Emigration is white.
Great Soviet Encyclopedia. – Moscow: Soviet Encyclopedia. 1969-1978.
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Emigration – This term has other meanings, see Emigrant (values). Emigration (from the Latin. Emigro & # 160; “evicted”) & # 160; relocation from one country to another for economic, political, personal reasons. Indicates with respect to … Wikipedia.
Emigration of the first wave – White emigration (also Russian white emigration, also Emigration of the first wave) is the name of the wave of emigration due to the events of almost five years of the Russian Civil War (1917-1922). White emigration, which since 1919 took a massive “# 8230; … Wikipedia.
White emigration – (also Russian white emigration, also Emigration of the first wave, also Russian Abroad) the name of the wave of emigration from Russia, which arose as a result of the events of almost six years of the Civil War (1917-1923) … Wikipedia.
EMIGRATION – after the October Revolution of 1917, was formed in 1917, 21 it was composed of capitalists and landowners, white generals and officers, reactionary Cossacks, tsarist officials, leaders of the bourgeoisie. political parties, and a part of the intelligentsia. They were expelled & # 8230; … Soviet Historical Encyclopedia.
WHITE CRINES – [ukr. Bila Krynica; Romanian. Fantana Alba], p. in the Glyboksky district of the Chernivtsi region. in the Ukraine (Northern Bukovina), in the past the Belokrinitsky metropolitans of the Old Believers, who accept the Belokrinitskaya hierarchy. The name of the village comes from the whitish & # 8230; … Orthodox Encyclopedia.
Russian emigration – Russian emigration & # 160; emigration from Russia for economic, political, personal or other reasons. Russian emigration has been counted from the 16th century, since the time of Ivan the Terrible, while the first political emigrant can be considered a prince & # 8230; … Wikipedia.
White Movement – The White Case request is redirected here; see also other values. White business. Poster of 1919 … Wikipedia.
Emigrant (values) – Emigrant: Emigrant & # 160; an individual who has emigrated. Emigrant (film, 1934) & # 160; film film studio Tajikfilm (director Kamil Yarmatov) 1934. Emigrant (film) a 1972 film with Adriano Celentano in the title role. In the plural & # 8230; … Wikipedia.
The Museum of Immigration (Paris) – The Museum of Immigration (fr. “Cite nationale de l’histoire de l immigration”) was opened on October 10, 2007. Contents 1 Exposition 2 Practical information … Wikipedia.
White emigration, Jesse Russell. This book will be made in accordance with your order on technology Print-on-Demand. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Believing emigration (also the Russian White Emigration, also # 8230; Read moreBuy for 1254 rubles Russian White Emigration in Hungary (1920-1940s), The collection of articles is based on the materials of a scientific conference held in April 2010 in Moscow in the House of Russian Diaspora named after A. Solzhenitsyn.The articles cover political issues. MoreBuy for 362 rubles Russian White Emigration in Hungary (1920s-1940s), Collection of Articles The materials of the scientific conference held in April 2010 in Moscow in the House of Russian for . Run away after A. Solzhenitsyn The article discusses the political & # 8230; PodrobneeKupit for 199 rubles ebook Other books for & # 171; White Emigration & # 187; >>
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