship in due time.