Emigration from Donetsk
Donetsk is preparing to meet the fourth year in the occupation. In & laquo; official & raquo; group messages & laquo; DNR & raquo; Everywhere they talk about planned festive events, in the center of the city the finishing touches are already made in the installation of the main tree. But what is the difference between the current New Year from Donetsk and the pre-war period? About this for & laquo; Radio Donbass. Reality & raquo; wrote a blogger from Donetsk.
Tram route number 1.
A half-empty tram rushes along the most popular route. Outside the window, flashed buildings, stained glass windows once expensive boutiques, desert avenues. The city landscape from the streets polished to excessive shine are quietly refreshed with New Year’s illumination. Economically, without superfluous pomposity, arrange festive paraphernalia, inherited by & laquo; legacy & raquo ;. But even these little hints do not save the situation of a city resembling a lonely cleanse.
Unusually, the main streets of the city look like, where instead of garlands of huge snowflakes & mdash; Bigboards with new & laquo; heroes & raquo; in the & laquo; St. George ribbons & raquo ;. On the main square named after the concrete leader, ladies in cardboard kokoshniks with brightly colored cheeks walk. Seeing passers-by, they shove them brochures with New Year announcements.
Huge popularity began to be used by a small alley behind the concrete giant in a cap. She attracts to her interest not the beauty of low trees in lilac bulbs, but the installed metal construction in the form of a heart attached to the word “Russia”. Arrived from the outskirts of Donetsk, the thick-necked people hang on it to make a selfie. There’s a story in concrete with metal. Did not judge the main square to become Maidan & mdash; so heavy, obviously, the concrete in the minds of many.
& laquo; The population, accustomed to the Ukrainian raznosolu, at a loss studies the product & raquo;
Selyavi, my city, where the leaden air does not allow to penetrate the light, free-floating fluid with the angelic chanting of the coming Christmas. Missing the splendor of December, there is no pleasant fuss. The store, which gave the inhabitants of Donetsk a real New Year’s fairy tale, also dissolved in the mirage. People spent hours admiring Christmas accessories, trying on bright curly wigs and smiling cheerfully at each other. New Year’s fairs & “Epicenter” & raquo; and & laquo; Metro & raquo; (captured by the militants & mdash; one became Galaxy & ra, the second is Bridge & rag. Ed.) before the war got crazy proceeds. The diversity of the trees was so great that it was simply impossible to make a choice. And now the former “Epicenter” & raquo; in the face of the new & la Galaxy & raquo; only scares its prices and artisanal products. New Year’s transparent balls with attached paper dogs for 60 rubles look not so elegant, but just sad, and an unimportant artificial Christmas tree for 1,700 rubles does not help decorate your house.
The goods in the former giant Metro & raquo; & mdash; all Russian and Belarusian, but the local population stretched out to him across the border “help hand” is too expensive. Doubtful products of poor quality, supplied here, are packed, evidently, somewhere around the corner, and it hurts both in pockets and in health. The population, accustomed to the Ukrainian raznosolu, in perplexity studies the goods, hung with a bunch of labels. And whatever it is written to you by mind brothers in encoded texts, you still buy a fake.
& laquo; The ban on trade in Ukrainian goods has deceived even ardent separatists & raquo;
The most agiotage goods & mdash; coffee and tea & mdash; the most that neither is garbage. And it’s a pity to give away for 90 grams of dust and acorns 100 & laquo; wooden & raquo ;. The scarcity of quality is felt acutely.
In the markets though and it is more than a choice, but normal not to find. Covering the Belarusian brand of quality and a loud name, they sell Lugansk spread, and local kefir will upset your intestines everywhere. New & laquo; law & raquo; the ban on trade in Ukrainian goods was misleading even the ardent separatists.
Regular raids & raquo; & laquo; folk caretakers & raquo; On markets, even soda and ��� kam �� yanu ��il & raquo; have been questioned. Now the dirty-pink, eternally wet Astrakhan salt will simply spoil the Ukrainian borsch, and soda from Bashkortostan is not able to extinguish all the horror on the shelves. The difference between 2013 and 2017 is so great that it is simply impossible not to notice it.
Shine and poverty.
The outflow of business and mind drove the city into the distant 1990s. And again the wheel of fortune with the peddlers began to spin, which began to carry the goods through the budgetary spheres to the salary.
The city does not burn in multi-colored joyful lights. There are no transparent beautiful deer that adorned the entrance to all the shopping centers of Donetsk, attracting buyers. The names of favorite brands disappeared & mdash; to replace them came a one-time handicraft goods from the Middle Kingdom.
Shine and poverty surprise both quality and price. The mannequin provocatively offers a bright synthetic dress for 3000 rubles and more. Worse with outer clothing. Here start & mdash; from 8000 rubles and above. And this is with your salary of 5000 rubles. Small glass stalls & la Golden Ring & raquo; with the same assortment and price do not cause interest in the “spectator”.
On the upper floors, instead of the aromas of musk and the colors of the famous Brocard, the echo rides. Previously, at the entrance, a designer Christmas tree was decorated with crystal toys. Now in its place opened a new sales department, where you can buy a fake from 5000 and above, and where the price depends on the name you choose.
All the excitement of the Golden Ring & raquo; falls on its subway. A huge number of people who rush to the bus station “South” cross with arrivals from “Europe” (second hand. & mdash; Ed.).
It’s no secret for anyone that behind all the gifts, delicious food and parcels go & laquo; to your favorite nenka & raquo ;. And those who receive two pensions can also buy in the “Continent” & raquo; & mdash; this is the most popular shopping center in Donetsk. Here the shopping areas are more crowded, and people are found on almost all floors. Despite the low purchasing power, there are many spectators! After all, not everyone can afford boots for 12,000 rubles and even dermantine for 6,000, and one can stare. A large assortment of an integral female accessory in the form of a handbag & mdash; almost in every department. Leather will offer from 15,000 rubles, and leatherette & mdash; from 4000. If you are not satisfied with the price, it remains & laquo; commission & raquo ;.
A weak budget also found its place in the “Continent”, between the 1st and 2nd floors. It is here, on a small area, there are people on the ads. Without any embarrassment, they try on second-hand things that find new owners. Selyavi, the people of Donetsk!
& laquo; Uvaga, be oberezhni. & raquo;
But how do you want something new, I want to see a real New Year. And let it be the year of the dog, not the next year of the “ball” & raquo ;. It does not matter whether the dog is yellow, fiery, blue or red & mdash; the main thing is that she should be clever, faithful and just.
And the trams all go by the old routes of the city, cutting the emptiness. The driver declares a stop, and from his driver’s booth the red letters of the text look warmly and warmly: “Uvaga!” Be oberezhny! Take the tramway in a while! & Raquo ;. Obviously, people’s control of trams does not travel.
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