Emigration from Ukraine: how to find the country to your liking.
More and more Ukrainians began to worry about the question of where to go to build their bright future. Some seek to simply find a decent income opportunity, others are ready to leave their native borders in the status of a migrant forever. At the same time, many forget that the migration situation in the world over the past couple of years has changed significantly, and therefore to realize such a plan today is not so simple. The most decisive is quite useful rating, in which country it is better to emigrate from Ukraine.
What pushes Ukrainians to migrate.
Due to well-known political events, to date the number of people leaving the Ukrainian state significantly exceeds the number of incoming citizens. And it’s not about lack of opportunities or prospects for development. Despite all the difficulties, everyone has a chance to find themselves and secure an acceptable income. The issue is based on problems of a different order: stability, confidence in the future, the absence of political strife and the government interested in the prosperity of the population.
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Going in search of happiness in other countries, not everyone realizes that the process of immigration can last for many years and gain a foothold in the chosen state will require considerable effort.
Moreover, most migrants will have to go all the way from the beginning: from unskilled work to a place in a prestigious company, while proving their unwavering intentions to become part of this society.
Before outlining where it is better to immigrate from Ukraine, it is necessary to briefly outline the main reasons for pushing Ukrainians to move:
hostilities; excessive bureaucracy; there is still a high level of corruption, despite all attempts to reform the system of power; a shattered economy; extremely low level of social protection of the population.
In addition, we must not forget that during the hostilities in the eastern part of the country, some of the residents were left homeless, without a breadwinner and without the slightest understanding of how to live on. Therefore, in their opinion, if it is already to start a new life, it is immediately better in a foreign territory, away from all the experiences experienced.
Considering, however, the complexity of the situation with migrants in general, as well as the legislation governing the process of resettlement of refugees, it can be noted that this status was obtained in units of another country. This only indicates that a more serious reason is needed to change civil status than the situation in the Donbass, which has not yet received the status of war, but is defined only as ATU, which does not give any reason for Ukrainians to seek asylum in foreign territories.
Looking for work.
There are several directions where to emigrate from Ukraine in 2018 with the goal of finding a decent income. The most popular are the following options for labor migration:
The state of a maple leaf is chosen by Ukrainians not by chance. It was here that the most numerous diaspora of immigrants from Ukraine settled, and it was here that a large number of programs were developed for those who want to grow professionally.
For this, however, you need to meet certain requirements:
have a higher education; to confirm work experience in their specialty; It is good to know one of the official languages of the country.
To select candidates, the authorities even developed a special test, which can be taken at the website of the Canadian government. Having typed the necessary number of points, the applicant gets the opportunity to count on the status of a temporary resident with all the privileges that result from it. Approximately the same scheme was developed by the Australian government, to get to where the easiest is those whose occupations are on the list of those in demand.
The simplest and most comfortable way, how to emigrate from Ukraine, & # 8211; under the program of labor migration. But for this it is necessary that the chosen state itself be interested in the Ukrainian candidate. Today, most often, work invitations are issued to employees in the following areas:
Quite good chances are for Ukrainian medical workers when applying for a move to Germany. An important condition is an excellent command of the German language. With the same diploma and work experience, you can get a good job in the Czech Republic, but already with the knowledge of English.
Those who can not offer European companies special skills and knowledge in a certain industry, you can take advantage of proposals in the market of working specialties. With great willingness, Ukrainians will be accepted into construction teams in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia. Moreover, the Polish authorities said that as early as 2018 they are ready to bring to one level the wages of local residents and hired workers from Ukraine.
Recently more and more offers come from the Baltic employers who are ready to offer Ukrainians 1000 euros for the work of the builder and 1500 euros. for the performance of long-distance trucker duties.
Work for a welder, builder, handyman also became possible in Israel, thanks to bilateral contacts. But for seasonal work of the Ukrainians, as before, they invite to Spain and Portugal.
For obvious reasons, one of the most sought-after areas can be considered a Russian state. Moving here is due to several factors:
proximity of territories; relative ease of the process of obtaining a working patent; opportunity on preferential terms to change citizenship; no need to learn the language.
It should not, however, be forgotten that the green corridor for Ukrainians in terms of lifting restrictions on staying without observing numerous formalities is reserved only for residents of the eastern regions.
Business Migration.
In order to settle abroad as an entrepreneur, it will take at least 20-30 thousand euros. To create a full-fledged business, which will be able to withstand competition, you need to have at least 100,000 euros in your currency.
The main conditions in most countries will be:
keeping accounting and deducting all the taxes provided for in the state fund; creation of jobs for residents of the country; confirmation of the monthly profit and the feasibility of the presence of this business in the selected territory.
The most popular destinations for business migration are still Europe and Russia. The order of expenses for the maintenance of own company in the European countries of the eastern region is estimated at 2-3 thousand euros. In Russia, you can do well for less money.
If all of the above requirements are met, the migrant business can expect a residence permit within a few months.
Residence permit for real estate.
Most of the countries where Ukrainians leave for permanent residence, offers the status of a resident in exchange for the purchase of real estate. This option is the simplest, although not the cheapest, given the sharp jump in foreign currencies and the rise in property prices. The list of such states includes:
Spain – to obtain a residence permit you will need to prove the ownership of property worth 500 thousand euros. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary that the funds are invested only in one apartment. Summarizes the total cost of existing housing; Latvia – it is possible to get a temporary status in this country for the purchase of housing in the amount of 143 thousand euros in Riga or for 71,5 thousand � 8211; in any other region. Having lived in this status for five years and confirming each year that you have not sold the housing, you can become a permanent resident of the state; Czech Republic – you can not get a residence permit right away, but if you have even the cheapest housing, you can count on a long-term visa with the right to extend it for another two years, which subsequently legitimately leads to the status of a temporary resident; Bulgaria – to obtain a document for a “long stay” will have to buy a residential or commercial premises worth from 300 thousand euros.
This list can be continued by other, equally attractive countries: Greece, Cyprus, Andorra, Portugal. For wealthy investors, you can offer the UK.
With what difficulties will have to face when moving.
The decisive factor in choosing the direction of migration should be the simplicity of the process of legalization and adaptation in a new society. The migrant must fully realize that many obstacles can arise along the way, which is why it is important to know which country is easiest to leave for permanent residence from Ukraine.
The least difficulty awaits Ukrainians on their way to the nearest neighbors – Russia, Belarus, Poland. This is due to the lack of a language barrier and the willingness of these countries to accept Ukrainian migrants.
In general, when changing the place of residence, there may be difficulties of this order:
differences between the two mentalities; habituation to local cuisine and food; difficulties with obtaining health insurance; adaptation to climate; differences in lifestyle in general.
In addition, do not forget about the difficulties that can arise when looking for housing or work. In a word, the chosen state for emigration should be viewed in several angles. The final decision is better to take, at least once having visited the target country as a tourist. This will allow us to see and re-evaluate what seemed so tempting.